8 Best Shirt Folding Board – Reviews And Buying Guide

Ever walked into a clothing store and thought – Wow! How do they fold and stack the clothes so perfectly!

The folding board is a small piece of equipment that provides the answer. This tool allows attendants to fold garments fast and efficiently.

You can make your tops and bottoms, sweaters, sweaters, towels, and other clothing look neat and clean with the best shirt folding boards.

And that’s not all. This compact item is a great space-saver. You may already know that folded clothes take up less space than those that are arranged.

Before you buy a folding table, it is important to understand that all boards are different. For example, some boards are strong and flexible and others are stiff and rigid.

To help you avoid bad folding boards and find a good-quality one that will last, I have reviewed the best-rated models available. I’ve also included a guide to help you choose.

Let’s get started.



Editor’s rating


BoxLegend V2 Shirt Folding Board


5 out of 5

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Ohuhu Clothes Folding Board


5 out of 5

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EZSTAX Clothing Organization System


4.5 out 5

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Household Essentials 195 Shirt Folding Board


4 out of 5

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BoxLegend V3 shirt folding board


4.5 out 5

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Top 8 Picks for 2023: Best Shirtfolding Board

1. BoxLegend V2 t-Shirt Folding Board

The BoxLegend V2 has over 12K reviews and is one of the most favored shirt folding boards online. It’s easy to see why that is so – the item is well-made and it is versatile and easy to use.

The V2 is made from a strong PP composite material. This makes it lightweight and durable, as well as flexible.

The panels are connected by 8 joints. This makes it very difficult for them to separate.

Owing to the board’s awesome craftsmanship, you won’t need to carry out any special maintenance. As a matter of fact, you’ll be surprised to see how long you can use the board. It’s perfectly suitable for repeated use and holds up for many years.

This board measures approximately 11 x 10 inches wide by an inch and half high. The board folds up easily and can be stored or carried around.

This unit is loved for its versatility. The board is commonly used to make shirts and tees. But did you know it can also be used for all types of clothing?

It can be used for pajamas, dresses and pants, as well as towels and bedsheets. There are so many options.

If you’re seeking the best shirt folding board with regard to ease of use, this is a unit you may want to try. It folds quickly and requires little effort.

This board comes in a beautiful and elegant box. If you’re looking for a gift to give someone, don’t hesitate to try this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality PP composite material.
  • Easy to use – folds easily and it is lightweight.
  • It is a good size (11 x 10 inches), which can be easily transported and stored.
  • Versatile – handles all kinds of clothes – tees, sweaters, pants, towels, etc.
  • Collapsible – for portability and space efficiency.

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2. Ohuhu Folding Board for Clothes

The Ohuhu Clothesfolding board allows you to organize your clothes in three easy steps.

First, it is a solid little thing. This unit is made from tough plastic material that can be used repeatedly and lasts for years.

I like the way the panels are held together. With eight joints connecting them, there’s no chance that the pieces will come apart.

The board’s width is 11 by 9 inches, while its height is 1 inch. The board folds down easily and can be stored away. It is easy to carry. Its 1.84-pound weight is a good thing for transport and ease of use.

Are you looking for a multi-functional shirt folding table? This one is for your needs. It can fold shirts of all sizes, including long-sleeved and short-sleeved. You can even fold large shirts with it. Isn’t that wonderful?

What’s more, the unit handles other kinds of garments, including pants, vests, pajamas, and more.

This unit has 10 free clips, which is something special. These handy tools can be used to hang towels and beddings as well as other clothing items.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use folding board that looks great, the Ohuhu Clothes Folding Board is worth considering.

Highlighted Features:

  • Portable size – 11 by 9 by 1 inch.
  • For easy transport and storage, it is lightweight and collapsible
  • Made of a sturdy pp composite material – tough and durable.
  • It is easy to do laundry and folds beautifully.

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3. EZSTAX Clothing Organization Board

After you’ve folded your clothes neatly, clothes organization doesn’t stop there. You want to keep the clothes looking organized in the wardrobe, don’t you?

