5 Best Tape for Watercolor Paper

The most common fear when painting with watercolor paper is the smearing color near the edges. Masking tapes can be used to give your painting a cleaner and sleeker look.

However, not all masking tapes are created equal. You need to choose the best tape for watercolor paper.

Which tape offers the best experience in watercolor painting?

We will be comparing the top tapes and helping you to find the perfect tape. Let’s get started.

NameEditor’s RatingPrice
Mr. Pen Masking Tape Roll          5/5Check Price
Nova Supply No-Residue 1 inch, 60 Yard Masking Tape          5/5Check Price
 Scotch Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape          4.5/5Check Price
Mr. Pen- Colored Masking Tape          4/5Check Price
ProTapes Artist Tape          4.5/5Check Price

Our Top 5 Favorite Tapes for Watercolor Paper 2022

These tapes were hand-picked from the market based on their quality, performance, features, and price.

Let us help you choose the right one for you. We will try our best to be as clear as possible.

1. Mr. Pen Masking Tape Roll

A thin masking tape will always be better for your DIY project or watercolor painting.

Mr. You can use Mr. The package contains 3 rolls, which can cover 150 yards or 450ft.

This masking tape roll’s adhesive strength is superior to others. It can be attached to any surface, including walls and paper.

You can attach tape to your canvas for watercolor painting.

The problem is when you peel the tape off after painting. You may have to ripple the paper as you peel the tape.

This tape is easy to peel off. It won’t tear your paper and ruin your artwork, so you can use this tape without any worry.

Acids are often used in tape adhesives to improve adhesive performance. These acids can cause paper to become discolored over time.

To save your artwork Tape like Mr. Pen made without acid.

This item can also be used as labeling tape. This tape is easy to write on with a marker or pen. This tape can be used for labeling jars or tins. For those who need multiple tapes daily, the 3-in-1 deal can be very convenient.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very long masking tape, exactly 50 yards or 150ft per roll.
  • For larger uses, you will receive 3 tapes per pack.
  • Acid-free formulation takes good care of the paper.
  • Easy application and removal ensure you don’t tear the paper.

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2. Nova Supply Watercolor Masking Tape

This 1 inch wide piece of masking tape can be used to cover larger areas on watercolor paper and other surfaces such as floors, wooden floors, etc.

This will allow you to finish your DIY projects without needing to temper the surface.

The tape will easily tear apart once it is taken out of its packaging. You don’t need to apply any extra force to use the right size of tape for different purposes.

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The tape is precision made, so it is easy to apply. You get 60 yards of tape per roll so that most of your work will be protected from drip paints.

This tape has remarkable adhesive power. It sticks to the surface until you peel it off. When you peel it off, it is gently removed from the surface and leaves no residue.

You can be certain that your surface will remain clean no matter how delicate it is.

This tape is very affordable. You can also buy bulk deals for even greater savings. You can purchase bulk packs if you have a lot of tape to paint or for other purposes.

It was very relaxing to use. It was easy to remove and the results were outstanding every time we used this tape. This tape is a good option and well worth the effort.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1 inch in width means you can cover more area for whatever job you are doing.
  • This tape is long enough to be used frequently at 60 yards.
  • Peels like nothing and leaves no residue
  • Acid-free so doesn’t affect your watercolor paper.
  • This versatile tape can be used in many different ways.

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3. Scotch Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape

This tape is great for delicate surfaces, as you can see from the name. Any watercolor masking tap can be used for masking other surfaces during paintwork, or decorative art.

This tape excels in ease of application, large-coverage and easy removal.

Everything begins with the beautiful packaging of this tape. You can choose from different widths of this tape depending on your preference.

Tapes up to 2 inches in width are available starting from 0.94 inches. The tapes can be ordered in lengths between 45 and 60 yards so you can choose what package is best for you.

Once you are done with the job, it is easy to tear this tape. It is easy to cut snippets from the tape to fit your needs. Tape pieces can be used on any surface including wood, veneer, watercolor paper, and so on.

The adhesive also holds the tape in place with the surface so that paint does not drip. You get sharp, clean paint every time.

It might be easier to remove the tape than to apply it. It’s important to wait until the paint has dried completely before you can remove it.

To verify, touch the tape with your fingers. Next, pull the backward tape at 45 degrees to the surface. The tape should be removed cleanly, even if it was applied 60 days after the application.

Though we haven’t finished our reviews yet, it can be declared the best tape for watercolor paper for its compelling features.

Highlighted Features:

  • The tape’s width and length can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • Simple application and removal
  • There is no residue or damage after removal and this warranty is valid for 60-days.
  • Edge-lock technology guarantees a perfect seal.

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4. Mr. Pen- Watercolor Paper Tape

This item is designed for use on paper only, specifically watercolor paper. This will give you a better performance than general-purpose tapes.

This isn’t a single tape. Instead, you will receive 6 different colored tapes in a single package.

We found different colored tapes useful because we needed to divide different sections of paper with different colors.

This will help you identify which part of the project you are working on and in what order. This tape bundle makes it much easier to complete the task.

This watercolor tape is also thinner than other tapes on the market. The tape’s length is 15 yards.

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It’s worth 90 yards of masking taping tape, as 6 rolls are included in one package. If your project is small, you can use fewer rolls. However, if your project is larger, you might need all of the rolls.

These small rolls have great adhesive power. They sit gently on the target area, and then fix themselves as they roll on.

The seal of this tape is quite firm and won’t let any paint go inside. It is easy to remove.

