10 Best Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets in 2022 [Updated]

In a hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  • Kolpin Geartector Mitts
  • PowerMadd Handguard Gauntlet
  • Kimpex Snowmobile Muffs
  • Which is your favorite season? Garden enthusiasts would say spring, I’d bet. People can take their plants and their yards back when the ice melts and the flowers bloom. Surfers would call it Summer. They can ride the waves for hours and still enjoy the sun.

    I’m curious what poets and other nostalgic folk would appreciate most. I think they would be content to stay at home and read by the fireplace while enjoying a warm, homemade pie.

    You and I both know that Winter is cold white winter. We like to dust off our skis or —better!— our snowmobile and go for a ride towards the snowy horizon.

    We need protection. If we don’t take precautions, subzero temperatures could cause severe injury. Because we aren’t used to caring for our hands, they are the most vulnerable.

    Well, don’t worry! We are here to help you find the best snowmobile handlebar gauntlets. Grab the rest of your gear, and get ready for the white slopes.

    Here is the list of 10 Best Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets

  • Kolpin Geartector Mitts
  • PowerMadd Handguard Gauntlet
  • Kimpex Snowmobile Muffs
  • Bar Mitts Snowmobile Mitts
  • Katahdin Gear Gauntlets
  • Raider BCS-HB Gauntlet Gloves
  • Ski-Doo Handlebar Muffs
  • Polaris Snowmobile Gauntlets
  • Audew Handlebar Muffs
  • TUSK Hand Mitts
  • 10 Best Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets

    We, snowmobile owners, know that frostbite isn’t something to joke about. How many of us have gone out in our snowmobiles only to return after a few minutes because we didn’t have enough coverage?

    These snowmobile handlebar muffs & handguards will make sure it never happens again!

    1. Kolpin Geartector Mitts

    Kolpin Geartector® Mitts – Black – 92185

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    Let’s start like we should: with what would probably be the best choice for beginners.

    You bought your first ATV or snowmobile and didn’t realize you needed a last piece of equipment: protection for your hands! You rush back to your computer and start looking at all the models. What should you buy?

    Kolpin Geartector Mitts will be your best choice if you are in a hurry. These mitts aren’t too expensive, but they offer as many perks as other models.

    It is simple to put this product on your handlebar. Secure it with the locking drawcord. It is compatible with most ATVs and snowmobiles.

    The plush velvet and fleece coating make it easy to slip your hands into. The gauntlet’s rigid opening helps it keep its shape and allows for a spacious interior. You get a waterproof, black exterior cover.

    Moreover, for extra protection, Kolpin’s item comes with a Rhino plate front panel. Don’t worry about getting scratches or bruises from wild branches!


    • Easy to slide your hands into and to mount on handlebars
    • Plate protection
    • Great price


    • No see-through plastic opening

    Why should you buy this product?

    These are the right products for you if you’re looking to save money.

    2. PowerMadd Handguard Gauntlet

    PowerMadd 34258 Handguard Gauntlet , Black

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    Let’s go now with a gauntlet from PowerMadd, where you will see slightly different features.

    It offers excellent protection for your hands. Whether you are driving a motorbike, an ATV, or a snowmobile, you know they can get hit with rocks or branches and you won’t feel a thing.

    Like most handlebar gauntlets, it features easy to install and removal, so you don’t waste a lot of time and effort prepping your vehicle. To maintain its shape, it will require a set PowerMadd Handguards. This is something you should consider.

    One thing I love? PowerMadd’s item is completely open on one side, so it allows you to see the vehicle’s controls.

    But don’t worry about getting cold hands, because the company made up for it by adding little pockets for extra warmth possibilities, e. g. hand warmers! You can easily grab some from there, and you’re good to go!


    • Features an opening to view the controls
    • For extra warmth, little pockets are a great idea
    • Extra strong protection


    • Handguards for PowerMadd are required, purchased separately

    Why should you buy this product?

