12 Best Placemats for Wood Table

Looking for the Best Placemats for Wood Table? Read through this article!

Protecting your table from heat, scratches, and spills is possible by taking proactive steps. The best placemats to protect wood tables are a great way to do this.

Wooden dining tables that are solidly built and stable may not withstand heat and nooks. It is important to protect a wooden table from scratches and burn marks from guests.

Placemats are the next best thing if you want to give a feeling of nostalgia, vintage era, or fancy restaurant dining by placing tablecloths on a wooden table.

These are the benefits of using a quality placemat for a wood table.

  • It protects your table from heat, spills, and scratches.
  • Adds style and personality.
  • It is much easier to clean up after dinner.

You should consider our top picks of best placemats for round tables. For controlling children’s mess, check out these best tablemats.

Top 12 Best placemats for Wood Table 2022

We strive to provide the best kitchen products and appliances. Here are the top 10 most popular placemats for kitchen tables with wood tops.

1. U’Artlines
Rating: 9.4/10
Beautiful decorative design
Heatproof your table
After washing, the material will not fade
Size: 18 x12 inches
2. Home Incredible
Rating: 9.5/10
Will not slip/slide around
Heat-resistant and thick
Long-lasting, durable and long-lasting
Size: 19 x12 inches
3. Shacos
Rating: 9.3/10
Dining setting with enhanced beauty
Anti-scratch and wrinkle-resistant
Suitable for large dinner plates
Size: 15 inches
4. SD Senday
Rating: 9.2/10
Stain and heat resistant
A durable, thick mat
sIt is easy to clean and washable
Size: 18 x12 inches
5. JTX
Rating: 9.1/10
Beautiful stylish design
Protection against heat & scratchesWater will not leak through
Size: 16.7 x 13.6 inches
6. DII Placemat
Rating: 9.1/10
Ideal for large plates and larger dishes
Spills will not pass through the mat
Effective protection against heat
Size: 19 x 13.
7. Peking
Rating: 8.9/10
High resistance to heat
Keep your cool at the table
Placemats for round tables: Best
Size: 15 inches
8. Trivetrunner
Rating: 9.0/10
Durable, long-lasting
Protection against burns and scuff marks
Cleaning is easy with stain resistance
Size: 15.7×11.8 inches
9. Dolopl
Rating: 8.9/10
Made from premium quality material
It is effective against heat and spills
After washing, the color will not fade
Size: 18 x12 inches
10. Yangqihome
Rating: 8.8/10
Sturdy and durable
Protect your table from damage
Material that is natural and eco-friendly
Size: 17 x12 inches
11. Marscool
Rating: 9.0/10
Unique and beautiful design
Material that is heat and stain resistant
No discoloration after cleaning
Size: 18 x12 inches
12. BeTeam
Rating: 9.0/10
Made from top-quality materials
Machine and hand washable
Table protection should be adequate
Size: 18 x12 inches

1. UArtlines Best for Protecting Your Table

Last update on 2022-08-15 / Images from Amazon Product API

U’Artlines is a straightforward solution to everyday or special occasion dining.

They are made of 70% vinyl and 30% Polyester and have a non-fading, stain-resistant, and stain-resistant finish.

PVC has a temperature limit of 150°F to resist heat and provides decent protection from heat marks. Avoid putting bowls or pots on placemats straight from the microwave oven.

The woven strands of the table are tightly packed to catch any food bits. However, water can seep through the pattern so make sure you wipe it down quickly to prevent damage to the wood finish.

To complete the look of the table setting, the placemats come with a table runner.

The whole collection is textured with a variety of textures, including cross-weave and bamboo. Each color has broad stripes in a different shade.

You can choose from a variety of styles, including bi-colors or solid one-color mats.

Place dishes and bowls carefully on the placemat as they can slip and slide. We used a tablecloth underneath the mat to hold it in place.

It is standard in size at 18 x 12 inches and has enough space for all your dinnerware. You can either wipe it clean or wash it under the water tap after your meal.


  • Placemats with a stylish, decorative design
  • Protect the table from scratches and temperatures up to 150°F
  • After washing, the color will not fade


  • These mats can’t be spill-proof.
  • Hand cutting may result in a small error.

2. Home Brilliant– The Best Cleanable

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Home Brilliant placemats are made of faux linen material. The subtle texture weave adds visual appeal to the simple design.

