10 Best Snowboard Bag for Air Travel in 2022 [Updated]

Are you looking to travel and snowboard? Pack up now, but don’t forget your very much needed snowboard bag for air travel! A snowboard bag is essential if you plan to travel by air and visit different hotels. Most airlines won’t let skis or snowboards onto the flight if they are not sufficiently stuffed. 

The snowboard bag will protect the board from accidental handling and scratching or marking the main edges. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Multiple bags can carry more than one snowboard. These bags can also hold other things you may need for your trip.

Here’s a list with 10 top snowboard bags for air travel. These bags are built to last and durable.

Crowd’s Favorite for the Best Snowboard Bags (Product Review)

It won’t take long to find the right bag for you. This article will help you find the perfect snowboard bag for your travel needs. Just check it out and you’re good to go!

1. Athletico Snowboard and Boot Bag Pair – Handy and Well Worth

Athletico Two-Piece Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo |…

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Before climbing up the mountain or doing some winter sports, be sure that you’re well packed with all the essential snowboarding gears that you will need. What’s a greater combination than a snowboard bag and a boot bag? This 2-piece set will keep your equipment dry, organized, and protected.

It is made with premium water-resistant polyester and features a 3/4-length fold-over zipper that allows you to slide your board. It also has velcro-close handles to improve handling efficiency.


  • Snowboard bag dimension:65″ x 18″
  • Boot bad dimension 15.25″ x 16″ x 10″
  • Handles that are suitable
  • Broad opening for easy-loading
  • Water-resistant
  • Full-length, double-locking zippers


  • Heavy duty
  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • Additional gear storage
  • It features a removable shoulder strap that provides comfort


  • The snowboard bag is only suitable for snowboards up to 165 cm in length
  • Only a pair of boots can be carried in a boot bag.
  • Unpadded

Why you should purchase this snowboard bag

This 2-piece product combines comfort and durability. A snowboard bag outfitted well with handles and shoulder strap, paired with a handy boot bag—clearly, you have everything you need!

2. Element Equipment Snowboard Bag – Built to Last

Element Equipment Deluxe Padded Snowboard Bag -…

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If money and weight are your primary concern, you can get rid of the wheels. You can still keep the best with the Element Equipment Padded Snowboard Bag. You can fill the main compartment with a board and boots as well as additional outerwear. You can also keep basic items such as tuning kits in an outside zippered pocket. 

360-degree cushioning protects your board from damage and allows for easy handling. Easy transportation is made possible by the removable cushioned shoulder belt and double-end handle. Even though it is fully loaded with gears, you won’t get charged for excess baggage because it is amazingly lightweight


  • Available in two sizes: 157cm/62inches and 165cm/65inches
  • Both dimensions measure 30cm/12inches wide and 17cm/6.5inches high.
  • Premium bag
  • Protective 360 degree padded cover
  • Available in two sizes to suit your snowboarding needs


  • Capacious
  • Worth the price
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport
  • It is easy to store when not being used


  • It is not recommended to transport items weighing more than 40lbs.

This is why you should get this snowboard bag

This product will protect your gear and equipment with quality and protection. Element Equipment snowboard bags will make flying with snowboards easy. 

3. Athalon Equipped Snowboard Bag – Ergonomic

Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag

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This fitted snowboard bag was designed by Athalon to ensure quality and care. This bag is waterproof and made from strong, durable polyester. 

Considering that snowboarding is a competitive recreational activity, you should therefore consider packing your gears and equipment, and protect these completely with Athalon’s enhanced self-fixing nylon loop zippers with signature zipper pulls.

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  • 12 x 10 x 5 inches; 3 Pounds
  • One snowboard, up to 170 cm with ties 
  • Made of substantial water-resistant polyester 
  • Equipment made from plated metal too solid 
  • Hold handle for hardcore elastic conveying handle 
  • Nylon curl zippers with signature locking zip pulls that are hardworking and self-fixing


  • Distribute evenly the load’s burden
  • Offers snow-specific measurements
  • You get a 5-year warranty
  • Features breathable and drainage
  • Sturdy and ergonomic


  • There is no padding at bottom

Why you should purchase this snowboard bag

No boot bag? No problem! This bag is great for snowboards and boots. What’s more exciting is that there’s room for more.

