10 Best Ski Pant Suspenders in 2022

Suspenders are overrated? Casually maybe, but in skiing, it’s a valuable part of your ski wear and gear! Suspenders will ensure that your pants don’t fall down the slopes.

And since you need the best ski pants suspenders that will offer you optimum support and comfort, you can’t just settle for anything less. You might find yourself having to pull your pants up while skiing. It can be frustrating. Check out our top picks. 

Our Top Picks for Best Ski Pant Suspenders

You will have a better time on the slopes if you wear the best suspenders. With your pants up to your waist. 

1. Dakine Hold’em – Best Elastic Ski Pants Suspenders

Dakine Hold’em Suspenders, Black, One Size

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This ski suspender is for you if you need to be able to ski in the mountains with maximum support.

Dakine Hold’em has wider straps that are very adjustable, the elastic straps will give you the needed support you need, especially for skiers who are into intensive skiing. 

They are very supportive and will fit your pants well. The suspender is equipped with sure grip clips to ensure that it stays on your pants no matter what happens. 


  • Very flexible
  • It is a great fit
  • Wider straps


  • The plastic clamps can become very cold

These ski suspenders are why you should purchase them

If you’re looking for a highly adjustable ski pant suspender that can give you optimum support during a game, this is one of the best options.

2. Carhartt Men’s- Best Balanced Support

Carhartt Men’s Utility Suspender, Red, One Size

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Carhartt Men’s will provide even and durable support. 

This X-back suspender features medium- to heavy-duty clamps that will keep your pants in place. You will feel well-balanced and comfortable. This suspender will ensure that both slides are under equal pressure.

They are strong and elastic. It allows you to move freely while still providing maximum support for your pants. It also has  metal adjusters so you can confirm the fit of the suspender according to your needs.

Now you can use your pocket without worrying about your pants falling down. The straps are really comfortable and won’t dig into your soldiers. So even with weight on the pockets, it won’t hurt your shoulders. There’s also a leather patch where the straps cross. This will protect your straps from wear and tear. 


  • Even weight
  • Strong clips with a strong clasp
  • Comfortable and large shoulder straps
  • There are many options for adjustment


  • Some people find the back patch too low.

These ski suspenders are why you should purchase them

These elastic suspenders are durable and elastic, with many adjustment options. 

3. Holdup Ski ups x Back Suspenders – Best for Tall Skiers

Holdup Suspender Company XL Graphite Black…

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This Holdup suspender is 2 inches in diameter and is designed for skiers with broad shoulders.

Ski suspenders for taller people may not be possible if you are over 6 feet tall. Look no further. This ski pant suspender is 54 inches longer than other styles. thus it can fit skiers who stand 6’6”.

These Holdup suspenders for men are  made from polyester and cotton. So the material is quite flexible but it’s durable. Moreover, it’s also comfortable as it will not dig into your shoulders. 

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Also, the back straps are made of genuine leather. It looks very chic and premium. It is best suited for people with wider shoulders because it has wider straps and lacrosse.

Moreover, it’s made in the USA. You can expect top quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. 


  • Elastic yet durable
  • Chic and premium looking
  • Genuine leather is used for the straps at your back.
  • Longer straps for tall skiers
  • USA made


  • This is not the right fit for skiers with narrow shoulders.

Why you should purchase Holdup Ski Ups x Back Suspenders

This is a great option if you’re looking for a ski suspender with the ability to accommodate taller skiers and those with wider shoulders. 

4. Oakley men’s Factory- Best for Small Hikes

Oakley Factory Suspenders Cabaret Mens Sz One Size

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It’s very light, not bulky, and has a unique design that‘s best suited for small hikes and casual use. 

These 18-inch ski suspenders can be worn by anyone. It’s made from polyester, nylon, and latex. This lightweight construction is  best suitable for small hikes. Or wherever you don’t need to do impressive jumps pr turns.

The length adjuster is adjustable at a variety of levels and can be used by most people. It also features a very impressive design. This is not recommended for long ski trips as the clips may not hold if you are using it for extended runs.