The perfect layering protects your table from scratches and scuffs. Its double-layered, thick fabric is non-wrinkly and increases heat resistance. This also reduces the chance of white fog markings.

These exquisite placemats are handmade. The size of handcrafted items is subject to human error, so the description size may differ from the actual size.

Placemats by Home Brilliant are available in a variety of colors and tones that match any interior or table decor.

You can set the mood for your meal by using Home Brilliant placemats, whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or just a daily table setting.

These placemats are easy to clean. These placemats can be machine washed, unlike Jute or PVC.

Reversible means that you can use the opposite side of the placemat if there is a stubborn stain after washing.

They are also non-fading. The colors will not fade even after multiple washes.


  • Both sides can be used
  • The table is protected from heat with a double-layered design
  • Placemats that are slip- and stain-resistant
  • Washing won’t cause the color to bleed


  • Cleaning can be difficult if food particles get stuck to the texture.
  • There may be slight variations in the colors. This is not what was advertised.
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3. SHACOS Ivory – Best for Round Table

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Material: Polypropylene, Cotton || Size: 15 inch || Colors: 30

Protect your wooden table from unsightly scratches and heat burn marks.

The laudable alternative to protecting the dining room from such ugly marks is Shacos round braided placemats made of thick strands and cotton.

Placemats from Shacos are available in a variety of colors and textures for round wood tables. They come in elegant ivory, black, and beige, as well as playful pink, red and rainbow-colored.

The entire collection features a variety of textures, from outside braided edges to dual-colored centric cotton rings.

We recommend using a contrasting, light-hued placemat for dark wooden tables. For outside celebrations, we suggest using playful colors. It can be mixed with table runners to enhance the rustic look of the wooden table.

The placemat measures 15 inches (the largest diameter for a round mat) and has plenty of space to hold your cutlery and plates.

These aren’t waterproof because they are made from cotton. Also, it is difficult to remove food particles from the braided designs.

To make them sparkle clean again, wipe them or wash them in cold water with a little soapy liquid. These beautiful placemats should not be machine-washed.


  • Material that is durable and lasts a long time
  • It is wrinkle and stain-resistant
  • It is very easy to wash and dry quickly
  • Ideal for daily use and special occasions


  • It is difficult to remove food particles from braided designs
  • Placemats are not waterproof

4. SD SENDAY – Best Heat Resistant

Last update on 2022-08-15 / Images from Amazon Product API

Placemats by SD Sendey are made with PVC material. They are woven in a double-shaded color that draws their inspiration from the textile weave.

Edge-sealing technology is used to seal the corners so they don’t fall apart.

The placemats are standard-sized to fit most tables. However, you can alter the edges to fit your needs.

The collection features neutral and earthy tones that contrast with and complement the wooden table shade. The elegant texture is subtle and blends seamlessly, creating a sophisticated look for formal or everyday meals.

These placemats are highly rated and regarded as the best for protecting wooden tables.

It acts as a shield between hot foods and your elegant dining room table and protects it from temperatures up to 100 degrees.

This placemat has another advantage: it is easy to clean by simply wiping it or submerging it in detergent water. To remove food particles stuck to the weave, you can use a brush.

The mat’s weaving design is a problem. This is why they aren’t waterproof. It gives you enough time for liquid spillages to be cleaned without ruining your table.


  • The table will be protected from heat and scratches by being thick enough
  • High quality and cost-effective
  • This product is suitable for use in both restaurants and at home.
  • It is very easy to clean, wash and dry.


  • If you leave the mat for too long, water can seep through.

5. JTX leather – The Best Waterproof

Last update on 2022-08-15 / Images from Amazon Product API

These leather placemats are a testament to their unique design and precision cutting. This placemat is a great choice for round tables because of its unique style and unusual design.

What makes it even more special?

It is distinguished by its sophisticated color palette and subtle texture. Its modish style complements the minimalist and contemporary interior design.

It’s not only the design that is captivating but also the practicality.

The leather is eco-friendly and waterproof. You won’t have to worry about liquid spillage while dining.

They are heat-insulated to 70° Celsius and provide a solid foundation for wood tables to prevent scratches and burns.

JTX placemats are easy to clean. For stubborn stains, you can either wipe them clean with a damp cloth or use soap water, and a brush to scrub them.

Their versatility is the best thing about them. These placemats can be used as a base for your decorative items or in the office, kitchen counter, or side tables.

