7 Best Rug Pad for Jute Rug (March 2023) Reviews

Do you want the best rug pad to protect your jute rug? You’re in the right place if you answered yes.

Jute rugs have a unique look and many benefits. Jute rugs make a great addition to any setting, formal or casual. They have a flat weave design and warm earth tones.

Jute area rugs not only are extremely durable but also offer exceptional foot comfort.

Their natural earth tones blend well with most floors, especially hardwood floors.

The flip side is that natural jute rugs don’t have a nonslip backing, so they slide slightly unless they are anchored with heavy furniture or other items.

You should get a rug pad made of high-quality material to prevent jute rugs from slipping.

Some rug pads are rubber- or latex-backed, which prevents the rug sliding on the floor.

This article will discuss 7 rug pads you can use to protect your jute rug and prolong its life.

I would recommend a rug pad without a rubber backing if you have a hardwood, laminate, vinyl, bamboo, or vinyl floor.

These chemicals react with the floor’s finish, leaving yellow stains that can be hard to remove from rubber-backed rug pads.

Let’s get started.

If you are in a hurry, this table contains all 7 jute rug pad pads.

1RUGPADUSA – Basics 100% Felt Rug PadCheck out Amazon
2RUGPADUSA Felt & Rubber Rug PadCheck out Amazon
3Mohawk Home Dual-Surface Felt and LatexCheck out Amazon
4Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper PadCheck out Amazon
5Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad GripperCheck out Amazon

Best Rug Pad For Jute Rug (Our Top 7 Picks & Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

1. RUGPADUSA – Basics – 5′ square – 1/2′ thick – 100% Felt – Protective Cushioning Rug pad

Check out Amazon

The RUGPADUSA 100% Protective Cushioning Rug Pad is one of the most effective jute rug pads.

The RUGPADUSA Cushioning Rug pad is one of the most popular on Amazon.

One, the rug pad provides extra cushioning between your jute rug rug and the flooring, providing exceptional luxurious comfort.

Jute rugs offer a great feeling underfoot but can feel a bit rough because they are made of natural fibres.

A thick rug pad under the rug can increase comfort and provide additional cushioning.

The RUGPADUSA rug pad weighs more than most other pads on the market and is also heavier. It is a great choice for those who want to improve comfort and cushioning.

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This high-quality rug pad protects your floor from damage.

You are well aware that furniture sliding on floors can cause unsightly scratches and dents.

This rug pad provides a strong barrier between your jute rug & the floor. It is capable of preventing furniture damage and increases the durability of the rug.

The RUGPADUSA Rug pad also has other benefits and features worth mentioning.

  • Excellent insulation, keeps your feet warm and comfortable
  • It is ideal for apartments and story houses because it has exceptional sound absorption properties.
  • Made with 100% recycled felt. Quality guaranteed
  • Made in USA
  • Available in various sizes and thicknesses

The Cons

The RUGPADUSA Cushioning Rug pad is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after felt rug pads on the market.

It does however have one problem: it is not slip resistant and therefore will not stop your jute rug slipping.

This rug pad is recommended for large area rugs that are anchored by furniture. Rug pads that are too heavy for area rugs can also be prevented from sliding.

Good news: Jute rugs are a bit heavier than other rugs, so they won’t slip.

2. RugPad USA – 1/4” Thick, Rubber Superior Lock- Premium Non Slip Rug Padding

Check out Amazon

The RUGPAD USA Felt & Rubber Superior Lock Premium Non Slip Rug Pad is our second-best rug pad for jute rugs.

This rug pad is different from our top pick from the company in that it has a nonslip backing.

Rubber-backed rug pads can leave stains and marks on your floors, as I mentioned earlier.

The RUGPADUSA Felt & Rubber Superior Lock Padding is made with Natural Rubber.

The manufacturer claims that the natural rubber rug pad will not stain, strip or mark your hardwood, laminate, or vinyl floors – provided you follow all instructions.

If you are unsure about buying a rug pad to protect hardwood floors, I highly recommend the RUGPADUSA Felt or Rubber padding.

This pad is a great choice if you are looking for non-slip flooring pads.

The backing is made with 5oz extra rubber for non-slip performance.

You can also get the pad in two thicknesses: 1/4″ and 7/16″.

The 1/4″ rug pad is the best option if you need more cushioning.