    This item is recommended if you are still getting to grips with the controls of your ATV, snowmobile, or bike.

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    3. Kimpex Snowmobile Muffs

    Kimpex Snowmobile Muffs with Window 370291

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    If you want to see your winter vehicle’s controls, what is better than a huge opening? You can see your winter vehicle’s controls through a small, covered opening that is also protected from the freezing winds.

    Kimpex Snowmobile Mitts are available for you to meet. You found what you were looking and more! Its no-sagging plastic windows are the cherry on the cake, but not this item’s only perks.

    We’ve already mentioned that a smaller opening gives you more warmth. Also in that direction work its neoprene lining, which adjusts your mittens or to your coat’s sleeves

    The waterproof, ultra-resistant cover includes a strap that allows you to attach the product to snowmobiles with rigid guards. It also features a reflective stripe that allows others see you even at night for added safety.

    The only problem with this deal is that Kimpex designed it specifically for snowmobiles. If you own an ATV it will work on it, but it just won’t feel right.


    • Its neoprene can be easily adjusted to your hands
    • No-sagging plastic windows
    • Safety features include a reflective stripe


    • Not ideal for ATVs

    Why should you buy this product?

    Its plastic windows make it the ideal product for precision riding.

    4. Bar Mitts Snowmobile Mitts

    Bar Mitts Snowmobile ATV Motorcycle Dirt Bike…

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    Who said Winter had have to be cold?

    We are laughing. It is cold, obviously, but you shouldn’t be. There are many protection options that will keep you safe and warm even in the worst of weather.

    Bar Mitts’ item comes to help you move in that direction, even when you are out cruising the snow in your ATV, dirt bike, or snowmobile.

    The neoprene covering provides a warm and cozy environment for your upper extremities. It is made from a nylon fabric that you can slip into easily. It won’t bother you even if you wear thin gloves for better control of your machine.

    Besides, this item’s water- and windproof capabilities are top-of-the-art, and it comes with an inside cinch that keeps mitts in place at all times.

    Bar Mitts’ gauntlet also features a 4-inch reflective strip and fist most vehicle models.


    • Super cool looking!
    • Water and wind resistant
    • Fits most models


    • If you’re not familiar with your vehicle, it can be difficult to use.

    Why should you buy this product?

    This product may be the right one for you if you travel to areas where there is heavy rain.

    5. Katahdin Gear Gauntlets


    Katahdin Gear Gauntlets W/Wire Opening – Black…

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    With every new item, we add to our collection of snowmobile gauntlets.

    Katahdin’s gear features a fully waterproof shell that never, ever gets saturated with water, no matter how much rain it pours. The interior is lined in the most comfortable fleece to keep you even more warm and dry.

    Simply slip the 2-way stretch spandex over the handlebars and adjust it with the Velcro strap. It’s very simple!

    Do you want more? The reflective strips make it possible to drive safely at night thanks to the piping that makes you visible to other cars.

    This product is unique because of its memory frame wire. This design feature allows for you to precisely fit your hands on both the way in or out. It takes only seconds to prepare the gauntlet after you have used it for a while.

    One thing Katahdin’s item lacks is protection. It would need a plate to keep your hands extra safe, but it can’t be coupled with a handguard.


    • Memory frame wire for easy entry/exit
    • Fully waterproof
    • The super comfy inner lining


    • Protective measures are needed

    Why should you buy this product?

    This item is ideal for people who frequently get on and off their vehicles (e.g., a delivery man wandering in the snow).

    6. Raider BCS-HB Gauntlet Gloves

    Raider BCS-HB Black ATV/Snowmobile Handlebar…

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    Raider also has a great product. This is the largest handlebar gauntlet you will ever see. It measures 17 by 16 inches and has an 11 inch opening for your handlebar. It fits almost all snowmobile models.

    The inner pocket can be used as storage. Since the best fit comes when you’re not using hand gloves, you can fit hand warmers in there to help you with frostbite.