They can be used for everyday use or formal gatherings due to their luxe looks. When not in use roll it up and put it away. They were a little more expensive than other placemats we reviewed.


  • Spills will not pass through the mat
  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Up to 158°F heat resistance
  • Placemats that look great on a round table made of wood
  • It is easy to clean, washable and storable


  • Premium quality material can make it a bit more expensive
  • Juice stains can be difficult to get rid of

6. DII Cotton Best Machine Washable

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Placemats made of DII cotton ribbed cloth add warmth and comfort to wooden tables.

They are 100% cotton and feature a vertical raised ribbed pattern.

Its thickness is a noteworthy feature that makes the table heat resistant and protects it from any white haze.

DII placemats come in a variety of colors, including bright and vibrant colors as well as whites and natural tones. These shades are complementary to the wood table’s natural colors.

Mix and layer table runners according to the season to create a themed table.

Placemats made of DII cotton are machine washable, but it is best to wash them separately to prevent color bleeding.

These garments are slightly larger to allow for shrinkage after washing. To remove wrinkles, you can iron them at low heat.

Placemats in solid and textured colors are strong and won’t slip on your table.

These placemats are great for casual and formal parties. They can also be used to provide warmth and amaze your guests. This is a detailed review.


  • You can choose from beautiful and appealing designs
  • Protective enough to keep you safe from heat
  • Instead of soaking, the liquid stays on top
  • This is suitable for large bowls and plates


  • Drying clothes takes longer than normal

7. PEKING Best Slip and Mark Resistant

Last update on 2022-08-15 / Images from Amazon Product API

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Peking’s unique bi-color placemats in round shapes will brighten up your dining room and create a welcoming atmosphere around the table.

Intricate stitches hold the textured weave together. Peking placemats can be either too thick or too thin.

It is insulated to heat thanks to its thickness so that your dark and chocolatey wooden tables will not be damaged by the white haze heat marks.

Peking placemats are made with cotton and come in seven stunning colors. The subtle color variations in the threads of dark and light cotton create a festive atmosphere.

These timeless placemats are easily styled with table runners or tablecloths made of natural materials.

These placemats can be used for everyday use or Christmas dinners.

Placemats are 15 inches in diameter. This is the ideal size for round placemats and allows for larger plates and forks.

The unique braided design makes this placemat look stunning, but cleaning it is difficult if food gets stuck to it. These placemats are not machine washable. Instead, you need to shake them vigorously to get rid of any crumbs. Hand washing is recommended to remove stains.


  • Durable placemats and heat resistant
  • The mat will not allow water to seep through
  • The mat is slip-resistant at both the front and back
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use


  • Cleaning is difficult because food particles can get caught in the braided design.

8. Trivetrunner Best for protecting your table from heat

Last update on 2022-08-15 / Images from Amazon Product API

We recommend that you go through their entire collection before we discuss these placemats. The variety of designs, patterns, materials, and colors will amaze you.

You can choose from a variety of patterns, including jute with lace details and black & white geometric designs, to match your design personality.

Trivetrunner placemats can be used to match the tablescape or stand out against the dinnerware.

The Trivetrunner placemats are made from natural polymer and a polyester blend. They can withstand heat and protect the table from unsightly heat marks and scratches.

Regardless of the pattern or material, Trivetrunner Placemats will stay in place throughout dinner.

They can be used to decorate your living space’s center table, or as a Christmas gift.

There may be slight variations in the colors of some designs, but that is not an issue. Our imperfectly textured wood table can easily make it work and create a new style.


  • Placemats that are strong and durable
  • Protect the table from heat and scuff marks
  • Decent size, suitable for large dinner plates
  • It is very easy to wash and clean


  • Shipped rolled, flattening can take up to 24 hours

9. DOLOPL Best Spill-Resistant

Last update on 2022-08-15 / Images from Amazon Product API

Dolopl placemats, woven placemats made with vinyl strings, have a classic cross-weave design.

Placemats made from woven materials are usually not waterproof. However, these placemats have been laminated with waterproof films. Your wood dining table will not be damaged by accidental spillages.

These woven placemats can withstand heat up to 100 degrees Celsius. It is best to avoid anything that has been taken directly from the microwave.

Placemats are sufficiently frictional to be able to stay on the table with minimal hand movement.

Cleaning is a major problem after it has been used. It is quite difficult to remove stains. You should be especially careful if your children are messy eaters (aka toddlers or kids).