Although the texture of this tape can be a little rough, it allows you to write with markers. It can also be used as a stencil. good choice for labeling.

Highlighted Features:

  • While small rolls are great for small projects, a bundle pack is able to handle larger ones.
  • The fine tape makes an excellent seal on paper.
  • Not applicable to other surfaces.
  • Removal is simple and hassle-free.

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5. ProTapes Artist Tape

These bright-colored tapes can be purchased in a variety of colors so that you can choose according your preferences.

Whatever choice you make, it will help you easily separate sections of your artboard. However, tapes are often difficult to use. ProTapes will take away all of that hassle.

You will receive one roll for every color in a package. This tape roll measures 60 yards. That’s a reasonable length of tape, you know. The tape’s width is 1 in. This tape can cover a lot of space on paper.

Though we haven’t tested whether the tensile strength of this tape is as mentioned in the specification, we have found it to be good enough in general use.

It can be easily torn for smooth application, and removed cleanly without causing damage to delicate paper surfaces or destroying paints.

A bundle of different colored tapes would be a better idea, but it would be more expensive for consumers.

If you have large projects to complete or need variation, you can still get large bundles of different widths.

The tape’s overall performance is satisfactory. This makes it a popular choice for hobbyists and artists.

This tape’s vivid colors will make painting much easier and more exciting. This tape is great for changing your perspective.

Highlighted Features:

  • Standard sized tape, 1 inch wide and 60 yards long.
  • Available in a variety of colors, you have many options.
  • Easy tear, application and clean removal
  • The paper is protected against acid damage thanks to the acid-free formulation.
  • Excellent adhesion and perfect sealing

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Comparison Table of Top 5 Tapes for Watercolor Paper

BrandLengthWidthNo. No.
Mr. Pen50 yards0.6 inches3
Nova60 yards1 inch1
Scotch45 yards0.94 inches1
Mr. Pen15 yards0.6 inches6
ProTapes60 yards1 inch1

What to Look For Before You Buy Tape for Watercolor Paper

The hardest task is often finding the right watercolor paper tape. But as long as we are here, you don’t need to take the hassle of checking intricate details.

Here are some important points to remember when choosing the right tape for watercolor papers. Let’s get into it.

Masking Tape, Artist Tape

Although the working principle of these tapes is similar, they can be used for different purposes.

Masking tapes, which are cheaper and more common, are a better option to keep your painting stain-free. Artist tapes are expensive and only professionals use them.

Masking tapes shouldn’t be attached to the paper surface for so long. They can cause damage to the paper’s texture.

They are only used for short periods. On Artist tapes on the other side can be used for longer times and the paper surface can be removed cleanly even after long periods.

Consider your purpose before you choose the tape that is best for watercolor paper.

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Acid-free Formulation

Acids are often used in masking tapes to protect watercolor paper. They increase the adhesive power but can also cause damage to the paper over time.

Acids in masking tapes could cause the paper to deteriorate over the years and cause damage to your valuable arts. You should verify that no acids were used in the formulation of tapes.

Length & Width

Watercolor paper tapes are available in a variety of lengths and widths. You should be careful.

Tapes are typically measured in yards for length and in inches for width. Tapes typically measure 1 inch in width, 45 to 60 yards in long and 45-60 yards in height.

The right size roll is important for your project. For small projects, smaller rolls are more cost-effective. If you are going to be using them often, larger rolls will work better. Make sure to think before you make a decision.

Easy Removal

No matter how good the tape is, it is not the right one if it doesn’t peel off the paper surface smoothly without leaving any residue.

Getting a clean peel every time is crucial as you don’t want to damage the paper or your painting. You want a tape that is easy-to-use and can be removed quickly without causing damage to the output.

Firm Adhesion

If the tape doesn’t get attached firmly to the paper surface, paints can drip inside the tape and ruin your valuable art by creating unwanted stains.

Make sure you choose a tape that is strong enough to adhere to the paper surface. It should not curl in the middle. You’ll be able to clean the tape after it is removed.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

You might be familiar with our blogs and have assumed that we will answer frequently asked questions about the best watercolor tape.

Follow the instructions to get answers to all your questions. Let’s see if we have a match.

Is masking tape safe?

Non-branded and cheap masking tapes often contain different acids. These acids can damage your paper and valuable art, unfortunately.

But good-quality masking tapes are made without acids, so they don’t hamper the longevity of your art.

Is masking tape superior to frog tape?

It depends. It depends on which tape you prefer. We recommend that you test both tapes to determine which one is more effective.

How do you peel the masking tape from the paper without ripping?

Most high-quality masking tapes can be removed from the paper easily. But if your tape doesn’t, don’t worry.

Use a heat gun or hairdryer to apply a little heat to the tape. But be careful so that the heat source doesn’t touch the tape.

After a few seconds, you can easily peel the tape off the paper surface.

Can regular tape be used in place of masking tape

Yes, you can. But we can’t guarantee the smoothness of the paper surface after you use regular tapes.

Masking tapes or painter’s tapes are specially formulated to leave you a clean and smooth surface after removal. You shouldn’t be ruining your art for a few bucks, so it is wise to choose a good-quality masking tape.

Final words

This is the end of this discussion. We just want you to find the right tape to help you perfectly mask any lines that you have drawn.

Whatever the difficulty of your project, masking tapes are always there to help you make clear sections.

Not every mask is the best companion. To achieve a smooth, stain-free painting, you will need the best watercolor paper tape.

There are many tapes out there, so take the time to look at all options. Be sure to only choose a tape that meets all your criteria.

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