    On the outside, Raider’s gauntlet features a strong polyester fabric construction to deal with the elements. On The inside is lined in soft nylon to provide warmth.

    A downside is that it doesn’t feature windows to see your machine’s controls. Another one is that you need your vehicle to have its handguards since it doesn’t offer any other protection.

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    This item is nevertheless interesting due to its price. It is half the price of other gauntlets that we have seen.


    • Inner pocket to hold hand warmers
    • It is easy to use most snowmobiles.
    • It is a great value for the price


    • Too big to ride on a motorcycle
    • Not waterproof

    Why should you buy this product?

    This product is ideal for those who own multiple snowmobiles and need handlebar gauntlets. It fits all!

    7. Ski-Doo Handlebar Muffs

    Ski-Doo Handlebar Muffs with Transparent Window…

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    We are moving up the ladder with our next item: Ski Doo Handlebar Muffs.

    First, we have to say that they look amazing, regardless of whether or not you own a Ski-Doo Snowmobile. If you don’t, don’t worry! They are versatile and can fit most handlebars, even those with handguards and mirrors.

    They are super warm and fleece lined so you won’t have to worry about your fingers shaking. They allow for plenty of hand movement thanks to their large interior.

    There are two characteristics that we love the most, though: the product’s inner skeleton and transparent window.

    The former allows the muffles to maintain their shape no matter what. The latter provides visibility and easy manipulation of the machine’s handlebar buttons.

    Another perk to adding to the item’s convenience: it is very easy to install and remove it when temperature cuts you a break and it gets warmer.


    • Super warm
    • Fits handlebars with mirrors and handguards
    • Inner skeleton to maintain its shape


    • Use only on motorcycles with finger throttle levers

    Why should you buy this product?

    Ski-Doo Handlebar Muffs may be a little expensive, but they will make a great addition for your Ski-Doo snowmobile.

    8. Polaris Snowmobile Gauntlets

    Polaris Snowmobile Universal Formed Snowmobile…

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    If you are the proud owner of a Polaris snowmobile, you can’t miss on this spectacular item, which will fit right into your vehicle.

    These gauntlets attach easily to the handlebar. They attach easily to the handlebar thanks to their hook-and-loop system.

    Your hands will be protected from snow, wind, and rain by the heavy polyfoam insulation. Temperature doesn’t matter, nor does the speed at which you travel: your hands will feel cozy and warm.

    This item is highly praised by its strong skeleton that stays open even after you park your vehicle. You don’t have to fight with the gauntlets to get your hands out or in.

    One huge disadvantage, though, is that Polaris’ mitts are designed to work with the same brand’s snowmobiles. You should continue looking if your vehicle is from another company. We’ve got two more items for you!


    • Heavy polyfoam insulator
    • A solid skeleton that can be kept open
    • Hands super protective


    • Specially designed for Polaris snowmobiles

    Why should you buy this product?

    If you own a Polaris Snowmobile, you should consider purchasing this item. They will make your Polaris snowmobile look super cool!

    9. Audew Handlebar Muffs

    Do you want a sling that is light on your wallet but offers all the benefits of the best on the market? These muffs will appeal to you.

    Let’s talk first about its design and materials because there resides most of this product’s advantages.

    The interior of the muffs are lined with soft wool and thermal fleece. It is suitable for even the harshest winters.

    On On the other hand, the cover itself is made from polyurethane, which is completely waterproof, and is extremely resistant to wear. It is easy to clean and keeps it looking great!

    Furthermore, the muffs’ double stitching is there to make sure nothing gets into the gloves, be it water, dirt, or another annoying and possible freezing element.

    The item’s Velcro mounting straps make it fairly simple to attach it to your vehicle’s handlebar.

    This product is excellent if you add the fact that it is very affordable.


    • They are easy to mount using their Velcro straps
    • You won’t believe its price
    • Easy to clean


    • Some snowmobiles may not be able to handle the small size.

    Why should you buy this product?

    If you are looking for something beautiful but affordable, this item is the right one for you.

