10 Best Portable Marine Fuel Tanks in 2022 [Updated]

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  • Scepter Marine – Portable Fuel Tank
  • Moeller Marine – Portable Fuel Tank
  • Stark Universal – Portable Marine Fuel Tank
  • Sailing, regardless what type of boat, is one of the most popular activities. You must have the fuel you need to sail. You can trust the best portable marine fuel tank models to meet your needs.

    You will probably find a fuel tank under the deck if you have a large boat. On However, smaller boats such as fishing boats or launches may need additional fuel. This is important, as you never know when your trip will require more fuel.

    So let’s take a look at the top 10 options available on the market today.

    Here’s a list of the 10 best portable marine fuel tanks:

  • Scepter Marine – Portable Fuel Tank
  • Moeller Marine – Portable Fuel Tank
  • Stark Universal – Portable Marine Fuel Tank
  • Five Oceans – Portable Marine Fuel Tanks
  • Moeller Marine – 18 Gallon, Portable Fuel Tank
  • Attwood Portable Marine Fuel Tank
  • Arksen – Portable Marine Fuel Tank
  • Moeller – 6 Gallon Boat Gas Tank
  • Five Oceans – Portable Marine Fuel Tank
  • Scepter – 12 Gallon Boat Gas Tank
  • The 10 Best Portable Marine Fuel Storage Tanks

    1. Scepter Marine – Portable Fuel Tank

    Scepter 10511 Rectangular 6 Gallon Under Seat…

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    The fuel tank is one option that you will find. It can be transported easily and is one the first options available. For any kind of trip, you can count upon a comfortable and versatile design. On The carrying handle, on the other hand, allows for greater convenience at all times.

    The molded feet provide greater stability and ventilation, which can last for a longer time. This makes it easy to maintain high quality fuel inside. This fuel tank is compatible with many standard marine accessories.

    Your length will be 19.3 inches, 6.8 inches tall, and 12.2 inch wide. This model has a heavy-duty design that will give it a long lifespan. This means that no matter what the weather, this transport option will take great care of your fuel.

    You can also choose from a capacity of 3 or 6 gallons. You can choose the one that suits your boat best. On On the other hand, the automatic tank valve system allows air into the tank during usage. The pressure of 5 PSI then releases the air.

    This tank will give you the right functionality, as well as a longer lifespan. It is suitable for small boats such as fishing boats, motorboats, and boats. Each design provides a visual indicator that indicates the level of fuel in the tank.


    • Red color is highly visible
    • Carrying handles that work
    • Sizes between 3 and 6 inches


    • Only for small boats

    Why should you buy this product

    This option can be a good choice for small boats as it offers comfortable operation.

    2. Moeller Marine – Portable Fuel Tank

    Moeller 031818 Topside Fuel Tank – 15 Gallon

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    This option may be best if you require a different design and a larger fuel tank. This tank measures 42.5 inches in length, 14.75 inches in width, and 8.71 inch high. You can also use the lid gauge to make it easy to operate at any time.

    Its red color will allow you to see it clearly at all times. This will make it easy to find your fuel tank. The entire unit is made from cross-linked polyethylene. This particular design allows for the prevention of eye damage from the UV rays bounce.

    This unit is suitable for small and medium boats, so it will be easier to transport and assemble. The interior is also very durable. Certain corrosive fuels can be transported easily. One of the most common is ethanol fuel, which is often used to power multiple boats.

    This eliminates the hassle of transporting the fuel. The fuel tank design was specifically designed for certain boats as well as certain locations. The pontoon, central console, and deck are just a few of these places. It’s a good above deck marine fuel tank

    The 15-gallon fuel tank can provide enough fuel. So you’ll have the fuel reserve that best suits the type of boat you have.

    This option has a great cost-benefit ratio. You can also expect a long life span that will allow you to take many trips on your boat.


    • UV inhibitors
    • Direct Vision Meter
    • 15-gallon capacity


    • Design that can be adapted to certain boats

    3. Stark Universal – Portable Marine Fuel Tank

    STKUSA Universal 20-Gallon Aluminum Fuel Cell Tank…

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    This tank is one of many good options that we are continuing to research. It has a great strength and capacity. This fuel tank can be used for boats as well as for a wide range of vehicles.