The following are other notable features that you should mention:

  • Great Breathability – The felt pad has been needle punched, making it highly breathable and easy to vacuum. The rug pad is also less likely to retain moisture due to the increased air flow. This reduces the likelihood of the floor staining. Radiant heated floors can also be used with this rug pad because of its increased breathability.
  • It has excellent absorption properties – The rug pad quickly captures any contaminants that may fall through your jute rug. Plus, the many perforations make vacuuming easy.
  • It is Made in USA
  • Available in square and round forms
  • Affordable
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The Cons

  • There are few complaints that the rug does not provide enough grip to hold area rugs in their place.

3. Mohawk Homes Dual Surface Felt & Latex Non Slip Rug pad

Check out Amazon

The Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt Rug Pad and Latex Non Slip Rug pad are our third-best jute rug pads.

This rug pad can be placed under a jute rug to protect it and prolong its life. It will also help prevent the rug from bunching and slipping.

This thick rug pad offers extra cushioning, which improves underfoot comfort.

This prevents the rug’s edges from getting too twisted or bunching and thus reduces trip hazards.

This rug pad is extra thick and cushioned, which keeps your feet warm. It also absorbs sound.

Additional features and benefits are worth mentioning:

  • Safe for all floors
  • Mohawk offers two types of rug pads: a latex-backed rugpad and a standard felt pad
  • The felt side grips the rug tightly while the latex side grips the flooring and prevents sliding. This rug may stain floors with a latex backing such as vinyl, hardwood, vinyl and linoleum. It’s better suited for hard floor surfaces like tile. As it does not have a rubber backing, which could stain your floors, I recommend the RUGPADUSA 100% Felt cushioning Rug Pad
  • The Mohawk Rug Pad is easy to cut to the size you need. You can easily trim the Mohawk Rug Pad with a pair scissors to match your jute rug’s exact dimensions. To ensure that the rug pad is well concealed, cut it to a length of approximately 1-inch smaller than your rug. By being 1 inch smaller than the rug area rug, the rug pad allows for the edges to taper to the ground. This prevents them from curling.
  • They are available in different thicknesses to match your flooring or jute rug.
  • Its Green Label Plus Certified and Approved for Eco-Friendliness, Improved Cushion and Indoor Quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Budget-friendly

The Cons

  • There are few complaints about the pad being a bit too dense.

4.Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper Pad

Check out Amazon

Another excellent option for a rug pad is the Gorilla Grip Area Rug Grpper Pad.

Amazon’s best-selling rug pad, the Gorilla Grip Area Rug Grpper Pad, is currently available.

The rug’s open grid design allows for air to circulate and protects your floor from scratches and dents, especially from furniture.

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This rug pad is durable and strong. It’s made with high-quality materials, so it won’t be replaced anytime soon.

Your jute rug will not slip on concrete, hardwood, laminate, or vinyl floors because it is non-slip.

Pre-cut rug pads come in many sizes. It can also be easily cut to your rug’s size or shape.

The mesh-like rug pad makes it easy to vacuum your jute rug. It will not bunch or slide during vacuuming.

The Gorilla Grip Area Rug Gripper Pad can also be purchased for a very affordable price.

It may also leave some marks on hardwood floors. This has been reported by a few people.

These marks might be more noticeable in areas with high traffic.

This rug pad might not be the best choice for hardwood floors. These rug pads are safe for hardwood floors.

5.Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper

Check out Amazon

The Veken Non-Slip RugPad Gripper is our 5th best rug pad to jute rugs.

The Veken Gripper pad, like the Gorilla Rug Pad has an open grid design that allows the floor and rug to breathe.

The Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper is non-slip and will hold your slippery jute rug in its place. It also prevents bunching.

The rug pad is thick enough to give your jute rug a little bounce and provide luxurious foot comfort.

This premium gripper rug pad protects your floors from everyday wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas.

This rug pad is made from PVC with a plastic/rubber back, so it can stain hardwood floors.

You may even notice waffle rug pad marks after a while.

You can easily remove the rug pad marks from hardwood floors with the right tools and products. However, this rug pad is not recommended for such sensitive floors.

This is a great choice for marble, concrete and tile flooring.

You can choose from a variety of sizes, and the pad can be cut to fit your jute rug.

The Cons

  • Hardwood floors are not safe – could leave stains and waffle marks

Wrapping Up

These are the 5 most popular jute rug pads and will go well with your new rug.

Jute Rug is a durable area rug that blends well in any casual or formal setting.

Be aware that these pads may not be safe for hardwood floors, laminate floors or vinyl floors.

It’s not something you want to have to deal with on your lovely floor.

The RUGPADUSA 100% Felt Rug Pad Pad is a better choice for hardwood floors.

You can take your pick from this extensive list of the best rug pads for jute rug.

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