4. Dakine Tour Snowboard Bag – Well Design for Air Travel

DAKINE Tour Snowboard Bag – 157 (Ashcroft Camo)

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The Dakine Tour 600D ripstop snowboard bag is ideal for you if you are looking for something lighter and more comfortable. polyester. There are many length options. The bag can also be used to carry board, boots, and other outerwear. To give you additional security, the bag is all-around cushioned. 


  • 31 x 17 x 6 inches; 2.2 Pounds
  • Protects 1 board, one set of boots, or outerwear 
  • Padded 360 degrees to provide security 
  • Cushioned shoulder lash with removable cushion 
  • Double-end handles 
  • 10 YKK lockable primary zipper


  • Easy and spacious storage
  • Transporting tips
  • Well made and sturdy
  • It is easy to zip and carry
  • Durable and light weight


  • The size is slightly smaller

This is why you should get this snowboard bag

This product combines style and usability. It is well-designed and can be shipped extremely easily. This will also reduce the stress of searching for the sheets and boots that were once scattered about aimlessly in the compartment.

5. Burton Wheelie Gig – Snowboard Bag With Wheeled

Burton Wheelie Gig Board Bag, Blue Dailola…

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A snowboard pack that measures 20 x 13×8 inches in size and weighs just 4 lbs will be the best for you. It is lightweight but large enough to hold your load, boots, head protections, ties, hats, coats, head protectors, and jeans. 

You can take advantage of the fully zip-accessible primary compartment that offers extra stockpiles. It features interior webbing ties that will keep your board up and cushions that will protect your gear and snowboarding equipment.


  • 30.75 x 20.25 x 8 inches; 5.7 Pounds
  • Fully padded
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Ixion Skate Wheel System
  • TSA-endorsed locks
  • Boot and binding bag can be detached
  • Side and end lug handles


  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Easy handling
  • For easy storage, compartmentalized


  • It is much more difficult to walk around.

Why you should purchase this snowboard bag

The Burton Wheelie snowboard bag has durable fabrics that can be used for many years. Plan your annual snowboarding trip, and you will be able to use this bag every year.

6. Aumtisc Snowboard Bag – Best Fit for Standard Size Equipment

AUMTISC Snowboard Bag Padded for Travel Bag with…

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An Aumtisc snowboard bag makes it easy to fly with a snowboard. The padding will protect your snowboard gear and other gear during movement. It measures 165cm long, so you can fit your snowboard equipment, including cap, jeans, gloves, and goggles, inside. For easy stockpiling, the product also comes with an extra large zip pocket. 

It is made from 600D water-resistant polyester and is ideal for long-haul road trips and air travel. It also features strong conveying handles with removable shoulder straps that make it easy to transport your luggage through the airport to your vehicle and up to the mountains when traveling.


  • 5.91 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches; 1.1 Pounds
  • Internal straps
  • Has zip pockets
  • Durable lug handle
  • Attachable shoulder straps
  • Well padded


  • Protection total
  • Huge storage space
  • Durable
  • Transportable and easy to use
  • Service guarantee


  • There are no locks that have been approved by TSA

Why you should purchase this snowboard bag

The product’s padding feature lets you slide your ride as it guarantees that there will be no thumps or scratches in your snowboard when voyaging.

7. Eq Sport Padded – Highly Recommended Snowboard Roller Bag

EQ SPORT Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels for Air…

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A 360-degree padded, waterproof snowboard bag is a great way to protect it. You can save your shoulders by rolling the bag when you travel. Its Urethane wheels ensure smooth mobility and can withstand extreme climate conditions.

Enjoy the winter’s snowboard season without stressing over your hardware getting harmed. EQ Sport padded snowboard bag Made from 600D Oxford fabric with waterproof interior coating. This bag is guaranteed to last.


  • 62.2 x 13.39 x 6.3 inches; 5.3 Pounds
  • Well polished wheels
  • Huge storage capacity
  • 360-degree padding
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Interior webbing straps
  • High quality, water-resistant material


  • Easy hauling
  • Protection total
  • Has extra storage
  • Name card holder
  • Foldable 


  • Snowboards are portable and wheels are pointless

Why you should purchase this snowboard bag

This bag is unlike any other snowboard bag. It can hold up to two boards, a pair or boots, and other gears. The interior webbing straps prevent your snowboard from sliding. It is ideal for organizing different equipment and gears.

