10 Best ski goggles for small faces

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  • Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles
  • Anon Men’s 2.0 Goggles
  • Anon WM1
  • Many people consider skiing to be one of their favorite pastimes or sports. It helps you bond with your friends and family, and it’s a great way to unwind and relax after a long week of work. When going skiing, it’s essential to get the proper equipment to enjoy the experience going down the slope. This is especially true if your face is small and requires special care when choosing the right ski equipment. Don’t worry. This review will help to find the best ski goggles that fit small faces.

    Ski goggles come in different shapes, colors, designs, sizes, etc. It’s important to have a google that fits you perfectlyHowever, some people have difficulty with this. Some manufacturers make goggles with one size that fits all but unfortunately it’s still not fitted for some individual with small faces.

    Everyone should have a great experience skiing. The right equipment will make it easier. This review will help you find the right ski goggles for your small face. We have compiled a list of the top ski goggles that will fit small faces.

    Here’s the list of 10 Best Ski Goggles to Fit Small Faces:

  • Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles
  • Anon Men’s 2.0 Goggles
  • Anon WM1
  • Oakley Airbrake Snow Goggles
  • Oakley O Frame 2.0 Goggles
  • Salomon iVY Goggles Access
  • Uvex Sports LGL Goggles
  • Smith Asia Fit I/OS Goggles 
  • Oakley Men’s Flight Goggles
  • Scott Muse Pro OTG Goggle
  • The 10 Best Ski Goggles That Fit Small Faces

    These are the best ski goggles to give you the best skiing experience. You don’t have to worry about these goggles since it will definitely fit your small face.

    1. Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles

    The first in the list of best ski goggles for small faces is the Oakley Men’s Flight Deck Goggles, which has a distinctive design. Its frame isn’t as bulky as traditional goggles. The rimless lens gives you better peripheral vision. This goggle features PRIZM technology which will give you a better look and make things easier for you to see while you are riding down the slope. It is made of soft foam, which makes it comfortable to wear for long periods.

    The goggles have an anti-fog coating that will prevent fogging. Prescription glasses will not cause any problems. The goggles can hold all the glasses you need. 


    • It is extremely comfortable to wear
    • You can enjoy a better and more expansive view
    • Very distinctive design
    • Prescription glasses are not a problem


    • A little more expensive than other goggles

    Why you should choose

    Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles are one of the most comfortable on the market. It will give you comfort and solve your problem in finding the right goggles to fit your small face. It has a wide view range that will not obscure your vision. It also means that you won’t have any problems wearing your prescribed glasses when skiing. 

    2. Anon Men’s 2.0 Goggles

    Next up is Anon Men’s 2.0 Goggles. This goggles is made of lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane, (TPU), frames that are very strong and will last longer. Aside from that, the structure ensures to fit the skier’s face and has the right flexibility and durability. This is the goggles for you if you have difficulty fitting goggles due to a small face. This is the best ski goggles that fit small to medium faces.

    Anon Helix Goggles have a lens that minimizes peripheral blurring. It also features an Integral Clarity Treatment (or ICT anti-fog) to provide clearer and better vision. The vents and ICT allow for air to circulate efficiently to remove moisture and prevent fogging.

    It has a double-layered face form for a perfect fit on the skier’s face. It can accommodate glasses and is perfect for those who have glasses.


    • It also has a second lens that you can use
    • It’s not costly


    • The rim will reduce the distance between your eyes and the object you are wearing.

    Why you should buy it

    The Anon Men’s 2.0 Goggles is an excellent goggle that will fit perfectly in your face and the best choice for those who have small to medium faces. It is equipped with features that will give you clear vision without fogging. 

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    3. Anon WM1

    The Anon WM1 is undeniably one of the best women’s ski goggles for its functionality and intricate features. The spherical lenses of these goggles give you the best view possible when skiing. The lenses can mimic your eyes, so your vision will not be blurred when skiing. 

    These lenses also have anti-fogging capabilities to aid in navigation. The interchangeable lenses make it easy to fit your face. These goggles will be your best friend, and will give you clear vision on the mountain.