    10. TUSK Hand Mitts

    Tusk Hand Mitts Black

    Check on Amazon

    Last but not the least, we found TUSK Hand Mitts to be the best snowmobile handlebar gauntlets.

    First, it is universally compatible with most snowmobile, AMV and dirtbike handlebars.

    Its water-resistant polyester shell can hold off water for a while, but if you live in an area with heavy rain, you can use another product —a water repellent, for example— for extra security. The fleece-lined interior will keep you warm and dry if necessary.

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    TUSK’s item holds its shape so you get easier handlebar access. In just a few seconds, you can roll! The gauntlets can be mounted with ease and security thanks to the poly web straps.

    The only downside we can see is that, unlike other products on the market, it doesn’t feature a window to watch your machine’s buttons.


    • Universal fit
    • Below 20 Dollars
    • Access to the handlebars is easy


    • No plastic window to monitor controls

    Why should you buy this product?

    This product may be the best choice if you want to get great value for money.


    How to Choose the Perfect Snowmobile Gauntlets

    1. Universal Fit

    One of the more frustrating situations a person can go through is buying an accessory only to find out it doesn’t fit the product you own.

    We’ve provided information on the best snowmobile handlebar gaglets currently available, but only you know which one will work with your vehicle.

    If you’re buying accessories in a store it is a good idea for you to bring your snowmobile to experience it on the ground. On However, online purchases should be made with specific vehicle specifications in mind. You will also need personalized attention.

    It is always safer to be safe than sorry.

    2. Easy Installation and Attachment

    We recommend that you don’t settle for anything too fancy or hard to mount. Setup your handlebar gauntlets is easy: just slide in and adjust.

    Velcro and drawcords make elegant solutions. They are easy to use, and they can withstand wear and tear. You should make sure that your cords and straps stay in good condition every now and again.

    You don’t want any of them to break while you are driving. If this is the case, you will have to make a difficult decision: either to hang on to your partially broken gauntlet or feel the cold wind in your exposed hand.

    3. Materials

    Your gauntlet’s exterior and interior will make a huge difference. It’s like a coat for your hands.

    Would you dare to go out in the middle winter with a coat that wasn’t lined with wool or fleece? Unless Mr. You will be in great pain if your freeze.

    The same applies to your hands. Always choose mitts with a warm, cozy interior that allows for enough maneuvering room to feel comfortable.

    The gauntlet’s cover should be strong enough to protect you from the wind and the rain, at least for a while —we will speak about that in a second.

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    4. Water Resistant vs. waterproof

    Read every product’s characteristics very carefully for this one. This may come as a shock to you, as it did to me, but “water-resistant” and “waterproof” are not the same things.

    Something is “water-resistant” when it can fend off water for an unspecified period. It may take minutes or even hours for water to seep in.

    Water-resistant fabrics are dense but not water-repellent. You don’t feel wet all of a sudden because it takes a while for the water to soak up the fabric.

    A “waterproof”, “water repellant” or “hydrophobic” item, on the other hand, refers to a product that has been chemically or physically treated to fend off water. That’s what you should be looking for, if the price allows it. It’s not what you want to see your hands getting soaked in the middle of a ride.

    You can find the information here if you are unsure about the item you wish to buy. IP code It.

    Do You Need Control Visibility

    This last aspect is entirely up to you. Is it possible to drive your ATV, snowmobile or bike without looking at the handlebar?

    If the answer is “I’m not sure”, we would recommend you purchase gauntlets with plastic windows. We don’t want to have an accident because you couldn’t distinguish the buttons on your command panel.

    Safety first

    To wrap it up

    This article has provided information about the best snowmobile handlebar gauntlets.

    Winter lovers can find it difficult to find the best accessories for their adventures. We hope we have helped you to find the answers.

    All of the items that we reviewed are warm and comfortable. Now that you have better knowledge, it is your responsibility to drive safely.

    Enjoy a snowy sunset on the white slopes!

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