8. Sukoa Sports Premium Padded Bag – Fit for Men and Women

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Premium Padded Ski Bag for Air Travel – Single Ski…

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You want a bag that can take all your gear. This premium padded bag is ideal for protecting your board from sliding into your compartment’s back. It features a 600D polyester cover and 360 degree padded confirmation. 

This bag could be the best for snowboarding in air travel. Its waterproof fabric is extraordinary. It also keeps your connectors synchronized and your vehicle clean. 


  • 17.44 x 13.46 x 5 inches; 3.77 Pounds
  • Premium padded
  • Tarpaulin base
  • Roll-top adjustable
  • Hold boards with internal webbing
  • Polyester top 600D
  • Weather-resistant zippers


  • Protects equipment and gear evenly 
  • Add-on: Name cardholder
  • It is easy to open
  • Handy and well-secured


  • No negative friction

This is why you should get this snowboard bag

You are planning to fly or travel by land? This premium Sukoa Sports bag is perfect for both types. It is well padded and easy to find in the snow due to its bold colors. 

9. Grayne Tour Fully Padded Snowboard Bag – Your Travel Buddy

Grayne Tour Fully Padded Snowboard Bag Travel…

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Do you value maximum protection? This product offers 360 degrees premium cushioning for maximum protection.  Its froth is enveloped by a twofold sewed ballistic nylon outside giving sturdiness and added security when going from sharp edges, drops, whacks, and that’s just the beginning. 

The main compartment holds your board, boots, and ties up to 170 cm. An additional inside maintenance tie keeps everything organized. The enormous outside frill pocket is perfect for your gloves, goggles and coats, as well as any other devices. 


  • 24.7 x 17.7 x 3.7 inches; 3.5 Pounds
  • 360-degree padding
  • Ballistic nylon exterior
  • Additional secret backpack straps
  • You can fit multiple boards, a set of gears, or other equipment.
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


  • Rich cushioning
  • Sturdy
  • Huge primary compartment
  • Handling and transporting are simple
  • Lightweight


  • Easy to rip

This is why you should get this snowboard bag

The Tour conceals a rucksack that can be easily made in if you are planning on visiting the boondocks, or need to transport your backpack.

10. Demon United Snowboard Bag – Best Snowboard Roller Bag

DEMON UNITED Snowboard Bag Padded with Wheels XXL…

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Splurging your money effectively on the best snowboard packs for air travel would not bewilder you since the quality is consistently on point with strong 800D texture all through the bag’s entire figure giving extraordinary and secured protection. Additionally, there’s thick padding all around the bag on each side. You’ll be magnificently astounded at the quality, storage, and padding this snowboard roller bag offers. 


  • 26.2 x 20.5 x 10.6 inches; 7 Pounds
  • Extra thick 1680 DEIER fabric
  • Thick padding
  • Big wheels


  • Towing is simple
  • Multiple options for handling
  • Multiple storage options and spacious spaces
  • Well-built
  • Worth the price


  • Weak straps
  • If snowboards are mobile, wheels are useless

Why you should purchase this snowboard bag

This product is certainly worth the price, as it fits 2 snowboards/bindings, 2 pairs or boots, a set if gears, and tune kit. 

Air Travel: Snowboards

Snowboarding equipment can be expensive and easy to break, which could cause damage to your other stuff. Therefore, it’s critical to pack it appropriately before going to the air terminal. A snowboard bag, unlike other smaller athletic gear, is the best option. These bags will usually accommodate your boots as well as any embellishments. Whatever embellishments and garments don’t find a way into your snowboard sack, you can pack them into a different bag. 

Before you set off on your excursion, here are some things to remember: 

  • Ensuring that you know your carrier’s approach as things, for example, regardless of whether snowboard bags require a different charge contrast contingent upon the aircraft 
  • Getting a fitting bag since carriers won’t move your gears and equipment without it being stuffed appropriately, and regardless of whether they would, it would almost certainly get harmed (or harm other things) en route
  • You can add cushioning to your bag by packing some clothing around your snowboard 
  • In case your snowboard bag is lost, you can put a name and/or address tag on it. 
  • Secure your bag with a TSA approved baggage lock to prevent it being opened by anyone except the security faculty.

What to bring for snowboarding

When going up the mountain for a day, it’s imperative to be prepared for wellbeing purposes, and your delight, as well. It’s not necessary to run around in all gear just to get something out of the vehicle or storage space. When climbing higher mountains, a daypack is especially important. Here are some of the most important things you might need:

  • A map
  • Ready money
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Spare goggle lens
  • Additional fleece layer and socks
  • Warmers 
  • Glove liners 
  • Beanie or hat
  • Supplemental nutrition bars
  • A bottle of water

The Rules of Flying with Snowboards

You will most likely experience one of these two situations when flying with snowboards on airlines.