  • Stylish design
  • Large adjustment range
  • Clips are strong and secure
  • Lightweight and not bulky


  • It’s a light-duty ski pant suspenders

These ski suspenders are why you should purchase them

If you’re looking for  light support for light hikes, this is perfect. It’s lightweight that you will not even notice you are wearing one. It’s also perfect for casual use. 

5. Holdup black ski ups – Best Heavy Duty

Holdup Suspender Company 2″ Wide Shadow Black…

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These x-back suspenders are for the big league.

The 2-inch straps are made of a cotton-poly mix, a durable manufactured material that can withstand harsh environments. The straps are extremely comfortable and can be adjusted to a great degree. It is therefore suitable for most skiers.

The patent-pending holdup closed clasps attach the suspenders to the snow pant. This is done without fraying the fabric. It is slip and slide resistant. In intense games and on skis, you can trust the x-back suspenders. For more intense play, the jumbo composite grip clamps will provide optimal support.

Also it’s made in the USA. You can expect top quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Wide and sturdy straps and clips
  • Doesn’t fray the fabric of ski pants
  • Excellent locking mechanism


  • For those with large bellies, it may not be wide enough

These ski suspenders are why you should purchase them

These durable ski suspenders have excellent grip clips that are ideal for playing in the snow and intense games. 

6. Decalen Men’s Ski Suspenders- Best Versatile

Decalen Mens Suspenders Very Strong Clips Heavy…

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These ski suspenders can be used for any type of pants.

If you’re an all mountaineer who uses a variety of pants, then you need a highly versatile one. These suspenders can be worn with ski pants or motorcycle pants. They will also work well with jeans, work pants, and motorcycle pants.

And since it’s a one size fits all, these will have a good fit no matter how short or how tall you are. 

It features a Y shape and full-metal clips. It has three straps. Two go over your shoulders, while the third connects to the bottom of your pants. Moreover, the clips do not move and they won’t puncture the fabric of your pants. It is snug, but allows for some movement. You’ll also love the extra-wide straps that prevent the materials from digging into your shoulders.


  • Versatile
  • Straps with high adjustability
  • All-metal clips are strong and durable
  • Made in Europe


  • Some complained about metal parts rusting. 

These ski suspenders are why you should purchase them

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It’s a highly versatile product that can be used on almost any type of pants. It can also be used on almost any type of pants. 

7. Fasker’s Men X back Ski Suspenders- Best Budget

The X-back design boats are durable and the all-metal clamps provide maximum hold. 

All metal clips ensure your pants stay attached to your body. The metal clip closure can also be easily removed if you need to change your clothes.

It can also be used casually because it comes in subtle colors and designs. And what you’ll love the most is that it performs much like an expensive, but it has a rather affordable price. 

The straps are also easily adjustable, so it’s easy to set it to your measurement requirements. 


  • Value for money
  • Comfortable
  • It is adjustable and holds great


  • Some users were unhappy with the coating on the suspenders.

These suspenders: Why you should purchase them

It’s value for your money. It offers excellent support and has a minimalist design. And you’ll be able to get this one at a very affordable price. 

8. Dickies Men’s Industrial Suspenders- Best Durable

Dickies Men’s Industrial Strength Suspenders

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This dickies brand x back suspender features a sewn-on patch clip made of leather.

These suspenders are made with leather patches and have a strong hold. The eclipse will not slip unless you unclip it. These babies can be kept in place for many years.

They work well to keep the waistband. It can cause minor damage to the fabric of your pants. Thus, it’s best used for work clothing and not on expensive ski pants.

It can also be adjusted to fit most skiers. 


  • Well-constructed
  • Durable and can last for longer
  • Clips won’t come loose


  • Only the back portion is elastic

These suspenders: Why you should purchase them

These suspenders are durable, and the clips provide excellent hold. 

9. First Light Ski Suspenders- Best Premium

First Lite Suspenders

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These suspenders have metal clips, which are contrary to what they say. They can be worn even with a full-sized pocket. 

These suspenders are strong and durable, with a y-back design. It’s made of heavy-duty and highly flexible nylon material. The clamps can be used in many different ways. You can attach heavy hunting gear and winter gear to your clamps and your pants will still hold their shape. The clamps are extremely strong and durable.