We all know how frustrating that can be. If someone takes a garment out of a folded batch, it might cause the rest to be disorganized.

If you’ve struggled with this issue, here’s the perfect solution for you – the EZSTAX Clothing Organization System.

This is a tool for clothing organization, as its name suggests. It’s designed to help you organize your folded clothes. It will make it easy to get rid of the clutter in your drawers.

This product is packaged in 20 units. Each unit measures 12.3×9.9×2 inches. This means that each unit can hold at least one folded garment.

Once you’ve put your folded clothes in the tools, you then stack them together and keep them in your drawers.

You can then pull clothes items from the middle of the stack, without having to alter the organization of the clothes. This is so cool!

The EZSTAX clothing organizer is made of plastic, and is very lightweight. It can be used indoors or on the go. It is easy to pack the organizers in your backpack.

Are you a worker in an office? Do you have to deal with a lot paperwork? This might be the system for you. You can place your papers in the organizers and keep it safe and neat.

Highlighted Features:

  • For storing folded clothes, use this clothing organizer
  • Comes in two sizes – 12.3 by 9.9 by 2 and 13.5 by 11.5 by 2 inches.
  • Made from thin plastic that takes up little space
  • To maximize space efficiency, the pieces can be stacked together.
  • Versatile – can be used for clothes and papers as well.

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4. Household Essentials: 195 Folding Board For Laundry

Our next item is a board that’s a bit different from the ones we’ve discussed above. While the ones above make the folds for you, this one doesn’t. It does not help you fold. You place it on the garment and make the folds, using the board’s edges as guiding borders.

When you’re done, you just pull the board out of the folded garment. It works just like a clipboard but is much more useful.

If you’re on a budget, I’d recommend going for a board like this one instead of purchasing the kind that makes the folds for you.

When you’re buying an item such as this one, you want to pay attention to the construction. For one, you don’t want a board with edges that will catch on your clothes. You want something that won’t pose the risk of tearing your garments.

I’m glad to let you know that in that regard, this is a board that works. Its smooth edges allow it to slide out of your folded clothes easily.

The handle at the front of the board makes it easy to remove it from your clothes.

It’s easy to transport the board. The handle has a hole in the middle that allows you to hang the board.

You may be wondering what the size is. It measures 12 by 8.3 inches in width and 0.18 inches thick. This is the perfect size to fit in your suitcase when you travel. It is also easy to store at home.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy-made from recycled plastic – it is not flimsy.
  • It is compact and easy to store and transport.
  • Smooth edges allow for easy removing of folded garments.
  • The handle makes it easy to pull the board out.
  • Contains a notch for hanging – storage made easy.
  • Versatile – works for all sorts of clothes from shirts to dresses and pants.

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5. BoxLegend V3 Long Sleeve Shirts – Folding Board

I mentioned the BoxLegend V2 at the beginning of this review. It is one of the most sought-after boards currently on the market. BoxLegend offers a variety of boards. The V3 is more powerful than the V2, so it can handle larger clothes.

The first thing I noticed about this unit was its fine construction. It is made of high quality plastic material, according to the seller.

It is approximately 4mm thick and feels sturdy, unlike many other models. It will last, I’m sure.

The dimensions of the board are 27.5 inches long by 23.6 inches wide. That’s a considerably big size, but the width is collapsible to about a third its size. Hence, you don’t need to stress about storing or transporting the board.

The item weighs in at 2.2 pounds and is therefore easy to transport. It is not the lightest item on the market, but it is surprising lightweight for an item its size.

This board is beautiful in aesthetics. The V3 features a beautiful shape, and it comes in five great colors – green, orange, red, blue, and black.

The box is lovely too. If you’re looking for a nice gift to give someone, this product is worth considering.

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality PP plastic is used to make these products.
  • Has two sturdy hinges.
  • Large-size and ideal to wear large garments of all types.
  • Extremely easy to use – folds in 3 simple steps.
  • Beautiful design – comes in 5 colors.

