10 Best Ski and Snowboard Mittens in 2022

A pair of mittens is a great way to warm up when you aren’t feeling well. But when you’re skiing or snowboarding, mittens will allow you to have a good grip on your ski poles. You can even zip your jacket and adjust the buckles of your boots. Full mittens, in comparison to gloves, restrict movement.

However, gloves may not be warm enough in cold temperatures or winter. That’s why we have listed the 10 best ski and snowboard mittens that can create a balance between dexterity and warmth. Although it may not be as dextrous and comfortable as gloves, these will allow you better grip your ski poles than any other brand.

Our Top Picks For the Best Ski and Snowboard Mittens For Men

1. Burton Gondy- Best Leather Mittens

Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Gondy Leather Mitt, Raw…

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These leather mittens are classic in design and can keep you warm and toasty.

These leather mittens could have a goretex or gore warm system to keep your hands warm and comfortable. So even with the raging cool wind of the mountains, you’ll still be comfortably warm. You also won’t have to worry about moisture, because there won’t be any. It also has a classic mitten design and doesn’t have any inserts for digits.

Its classic exterior is made of leather. It is also durable. The touchscreen compatibility of the thumb part is also available for the mittens. So you don’t have to expose your hands to the cold should you need to use your cell phone.

The thermal core insulation provides sufficient warmth to keep your hands warm, unlike regular winter gloves you can purchase at Walmart and Costco.


  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Uttara is comfortable and warm
  • Soft inside
  • Moisture resistant
  • Durable


  • Can be bulky

These mittens are worth the investment

It can keep your body warm and fuzzy in winter. And you don’t have to worry about moisture too.

2. Black Diamond – Best Budget

Black Diamond Equipment – Mercury Mitts – Black -…

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These budget mittens will keep skiers warm and toasty.

These mitts have a nylon and leather outer shell. It also features a two-finger design. These mitts have a liner so you can separate your fingers. You can still feel the warmth, but have more mobility.

The removable liner is made from Primaloft gold and a fleece. You can expect to feel warm and comfortable. It can withstand wear and tear but will not show signs.


  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Warm and toasty
  • Has liners to split fingers


  • Some people still find it difficult to grip a ski stick

These mittens are worth the investment

These mittens are great for those who need warmth but don’t have the budget.

3. Outdoor Research- Best Heated Mitts


Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Sensor Gloves

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These heated mittens are perfect for when you need to warm up.

These warm babies will keep you warm, no matter what the temperature outside. The built-in heater can be used in place of a cheaper chemical warmer. This is for subzero skiers who love exploring and diving into the cold abyss. These mitts will deter the cold temperatures.

You can also adjust heat settings to achieve the ideal level of comfort.

It’s equipped with a gore-tex insert for insulations and it’s waterproof too. You can rest assured that moisture will not get into your hands. These are touchscreen-compatible, so you don’t need to take them off to make a phone call.


  • Touch Screen capabilities
  • Thermostats powered by batteries
  • Includes a clip and a leash
  • Psalm of leather that is abrasion resistant
  • Super warm and toasty


  • Some people find it heavy.

These mitts: Why you should purchase them

These heated mitts will provide you with serious warming.

4. Dakine Baron- Best Heavy Duty

Dakine Baron Gore-Tex Snow Mitt – Black | Small

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These mittens are tough and can withstand harsh winter weather conditions.

If you’re skiing or sloping in sub-zero mountains, you need the Dakine Baron mitts. These mitts are designed for the big league. It can withstand harsh winter conditions, and can withstand abuse.

It has a low profile cuff, and uses a combination insulation materials. These insulation materials, which include Prialoft and a wool-blend liner, will keep you warm and cozy in cold winter temperatures.

It also has a goretex insert, which repels water. Moreover, it’s made from environment-friendly materials.


  • Heavy duty
  • Cozy and warm
  • Water-resistant


  • Less dexterity

These mittens are worth the investment

These mittens are made for sub-zero temperatures and are very heavy-duty.