1. Snowboarding equipment tallies inside your standard baggage allowance

You will be able to bring your snowboard bag as a standard piece of gear. A mix of a snowboard bag and a boot pack will allow you to carry one piece of baggage. If you are in this situation and your check allows you to bring one bag, you may need to pay extra for the second. On If you are able to get two processed packs for free, you will be able to take your snowboard gear along with your bag. 

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2. Snowboarding gear doesn’t tally inside your standard baggage allowance

If that is the case, you need to pay an athletic equipment charge to fly with your load. It is usually between 50 and 60 dollars. You can also check your bag with your standard gear allowance. 

Most full assistance airlines will allow your skis to be carried as a standard piece of gear, while ease aircraft will require you to pay an additional cost to transport your belongings. However, the specific rules can change from one aircraft to another and may also vary over time. It is recommended that you check the standards of any aircraft before you take off.

Snowboard Bag: A Necessity

A snowboard bag is one bit of gear you won’t have any desire to be if you appreciate snowboarding as a sport. The bag protects your board during movement as well as the components. Without a good cover, sheets can get damaged and can negatively impact your exhibition as well as the snowboard’s useful life. 

This is why you’ll find that quality snowboard bags for travel are well worth the investment. That said, don’t squander your energy on finding simply any old transporter. You want one that is easy to transport and has strong handles you can easily grasp. You might also consider purchasing a case with a back tie if you plan to carry more than one board. 

The Best Snowboard Bag for Air Travel: Our Buying Guide

These days, it is easy to transport your snowboards while flying. You can easily check your items with new cushioned designs for securing your newly waxed snowboard or skis, and fully positioned pockets to hold your boots, boots and adornments. 

There are many styles that can be used to keep your downy, coats and other accessories organized and away from messy boots if you plan on taking a vehicle to the mountains. It can be difficult to fly with snowboards. It is important to choose the right snowboard bag for your travel needs.

1. Padded and non-padded bags

To increase security and toughness, a well-cushioned or padded bag will often have 5mm to 10mm of shut-cell polypropylene foam in certain areas. They extend just beyond the length of the snowboard or skis. Non-padded snowboard bags have their pros and cons. They cost not as much as cushioning and for certain individuals, it’s all that is important to secure their skis or snowboard. These bags are great for weekend car trips, regardless if your skis or snowboard go in the rear of your SUV.

2. Wheeled Versus Nonwheeled

In case you’re planning to fly with your stuff, wheels are an absolute necessity! They are extremely easy to use, easier to direct, safer for the back and transport, and highly effective. You’ll be happy you tossed down a couple of additional bucks for the wheels! One thing to remember – the wheels are not intended to abound on a day off. Don’t anticipate moving your baggage from your vehicle to the hotel. The wheels are made for asphalt and plane travel.

3. Sizes

The measurement of ski and snowboard bags considers more space than the length. If you have a snowboard that measures 146cm and a board bag that measures 146cm, there will be 5-8 cm of space at the end for stuff, simple stacking, or dumping. It is not suggested that to buy a bag longer than 10cm past your skis or snowboard except if you are sure you’ll be pressing it to the edge with each utilization.

4. Locks approved by the TSA

TSA can restrict the opening of locks in cases where they need to inspect your belongings. TSA approved locks can be opened with extraordinary tools that are not damaging the lock. However, if you don’t have an approved lock there is an opportunity for your bag’s locks getting harmed when they do have to compel them open.


What is the difference between a ski bag and a snowboard bag?

The dimensions of ski bags and snowboard bags are different. A ski bag is generally longer and narrower than a snowboard bag, and a snowboard bag shorter and wider.

Can snowboard bags also be used with short skis

Yes, you may. It is not practical to fit two skis in a snowboard bag. 

Can a ski bag also be used to carry snowboards?

Unfortunately, no. Because they are wider than a pair, snowboards won’t fit in a ski bag. 


It should be easy to travel and do some winter sports. It is important to protect your gear, equipment, tune kits, and gear from damage by packing the best snowboard bag. Although it may come at a cost, the investment in a great experience is well worth it.

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