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    First, the unit can stop steam explosions from occurring in the empty tank interior. A core made of open-cell foam was used to achieve this. The fuel will not splash in the event of sudden vehicle movement. This ensures that all fuel is taken care of.

    The entire unit is made out of high-strength Aluminum to provide durability. This ensures that you have the right protection for the fuel you wish to transport. This fuel tank is extremely lightweight and does not rust easily.

    This tank can be used to keep the fuel in good condition without it becoming brittle. This unit will come with a simple installation guide. The oil level sensor will provide you with additional information.

    This will give you a fuel tank capacity of approximately 20 gallons, or 80 liters. So that’s more than enough reserve fuel. Because of its large interior volume, this unit will require more space to store.

    This means that you need to have space of 25.8 in long, 23.7 in wide, and 14.2 in deep. The total weight of the fuel is 23.7 pounds. You will also have double ventilation outlets to ensure fuel efficiency.


    • 20-gallon capacity
    • Aluminum unit
    • Lightweight


    • Large unit

    Why should you buy this product

    This fuel tank can hold a lot of reserve fuel, so it is worth considering. This will ensure that the fuel inside is protected at all times thanks to the high resistance.

    4. Five Oceans – Portable Marine Fuel Tanks

    This model is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable, efficient, affordable option. This fuel tank is extremely portable and holds 3 gallons of fuel, or about 11 Liters.

    This unit measures 14 inches long, 10 inch wide, and 9 inch high. It is ideal for small boats. This fuel tank is suitable for small boats, such as motorboats, fishing boats, and similar vehicles.

    The unit is also designed to carry a wide range of fuels. This tank is resistant to corrosion and can be used to store ethanol. It is also one the most eco-friendly options.

    You will notice that all fuel vapor is eliminated in an easy way. Besides, the NPT fuel connection has a thread of ¼ inch and an angle of 90 degrees.

    The carrying handle makes it easy to transport the unit. The entire tank is protected from UV rays. This is another advantage of this option. This makes it one of the most durable and resilient options. You won’t be disappointed if you buy this model.


    • Strong, durable design
    • Ecological operation
    • Convenient carrying handle


    • Low fuel capacity

    Why should you buy this product

    This option is worth looking into as it can be used well with a small boat.

    5. Moeller Marine – 18 Gallon, Portable Fuel Tank

    Moeller Boating Topside Fuel Tank (18-Gallon)

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    Another option is the fuel tank, which offers similar functionality to the other ones. The fuel tank can hold 18 gallons. On On the one hand, this case also contains UV inhibitors. This unit will not cause any visual impairment to any crew member.

    On The red color, on the other hand, allows for quick and easy visualisation of the fuel tank. You will be able find the fuel reserve in no time. On On the other hand, this unit is made of high-quality materials.

    The fuel inside is thus taken care of in an even better way. This design was also thought of for a certain number of boats. To properly store the fuel tank, you will need approximately 43 inches in length and 15 inches in width.

    Plastic is lightweight and easy to transport. So you won’t have any problems when you go on a trip. This unit’s interior is resistant to corrosion from certain fuels. This ensures that the tank is not damaged when transporting ethanol or other corrosive fuels.

    This option can offer a great cost-benefit ratio. This means that you won’t need to spend a lot of money to get great performance and utilization.


    • 18-gallon capacity
    • UV inhibitors
    • Sight gauge


    • Transport complicated

    Why should you buy this product

    This option is worth considering as it can be used on a variety of medium-sized boats. A fuel reserve of 18 gallons is also provided by the 18-gallon capacity.

    6. Attwood Portable Marine Fuel Tank


    attwood 8803LP2 EPA and CARB Certified 3-Gallon…

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    Although a fuel tank doesn’t have to be large, it should be suitable for your boat. This unit can hold 3 gallons of fuel and is ideal for small boats.

    The compact, versatile design of the tank allows for storage that can fit in many places. You can also use the tank more efficiently and comfortably with the carry handle. On The unit is constructed with a multi-layer structure. This allows it to operate with closed fuel systems.

    This unit can be used to adapt to other vehicles as well as marine vehicles. This case does not require manual ventilation. You will have a cover for the vacuum valve.

    On the other hand, correct compatibility with NPT accessories from ¼ is included. This unit is a great choice and will not disappoint you like other options on the market. This unit’s red color makes it easy to see at all times.