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6. WYZworks Adjustable Folding Board For Trips/Vacations

Are you looking for a high-quality folding board, but have a limited budget? Let me tell you more about the WYZworks Adjustable Folding Board.

This is a great budget shirt folder that features a great design and only ten dollars.

Six foldable panels are included on the board. They have plenty of holes to hold onto and make it easy to operate. These holes reduce static cling and decrease wrinkles when folding clothes.

This board is very well-made. This material is made of high-quality, flexible PP Plastic that can withstand repeated usage and last many years.

The WYZworks Adjustablefolding Board measures only 12 by 9 inches. It is also lightweight because it is thin.

This is a tool you can easily transport. You can fold it up and put it in your suitcase while traveling.

If you’re seeking a folding unit that looks good, this one is worth checking out. It comes in a nice, green color and looks great.

Apart from that, it works flawlessly. Its hinges are great and the panels can be folded with ease.

This board can be used to make almost any type of clothes: shirts and pants, as well as towels and t-shirts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Size: 12 by 9 inches
  • It is lightweight and collapsible so it can be carried around.
  • Made from a tough material – durable and ideal for repeated use.
  • Plenty of ventilation holes – for reducing static cling and wrinkles.

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7. Geniusidea Laundry Organizer Board

Geniusidea is a top-rated shirt-folding system. This is one the most trusted brands in the market.

Geniusidea Shirt Folding Board’s uniqueness is its high quality and low cost. The board is less than 15 dollars at the moment and comes with some great features that you might want to know about.

It is strong but flexible. It is made from a strong PP composite material that bends slightly but can withstand regular use.

The board’s robust construction allows it to withstand temperature changes.

One of the questions you ought to ask when searching for a folding board is – is it portable? Consider how easy it is to move the board. Also, consider its size and weight. Find out if it can be folded.

The Geniusidea Shirt Folding Board measures 12 by 9 by 1.5 by 1.5 inches. It is a great size for anyone looking for a portable unit. It is lightweight at 1.3 pounds, making it easy to transport.

The thickness of 1.3 inch is ideal for thin, medium, or thick clothes. You can actually use the board to fold all kinds of clothing, including pants, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirt, as well as beddings.

On Next question: Yes, this is a collapsible device. The unit folds down to less than a quarter its size, making it easy to transport. It can be easily packed in a bag and taken anywhere.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to fold and transport.
  • This product features a beautiful blue color and a great design.
  • Made from strong, yet flexible composite PP
  • It comes with strong hinges that work flawlessly.

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8. Brabantia Pre-Ironed Items Folding Board

The last item in this review is a clipboard-style folding unit that’s a favorite for many folks. This board has a simple design that is easy to use and can be stored and transported easily.

The board measures 11.81 by 7.87 and 3.94 inches. It is perfect for folding all types of clothing. You can fold short- and long-sleeved shirts and sweaters as well as towels, beddings, towels, and beddings.

This board is perfect for anyone who travels often and needs a board you can easily carry. It is small enough to fit in a bag and weighs in at 0.7 pounds.

Then again, it is a nice little thing that you won’t have any concerns carrying along. It has a nice shape, and the mint color is very elegant.

This item is also extremely easy to use. You only put the clothes in it and fold them around the board’s edges, and then pull out the board when you’re finished.

Thankfully, the board’s edges are smooth, so the clothes won’t catch on them. A hook is located at the front.

By grabbing and pulling it, you’re able to pull out the board quickly and effortlessly without disorganizing the garment.

Brabantia Folding Boards can be used as one of your most convenient laundry tools. This item can also be used to iron clothes. It can also be used to hang clothes.

Highlighted Features:

  • 11.81 by 7.87 by 3.94 inches – an ideal size for all sorts of clothes.
  • Smooth edges make it easy to remove clothes.
  • A hanger is available for easy pulling and storage.
  • It features a lovely design and an elegant light-blue color.

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Comparison Chart of Top Shirtfolding Board

Product Name

Size in inches (l x W x H)

Weight (lbs).