5. North Face Montana Etip – Best 3 Fingered Mittens

The North Face Men’s Montana Etip GTX Mitt, TNF…

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The 3 finger design allows for better mobility, but still provides warmth in cold winters.

These North Face 3 digit mittens are perfect for those who have trouble holding on to their ski poles with two-finger mittens.

It features a full coverage gauntlet that provides maximum protection against cold and keeps snow out. These mittens are durable and soft in the palm. It’s made from flexible synthetic material.

It also has a Primaloft insulation and a wool-blend liner. This makes it comfortable and warm. It also has a goretex insert, which repels water.


  • Made in the USA
  • Very warm and toasty
  • Water-resistant
  • More dexterous


  • Wrist movement may be restricted by long gauntlet-style restrictions

These mittens are worth the investment

It’s a 3 finger mittens that are very warm and more dexterous than other brands.

Our Top Picks for the Best Ski and Snowboard Mittens For Women (A Product Review).

1. POW Stealth GORE-TEX Mittens- Best Functional

Pow Women’s Stealth Gore-TEX Gloves, Creme,…

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These mittens combine fashion and function in one.

These POW Stealth women’s mittens boast of a gore-tex and gore warm system to keep your hand toasty and warm. It features a goatskin leather outer shell. It also has a fur-lined interior cuff for warmth, comfort, and warmth.

These babies are also waterproof. The goretex insulation is also breathable. You can keep warm and comfortable while enjoying the mountain views in style.


  • Smartphone compatible
  • Luxurious design
  • Warm and breathable
  • Waterproof


  • It may take longer to put on

These mitts: Why you should purchase them

It is both stylish and warm.

2. The North Face Montana Future Light- Best suited for Moderate Temperatures

The North Face Women’s Montana FUTURELIGHT Etip…

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These synthetic leather mitts work best in moderate temperatures.

These mittens can be used as gloves or as a mitten. These are lightweight and flexible, that’s what sets it apart from other mitten brands. You will have a better grip. It is easy to adjust your boot buckles and unzip your jacket. It’s easy to wear too.

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It also has a gauntlet collar for extra protection against snow and moisture. It is made of heatseeker synthetic insulation. It is suitable for moderate temperatures but not for all frigid winter conditions.


  • Lightweight and flexible mittens
  • It is simple to use
  • Better grip


  • Not suitable for colder temperatures

These mitts: Why you should purchase them

These moderate temperature mittens provide greater mobility and flexibility.

3. Gordini Women’s- Best Warm

Gordini Women’s Standard Gore-Tex Mitten, Black,…

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This sleek, stylish and equipped with fingers can help you grip your ski poles better.

These mitts, which look like leek, are also functional. It has an inside finger that allows for greater mobility and dexterity.

It features a textured synthetic palm for better grip. So you’d be able to hold onto your ski poles better.

The outer shell is made from full goatskin, while the insulation is made from Primaloft gold The membrane is made of Goretex to repel water. This under cuff mitts has a adjustable double-layered cuff. It seals tightly to stop snow and moisture penetrating.


  • Clean and stylish
  • Cozy and warm
  • Better grip
  • Water-resistant outer shell


  • The cold can reach wrists if the under cuff design is worn.

These mittens are worth the investment

The goatskin outer shell is clean and stylish. These mitts can be serious business. They are waterproof, and can keep your hands warm.

4. Serious Heat Touch Hellfire – Best for Sub Zero Temperatures

Seirus Women’s Heat Touch Hellfire Mitt

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These warm leather gloves can still be warmer!

These leather mittens have electric heat panels that can increase the heat. This is ideal for subzero temperatures when you need to be toasty.

They are windproof and waterproof with breathable inserts. They offer excellent protection against the cold, but are still very comfortable. Even the fingertips will feel very warm.


  • Very warm
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof and windproof


  • Sizes run too small

These mittens are worth the investment

This is the right place to be if you need to warm up for sub-zero temperatures.