    • Interchangeable lenses
    • Its anti-fogging features allow for clear vision
    • Snug fit
    • Wall-to-wall feature allows for a wide view


    • It is a little expensive

    Why you should choose

    If you’re not limited by budget, the Anon WM1 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for goggles that will surely give you the functionality and sleeks designs. Its many features will help you navigate mountains and provide security while skiing.

    4. Oakley Airbrake Snow Goggles

    If you’re looking for ski goggles Oakley Airbrake is the best option for small- to medium-sized faces. These goggles feature Prizm technology, which promises a clear and unobstructed view. The goggles include a provision for lens replacement. Buyers can use the extra pair provided with the purchase of the goggles. One is for clear skies, and one for bright days.

    It’s also designed to fit Asian features with its extra padding in the nose area to offer snug fit and comfortability when worn. The goggles feature double-lens technology with anti fogging features to ensure clear vision on the slopes. With its incredible features, you will have no trouble navigating difficult terrain.


    • Clear viewing with the Prizm technology
    • Comes with an extra lens that’s easy to swap
    • Comfortability thanks to the extra padding in the nose


    • It’s hard to replace lense when wearing gloves

    Why you should choose

    Oakley Airbrake goggles are comfortable and offer protection. This goggles are a great choice for skiers who need support but don’t want to sacrifice their ability to see clearly. 

    5. Oakley O Frame 2.0 Goggles

    It’s sometimes hard to look for women’s ski goggles For small faces that don’t compromise functionality. However, you don’t have to choose between the two when you buy the Oakley O Frame 2.0 goggles. The goggles are a good investment thanks to the plutonite lens which resists impact and scratches. The lenses can block UV rays, which can cause eye strain and blurred vision. The goggles can also be used to provide a wide view while skiing.

    The ventilation system uses dual vents to ensure that the incoming air is properly directed. The lenses have an anti-fogging feature that reduces fog condensation and prevents fog from forming.

    In terms of wearability, Oakley O Frame 2.0 goggles promised comfortability since it’s made with flexible material and triple layer foam that ensures a snug fit on your face. With its large interior and adjustable straps, you can wear your prescription glasses with these goggles.


    • It can block Ultraviolet radiation
    • It allows prescription glass to be worn
    • Resistant to impact and scratches
    • Comfort in wearing


    • Unpolarized lenses

    Why you should choose

    Oakley O Frame 2.0 Goggles offer promising features for goggles at a mid-range price. Its plutonized lenses are enough reason to get it if you’re looking for long-lasting skiing goggles. The wearability of this product is also top-notched, and its additional features will surely give your money’s worth.

    6. Salomon iVY Goggles Access

    Salomon iVY goggles are also available as women’s snow goggles. They offer excellent protection against the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays. The mono-material goggles offer a snug fit for small-medium-sized faces. It is also great for sensitive skin. The goggles are made with double-layered foam that is hypoallergenic to ensure that you won’t feel any irritation when being worn.  

    This product also features spherical lenses with photochromic technology. This technology ensures that users are able to see clearly in all light conditions and performance is not affected if there is too much or too little. The injected technology also includes lenses that prevent distortion of peripheral sight.

    The lenses’ Ski Active Dry features prevent fogging and will amaze you. This is achieved by the lens’ excellent redirection and cooling of warm and cool air to prevent fog condensation.


    • It adapts well to light conditions and has many great features
    • For people with sensitive skin
    • Promises comfortability


    • It does not permit prescription glasses to be used.

    Why you should choose

    If you’re having a problem with an allergic reaction when wearing goggles, the Salomon iVY goggles can be the answer to your problem. Its hypo-allergic foam face foam ensures a comfortable fit on your face.

    7. Uvex Sports LGL Winter Ski Goggles

    These goggles have a sleek design and come in a variety of colors. These goggles allow you to look fashionable while still enjoying the amazing features. It features two antifogging systems to redirect the ventilation system. The antifog coating prevents fog formation.