    It is the best choice among marine fuel tank plastic. This unit is affordable and a good choice for users looking to buy their first fuel tank. It is adaptable to many users.

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    • Convenient carrying handle
    • Cover with a vacuum valve
    • Construction with multilayers


    • Only three-gallon capacity

    Why should you buy this product

    This option is worth considering if you own a small boat. This will allow you to have a smaller fuel-efficient reserve.

    7. Arksen – Portable Marine Fuel Tank

    Arksen 35 Gallon Portable Gas Caddy Fuel Storage…

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    It is easy to increase the fuel tank capacity. This option can be used with different boats as well as other vehicles such cars and motorcycles. 35 gallons is the storage capacity.

    It is also very easy to store many different fuels. This unit is immune to most corrosive substances. That’s why this tank provides multi-purpose use. This fuel tank can also be used to store kerosene or diesel.

    This tank includes a two-way, rotary pump. This option is easy to use and reversible. The tank’s interior can be filled in a quick and easy way. So you don’t need to waste time on this common task.

    Because of its large diameter, the neck that you will use to access the fuel is easy to reach. This will prevent fuel from escaping. This will ensure a higher level safety. Plus, it’s an important feature since wasting fuel is always costly for anyone.

    A kink-free 8-foot hose is included. You can count on great handling when you need to use liquid contained in the tank.

    This unit is made from the highest quality metals and materials to ensure a longer life span for the fuel inside. The handle is made from steel, making it easy to transport. This fuel tank will be with you for a long time.


    • 35-gallon capacity
    • Multipurpose use
    • Simple to use


    • Expensive option

    Why should you buy this product

    This option is worth considering as it can be used with medium-sized boats and a variety of other vehicles.

    8. Moeller – 6 Gallon Boat Gas Tank

    Moeller 620049LP Ultra6 Portable Fuel Tank – 6.5…

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    We continue to look at the best options on the market, and this unit is one. On On the one hand, this fuel tank holds approximately 6 gallons. This fuel tank can be used for any type of boat with the carry handle.

    The entire unit is made from seamless plastic. It is strong and durable. Each wall is 30% thicker than other brands and up to 30% stronger than others.

    It is essential to ensure that your fuel is properly maintained. It measures 21.5 inches in length, 13.18 inches in width, and 10.1 inches tall. You can also use this unit to provide fuel for a small boat.

    You can also prevent high levels of hydrocarbons from escaping. It meets all requirements for permeability and emissions. You can also hear the click of the lid to determine the exact moment it is closed.

    This allows for the system to be safely depressurized. A 2-way ventilated covering has been added to this purpose. Finally, the combination of the visual indicator with the red color will allow you to use your boat in the correct way.


    • Seamless plastic unit
    • 30% more resistance
    • Comfortable carrying handle


    • Only 6-gallon capacity

    Why should you buy this product

    This option is worth considering as it can store a variety of fuels.

    9. Five Oceans – Portable Marine Fuel Tank

    The design and dimensions are the most important aspects to consider when choosing an accessory for your boat. This fuel tank is extremely portable and can hold 6 gallons (22 liters) of fuel. It also features an ergonomic carrying handle that allows for easy and flexible use by many users.

    This makes it one of today’s most convenient boat fuel tanks. A monitoring system is also included in this unit. This will allow you to see exactly how much fuel is in the tank.

    Also included here is an NPT fuel connection, along with a ¼ inch thread and a 90-degree angle. This unit can also remove large amounts of fuel vapor. This is why the fuel tank is considered to be one of today’s most environmentally friendly models.

    The fuel tank will measure 23 inches in length, 11.4 inches wide and 8.8 inches tall. So you’ll notice that it’s a unit that can be adapted to the spaces of different boats. You can use the same transportation tool to transport multiple vehicles.

    Finally, this tank was manufactured using high-quality materials. This product has a very long life span. This means that you can store a variety of fuels, including ethanol. This fuel tank will not be damaged by most corrosive fuels.


    • Comfortable carrying handle
    • Fuel gauge
    • Steam filtration system


    • Only 6-gallon capacity

    Why should you buy this product

    This implement is a great choice for your boat. It’s versatile and easy to use for many purposes.

    10. Scepter – 12 Gallon Boat Gas Tank


    Attwood 8812LPG2 EPA Certified Portable 12 Gallon…

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    The unit also allows you to store different types and types of fuel for the boat. It is important to mention its best features.