These are as sturdy and durable as you can get. But it’s also nice that people won’t even notice that you’re wearing suspenders under your clothes if you are going for an untucked style. It’s quite discrete as well.


  • Clips will stay closed even when there is a heavy load on your pockets
  • Versatile
  • Discrete


  • It takes some time to get used to the clamps

These suspenders: Why you should purchase them

These suspenders are strong, durable, and discrete. You can load more on your pockets while your pants will not drop. 

10. Decalen’s Men’s X Style Suspenders- Best for Average Height

Decalen Mens Suspenders Very Strong Clips Heavy…

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All parts of the Decalen men’s back suspenders have been sewn and reinforced. This ensures that you have excellent support.

It also features all-metal clips. And the strap is also highly adjustable and can accommodate skiers who stand until 6 2”. Like the Decalen men’s Y back suspenders, it’s also quite durable and can be worn casually too.

These suspenders can be adjusted in a number of ways. In fact, you’ll find that there’s a lot of room for adjustment. 

The clips don’t open so your snow pants won’t come off. It fits snugly, but still allows for freedom of movement.


  • All parts are sewn together and reinforced
  • Straps that adjust easily with enough give
  • Durable


  • May fall short for those who stands 6’4” and above

These suspenders: Why you should purchase them

These adjustable suspenders can be adjusted with all parts sewn together and reinforced. 

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Things to consider before you buy ski suspenders

Ski suspenders aren’t necessarily hot right now. It isn’t used as much by many people. These are essential parts of your gear. It can also be worn casually, giving you more bang for your bucks.

So to make sure that you’re getting a brand that performs well, here are some things to look out for.

1. The shape and size of the straps

There are two types: the Xback and the Yback.  

Because they are more suitable for outdoor work, X-back suspenders are more in demand. It has two straps that cross at the back and attach to the front. The X back suspenders can support a heavier load than the Y back suspenders.

The Y-back style, however, has only three straps. It attaches to your pants front with a single strap at its back. 

2. Clips used for its locking system

Suspenders use three types of clips to lock their system.

  • Needle pins or alligator clip

These are less durable and may become loose if you load them with too much weight.

  • Buttons

These are ideal for people with heavier builds and who have to lift heavy loads.

  • Belt clips

They are also more stable than buttons and are more versatile than buttons. And unlike the buttons, you don’t have to permanently attach these to your snow pants. That’s why they are also the most popular choice.

Why Use  Ski Suspenders 

Ski suspenders might seem old school. And you won’t see a lot of wearing them occasionally. Suspenders were originally used for outdoor work and sport, such as skiing, before the advent of belts. 

It is highly recommended to wear a suspender with your ski pants. It will ensure that you’ll have a more enjoyable time on the slope. It will keep your pants on your waist. Especially if you’re doing aggressive turns and flips.

1. They are an alternative for bib pants

Bib pants combine waterproof pants and a suspender. However, this can trap too much heat. So if you’re skiing in warmer regions, this can make you sweat a lot. However, you will still need something that can hold your pants to your body. And this is where you’ll use ski pants suspenders.

2. Keeps snow out your pants

The best suspenders keep your pants snug and close  to your waist, so snow will not find a way of getting in. As the snow melts, loose pants can cause you to feel cold. Your pants should be snug. Suspenders are essential for this reason.

3. Fashion worthy

Ski pants suspenders are not limited to black and white. There are many brands that offer a wide range of colors. So you can look fashionable while still wearing the best suspenders. 

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4. Highly customizable

Suspenders that are the best can be adjusted easily. You can easily find the perfect fit, no matter what your height is.

5. Removable

If you don’t want to wear suspenders, you can easily remove our top picks. But albeit that they are not permanently glued to your pants, it can still provide you with optimum support while you’re on the slopes.


Ski pants suspenders should be a part of your gear. Unless you’re wearing bib pants, then you can go without suspenders. This will ensure your pants stay in place at your waistband. Ski pants can be loose and ski pants can move quickly so you need the best support. 

We’ve compiled the best available on the market. The perfect ski pants suspender can be worn for everything, from leisure to small hikes to serious skiing on the slopes. You should always wear one when you go skiing.

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