    These goggles can also be worn with your prescription glasses. It’s a great help when you can only see clearly when using your eyeglasses. It also features Laser Gold lite technology, which increases the object’s color intensity and makes it easy to navigate while skiing.

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    • Comanche designs
    • Sporty design
    • Dual anti-fog system


    • A nonslip frame can be an improvement

    Why you should choose

    The Uvex sport ski goggles are an affordable option. They have many great features that are beneficial when skiing. It features technology that allows users to navigate difficult terrain without too much difficulty.

    8. Smith Asia Fit I/OS Goggles 

    Smith Asia fit goggles came from famous brand smith optics that offers one of the best women’s ski goggles for a small face. The eye-catching designs are complemented by excellent features. It’s designed to provide clear vision while skiing in the snowy conditions through its latest ChromaPop technology and porex filter. Cross country skiers need to be able to see shadows in snowy terrain thanks to chromapop technology. 

    Despite its many amazing features, it still offers comfortability and snug-fitting. Its frame is also equipped with extra padding to protect your face from cold air. It is comfortable to wear and will not cause any harm.


    • Interchangeable lense
    • Equip with chromopop technology
    • Porex filter to remove distortion


    • It’s a little bit costly

    Why you should choose

    If you’re looking for products coming from reputable brands, Smith Asia fit goggles is the right choice for you. The goggles provide clear vision and a vivid view for skiing. The extra padding is welcome support on your face to create that snug fit you’re looking for.

    9. Oakley Men’s Flight Snow Goggles

    Oakley men’s flights are equipped with Prizm technology, just like the other Oakley predecessors. This allows for clear skiing vision. It also has chromapop technology that prevents distortion. This is a crucial security feature for skiing. Extra padding is added to the goggles to provide comfort for your face. It is the perfect ski goggles to fit small faces thanks to its extra padding. 


    • Additional padding for comfort
    • Prizm technology allowed for great vision while skiing


    • No interchangeable lenses

    Why you should choose

    The Oakley flight deck offers comfort without sacrificing great features like prizm or chromapop technology. It is a good buy if you’re looking for durable ski goggles that can help you navigate mountainous terrain.

    10. Scott Muse Pro OTG Illuminator Goggle

    Scott Sports Goggle Muse Pro OTG – 271825…

    Check on Amazon

    Last on the list. The Scott muse Illuminator Goggles have lenses that protect against UV rays. It also features an ACS ventilation system that prevents moisture buildup and heat conservation. The Spherical Optiview lens will allow you to see more colors.

    It’s definitely one of the best ski goggles you can buy with a mid-range price. 


    • Excellent comfort
    • Portability 
    • It can be worn in conjunction with prescription glasses


    • Peripheral view is limited

    Why you should choose

    Scott muse illumination goggles offer great support while skiing. It’s also a good goggle that offers clear vision if you’re navigating terrain in snowy conditions.

    Buying Guides – What to Look For in the Best Ski Goggles for Small Faces

    Skiing requires you to ski in high altitude areas. There is thinner air in these places, which can make UV rays more intense. ultraviolet rays You will see a glare that is sharper and brighter than usual. This will cause your eyes to hurt and blur your vision. Ski goggles can help with these, and they will protect your eyes from any debris or ice that could damage them.

    If you have a small face, it’s crucial to look for the most suited goggles for you. Thus, it’s essential to look for the best ski goggles for small faces available in the market.

    Lens Shape. There are two types: the flat and spherical lenses. Flat lenses are more affordable than spherical lenses, which can be useful for those on a tight budget. The flat lens can reduce the range of your vision.

    The spherical lens curves perpendicularly or diagonally, giving you a wider view than flat glass. It is more costly, but it can reduce glare in your goggles.

    Ventilation. You will notice some fog when you use a goggle. This will affect your eyesight. The mist forms when your body heat meets cold air. The manufacturer makes adjustments to correct this problem.