5. 686 Linear – Best Flexible

686 Women’s Gore-Tex Linear Mitt – Charcoal X-Ray…

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These mitts, which are both flexible and affordable, are water-resistant.

The outer shell is made of a water-resistant material DWR fabric. It is also comfortable and breathable.

It features a goretex membrane for waterproofness and Gore warm technology. These mittens will keep you warm and comfortable, while also being very affordable.

It is also touchscreen-compatible. You will have to answer calls quickly. You don’t need to take off your gloves when it is cold outside.


  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Cozy and warm
  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof


  • Weaker wrist mobility

These mittens are worth the investment

These flexible and warm mitts are affordable

What to Look For When Buying Ski and Snowboard Mittens (A Buyer Guide)

Mittens provide protection against the frigid cold. Different brands offer different degrees of warmth and comfort. Consider the following before you buy one.

1. Warmth

When we talk about warmth, we mean insulation. There are many insulation materials that mittens can use. It can be made of synthetic material or natural materials like fleece.

The higher quality insulation will provide more warmth. Many warmer brands use a mixture of insulation materials. For insurance purposes, you can increase insulation by using a combination of Primaloft or fleece.

2. Waterproofness

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Also, consider how waterproof your gloves are. Because if it’s not, you’ll be freaking cold once the snow comes into contact with it and melts.

It should be capable of keeping snow out, as well as moisture and perspiration from entering.

Gore-tex is one of the most high-quality waterproof materials for mittens. It’s a membrane insert that keeps moisture out and makes the mitts breathable at the same time. So it’s best to look for this material when you’re searching for ski and snowboarding mitts.

3. Dexterity

Dexterity is the ability to properly buckle your bootstraps and grab your ski poles. However, it is always subjective. Technically, gloves are more precise than mittens. However, you must also consider the warmth. The larger it is, the more bulky it can become. It restricts movement. What you need is a balance of warmth and freedom of motion. And you’d get that with the best ski and snowboarding mittens.

4. Cuff length

There are two styles to choose from: the gauntlet or the under the cuff. The gauntlet extends above your wrist, while under the cuff sits just above your ski jacket. These two styles offer different levels of protection against the snow and cold, in addition to their style. We will elaborate on this in a section that follows the article.

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5. Size and fitting

A well-fitted mitt will help you maximize your dexterity. Excessive movement can be restricted or prevented by a tight or loose mitten.

Gauntlet vs. Under cuff length

Gauntlets can reach beyond the wrist. There are gauntlet styles with a longer reach. Technically speaking, gauntlet mitts provide more protection from the cold because they can reach your forearm. It’s an added insulation from the cold. It can seal out the cold better, and prevent snow from entering with its pull strings.

This cuff style, however, will limit movement of your wrist.

On the other hand, under cuffs are designed to be worn above your ski jacket. They are lighter than the gauntlet mitts and allow for more wrist movement. They provide better ventilation for your wrists.

It only covers your ski jacket, so it offers limited protection against the cold. Your wrists can be exposed to cold and snow if your jacket rides up.


Which is better: an under or a gauntlet?

That depends on where you’re going to go skiing or snowboarding. Gauntlet style gloves can provide maximum protection against snow or the cold. So it’s best suited for cold and wet weather and deep powders.

Freeriders and backcountry skiers prefer to wear under cuffmittens because they allow for more movement.

How can I find the right size mittens for me?

A tape measure will give you the measurement of your widest part. This is usually located just behind your knuckles. Then match this number to the manufacturer’s corresponding range. But take note that this isn’t foolproof and it’s still best to try the mittens on.

Final word

When it comes to warmth, mittens reign supreme. They are not the best at dexterity. You need a combination of both. Our best selection of snowboarding mittens and ski mittens will help you achieve that balance. If you can’t go full mitts, you can be comfortable with three-fingered mittens or one with finger inserts.

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