BoxLegend V2

11 x 10×1


Black, blue and red.

Flexible PP composite material

Ohuhu Clothes Folding Board

11 x 9×1




EZSTAX Clothing Organization System

12.3 x 9.9×2



Recycle plastic

Household Essentials 195

12 x 8.3×0.28




BoxLegend V3

27.5 x 23.6 x 0.16


Blue, red and black. Orange, green.

PP plastic

WYZworks Adjustable Folding Board

12.2 x 9.3x 1.5



PP plastic

Geniusidea Shirt Folding Board

12 x 9x 1.5



PP plastic

Brabantia Folding Board

11.81 x 8.87 x 3.94




Guide to buying a shirt folding board

Undoubtedly, shirt folding is one of the most important tasks. most useful laundry gadgets you can own. You can fold clothes quickly with it, making organizing your space easy.

Therefore, if you’ve made up your mind to go and purchase a board, that’s a great move.

Be aware that not all boards are the right fit for you. Some models can disappoint.

If you’re looking for nothing but the best shirt folding board that suits your budget, here are a couple of factors you need to consider.


You can buy folding boards in different sizes. The description and packaging will normally indicate the size of the folding board.

When looking for a folding board, you probably have in mind the sizes of clothes you will use it for – maybe you’ll use it to fold baby clothes, large XL t-shirts, pants, beddings, and so on.

If you’re getting a board for baby clothes, you want to go with a small size. On However, larger garments will need a larger board. You could even get two different sizes – one for small clothes and another for larger ones.

What it is made from

A board can be made from metal, wood, and plastic. Metal boards are extremely durable but they’re not common for a few reasons – they’re heavy and expensive.

Wood boards are not as expensive, but they’re costlier than plastic boards.

The reasons why plastic boards are the most common type are quite simple – they are lightweight, affordable, and durable when constructed well. Plastic boards are easy-to-clean.


Boards come in two major varieties – those that do the folding for you, and those that assist you to do the folding.

The first type folds the clothes. The second type is more difficult to use. The second type, which is more difficult to use, stays inside the clothes with its edges acting as guiding borders. When you’re done folding the garments, you have to pull out the board.

If you’re looking for the easier to use type, go for the one that does the folding. If you have a tight budget, the second option is better.


Are you often on vacations, camping trips, work trips, or adventure trips? Are you going to take your folding board on these trips?

If this is the case, you will want a unit that is both compact and lightweight enough to be carried around easily.

A portable board is a board that is less than 3 pounds in weight.

People also asked questions

Why do I need a foldable board?

Folding clothes can be tedious and time-consuming. A folding board makes it much easier and more fun.

A board is a useful tool that speeds up the process of folding clothes. With it, you can achieve neat folds with half the effort you’d use doing with only your hands.

How does a folding table work?

That depends on the board’s design. Usually, you do it in three easy steps – place your garment on it. Fold the right and left panels as well as the top and bottom panels.

Instructions are included on most quality boards. Be sure to go over your board’s instructions to make sure you’re doing it right.

You can also look at video guides on YouTube and get insight into how other users use their boards.

What size should a shirt fold board be?

You can find a variety of sizes for folding boards, from small to big. A small folding board measures approximately 5 x 6 inches (length by breadth), while a large one measures around 10 x 12 inches. A large size is more than 20 by 20 in wide.

When searching for your ideal size, consider the size of clothes you’ll be dealing with. You can combine two sizes to meet all your needs.

Can I use a shirt-folding board to fold all of my clothes?

A shirt folding board’s beauty is its ability to fold shirts and organize other types of clothes. It can also be used to organize towels and beddings.

Final Word

Are you having trouble keeping your wardrobe and room organized? Do you find it tedious or time-consuming to fold clothes. These problems can be solved by purchasing the best shirt folding board.

A good folding board will make organizing your space much more fun, easy, and faster.

When looking for a suitable unit, don’t forget to consider the size, color, weight, design, and material. I am positive that with any of the models I’ve talked about, folding clothes will be a piece of cake for you.

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