    • Double layered lenses – these double-layered lenses are like a strong barrier that will not fog easily like other single layer lenses. This lens is almost universally used in goggles.
    • Anti-fog coatings – are usually put in goggles that are priced higher than the ordinary glasses. The lens will not be affected by fog thanks to the lining of the goggles.

    Vents. Vents are located on the sides, top, and bottom of the goggles. These vents allow air to circulate inside, so that no fog can form in the lens. The wind will flow more efficiently if your goggles have larger vents. Your face will be more exposed to the temperature due to larger vents. This means you will feel the cold more directly in your face.

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    Lens Color. The color of your lens can help reduce light brightness and highlight the colors of the surroundings. Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is the light that your eyes see after you have passed through the lens.

    A lighter tinted lens is better for skiing in cloudy conditions. The lenses that are colored yellow, amber or green, or gold are lighter tints and will transmit more visible light.

    The second option is darker tints which will give less VLT. This color is usually gray, brown, and copper. It blocks light from passing through. You can also use clear lenses if you plan to ski at night.

    The lens has many other features, including tints.

    • UV Protection – you can find almost all of the goggles in the market have UV protection that will shield you from any type of UV or ultraviolet rays.
    • Polarized Lenses – the polarized lenses help in minimizing the brightness from the sun, especially when it hits the snow or water.
    • Photochromic Lenses – this type of lens modifies its tint depending on the brightness of the surrounding area. When the area is too bright, then it will adjust the tone to a darker color, and when the area is snowing or if it’s indoors, then it will not change from light color.
    • Mirrored Lenses – you can have a partial or overall coating on the outer surface of the lens. The light is reflected and less light is allowed in.
    • Interchangeable Lenses – this type will allow you to change and get another colored lens to match the light condition you currently have.
    • Digital Display – the goggles may have advanced technology on them like GPS and Bluetooth that can show different kinds of things, and it can also be connected to your smartphone.

    Frames. It is essential to choose the right goggles that fit your face. It should be comfortable for you to ski. It should fit in your helmet. Although all goggles are compatible with all types of helmets, it is better to test it before you put your helmet on.

    • Check If the strap can be adjusted. The straps and clips of most goggles on the market can be adjusted. You can even see an open and close buckle, but for children’s goggles, some of it doesn’t have any adjustable straps.
    • The right thickness of the padding or form is important. Your goggles will be comfortable when you wear them. It should be the right depth to keep the fog from affecting your face and secure your pillow.
    • Over the Glass Styles or OTG. If you are able to wear prescription glasses while skiing, you will want a goggle that fits your glasses. The OTG or over-the-glass style allows for glasses to be worn underneath the goggle.   

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    What are Ski Goggles, exactly?

    Ski goggles (or winter goggles) are an essential piece of equipment for winter sport like skiing. It protects the eye from harsh UV rays, wind, cold, snow, as well as other weather elements. Some goggles come with special features that can improve vision and help you navigate when skiing.

    What is the benefit of ski goggles to small faces?

    It can be difficult for people with small faces to find the right goggles. However, It’s a rewarding task since looking for the best ski goggles for small faces can significantly affect your skiing performance. These are some other benefits of ski goggles.

    • Insulation
    • Skiing requires excellent vision
    • Comfort when used
    • Snug fit


    Which is the best color lens for you?

    It all depends on what weather you have. Because it can have high VLT (which means more sunlight will pass through the lens), you should use a lighter tint for your lens tint. This is ideal for cloudy days.

    You can use the gold, yellow, amber and green lenses in cloudy conditions. These lenses are suitable for sunny weather, while darker shades such as Grey and brown have less light passing through them.

    Are glasses allowed inside the goggles?

    It is okay to wear glasses underneath ski glasses. But, it also depends on the ski glasses that you are using if it has prescription eyeglasses. 


    Ski goggles are an essential item to have if you plan to ski. They will protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, dust and debris that you might encounter while you are on the slope. The list also includes goggles that are suitable for people with small faces. This review will help them to find the right goggles for them, so they can ski without discomfort.

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