    On The visual indicator and fuel collection work together to ensure efficient and quick operation at all times. On On the other side, properly shaped feet provide more stability for navigation.

    Ventilation also allows for proper fuel maintenance. NPT connections are also compatible in this case. The dimensions of the unit are 24.3 in long, 18.1 in wide, and 10.7 inch high.

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    This fuel tank is made of high-strength, plastic. This will allow you fuel to be stored longer and more efficiently.

    This important feature prevents fuel from being wasted. The polyethylene used in the manufacturing of this unit gives it greater density and longer durability. The fuel tank’s life expectancy is therefore long and suitable.

    You can also see your fuel tank clearly with the red color design. The interior and surface walls of the unit will not be affected by UV rays. This makes it one of the most preferred options in these times.


    • 12-gallon capacity
    • High degree of durability
    • Increased stability and ventilation


    • Carrying handle not included

    Why should you buy this product

    This unit is a great option for those who need to be mobile and can store easily.

    Considerations for Buying

    Consider these key aspects before you buy any of the items we have listed. This is because not every boat requires the same accessories or tools. A small boat can be equipped with a small portable fuel tank.

    A larger boat will require more fuel than a smaller one. These are the factors that will help you choose the best portable fuel tank. This will allow you to choose the best portable marine fuel tank for your needs.

    Size of unit

    First, the size of your portable fuel tank should be adjusted to fit the boat. It is important to note that larger fuel tanks will have greater dimensions.

    A fuel tank that is too big for your boat would be a disadvantage. This could take up space that you would need for other accessories, tools and objects.

    This could be a fishing equipment, a fridge, or a portable batteries. The tanks’ designs are different in each case. Some tanks have a more square design. On Other fuel tanks, on the other hand have the shape of rectangles. This will allow for you to select the most adaptable option.

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    Fuel capacity

    Another important aspect of a portable tank is its capacity. We found that a portable fuel tank can have a minimum capacity for 3 gallons, and a maximum capacity for more than 30 gallons.

    It is easier to transport a boat that has a larger volume. This can however provide more time for your boat. You should also consider the tank’s weight and its capacity.

    An intermediate unit is one of the best options. This will make it easy to transport your boat and give you enough fuel.

    Portability: Easy or difficult

    The best fuel tank is one that is easy to transport. For more convenience, some fuel tanks may include a carrying handle.

    On On the other hand, the total mass can tell you how easy the tool will be for you to maneuver. The tank’s material can also have an impact on the weight.

    Some options are made of plastic, others of some metal. Aluminum in fuel tanks is an example.


    How should a fuel-tank be installed?

    Each instruction for your fuel tank must be followed. Each of these steps can vary depending on the brand and manufacturer.

    Tieing your fuel tank correctly after placing it on your boat is a great way to increase safety. So it’s important to avoid accidents or fuel or fuel hose leaks.

    Usually, these tanks are small and plastic. On Other tanks can be found below the deck, on the other side. In this instance, the aluminum tanks will be used. Before you purchase a fuel-tank, ensure that you have enough space for each option.

    Is it possible to have a full fuel tank while sailing on a boat?

    You can still be safe if you have a portable fuel tank for your boat. It is possible to design this type of tool in a suitable way. You should fill the tank to 90%. You could risk bursting the tank and causing damage.

    The vast majority, if not all, of the fuel tanks that we have listed provide adequate ventilation. This will eliminate any inconveniences at navigation.

    You will also need extra fuel if you decide to sail. On On the other hand, make sure that the fuel tank you buy has a high level resistance. This is because some fuels like ethanol can be corrosive.

    Can two fuel tanks be connected?

    Two suction lines can be used to connect two fuel tanks. To connect both, you need a 4-way valve

    How to properly use a portable fuel container?

    In this case, you will need to connect a fuel supply valve and fuel hose. This hose should be installed between the fuel tank and the priming bulb.

    Final Words

    This is where we can say that you have all of the information needed to choose the right tool. To help you choose the best portable fuel tanks for your boat, we have conducted extensive research. This will allow you to choose the unit that is best suited for your boat.

    This will allow you to save a lot of money and avoid paying for a fuel tank that disappoints. The only thing left is to choose the right fuel tank for your next trip. This is important because your boat shouldn’t run out of fuel at any moment.

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