Let’s now discuss its variety of colors. Dolopl placemats come in elegant neutral colors, such as black and white. Grey, brown, or beige. There is nothing too flashy. The basic colors are enough to create a luxurious look with simplicity.

You can store it in a roll to keep them safe, considering the above facts.


  • Made from top quality and eco-friendly materials
  • Protect your table effectively from heat and spills
  • After washing, the color will not fade
  • It is super easy to clean because of its waterproofness


  • It is difficult to get rid of juice and ketchup stains

10. BEST Heatproof Placemat – YANGQIHOME Seagrass

These placemats were inspired by rural life and are made from natural seagrass material.

These large strips are woven in a weave of wicker to create sturdy rectangular placemats measuring 17 x 12 inches.

Placemats recall windswept tropical weather in their simplicity and natural beauty. These placemats can be placed on a solid wood table.

These mats can be used outdoors for tea or indoors when the weather is perfect.

These mats are extra thick and sturdy to protect your table from the burn marks left by hot plates and bowls.

The material is also easy to clean. To remove food crumbs stuck to the weave, you can brush your teeth.

You can use them however you like. Placemats can be used to decorate flowers or to place trinkets and other ashtrays on a table.


  • Protect your table with great care
  • Its material allowed it to stay on the table securely
  • Easy to clean and washable


  • Water can leak through the cracks
  • The design is not as attractive as other placemats

11. Marscool – Best Bamboo Kitchen Table Mats

Last update on 2022-08-15 / Images from Amazon Product API

Bamboo material adds a timeless feel to any space. The bamboo stripes can be combined with Marscool placemats to create effortless styling.

These natural bamboo placemats are unique because of the intricate details and variety of patterns.

Check out their unique patterns and styling. They include lace details, a black square design, and a printed pattern on the traditional placemat.

For a healthier and more hygiene-friendly mealtime, Marscool placemats can be woven with five-year-old Chinese bamboo. Placemats are protected from stains and discoloration thanks to a special coating.

The placemats can be cleaned with a damp cloth after each meal. If food crumbs are stuck between the woven stripes, you can use a soft bristle brush.

The placemat collection is warm and earthy in color. It can be used outdoors, indoors, or casually every day. Bamboo’s insulation capabilities mean that it can withstand heat from pots and plates without leaving any marks on placemats or dining tables.

We found that the backing of the placemats doesn’t hold up well on slippery surfaces.


  • Unique and appealing design
  • Place hot dishes and bowls in safety
  • It is stain-resistant and makes cleaning easy
  • Sturdy, strong, and durable


  • It is not machine washable
  • Sometimes, crumbs can get caught in crevices

12. Beteam Best for all Table Sizes

Last update on 2022-08-15 / Images from Amazon Product API

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Placemats by Beteam take inspiration from subtle-textured, woven textiles. The timeless and classic combination of Polyester and Vinyl gives the set of placemats a casual, comfortable look that is not too flashy.

These placemats are modern and elegant and come in a variety of neutrals and calming colors to match any kitchen or dining table.

The mats are not prone to fraying because of their rough edges. They also don’t shift with slight movements of your hands.

Placemats are stain and scratch-resistant, so they don’t require any extra maintenance. To remove stains and disinfect them, wash them with soapy water.

You should clean your table with no protective varnish, as liquids can seep through their woven stripes.

Placemats are heat resistant up to 80 degrees Celsius. Avoid mushy softness or deformation of the placemats by not putting hot pots or plates directly on them after they have been removed from the microwave or stove.

These mats can be used for daily use and are easy to store, either by rolling them or lying flat.


  • Made from premium eco-friendly material
  • Beautiful texture design
  • Resistant to staining and scratching
  • It is easy to clean and washable


  • Avoid putting hot dishes on the mat
  • Slowly, spills seep through the mat

Buying Guide for Placemats for Wood Table

These are the essential boxes you should check before selecting the best placemats to use on a wood table.


Placemats are available in many different materials, including synthetic and natural. There are many options for placemats: cotton, jute, and cork; leather, PVC, vinyl, and linen. Placemat materials should be chosen based on how much protection they provide to your dining room table.

Natural materials such as linen and cotton are preferred because they aren’t treated with harsh chemicals during manufacturing. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are more affordable and easy to maintain.

The best materials for a wood table are double-layered or woven cotton, cork, jute, and rattan. Leather, high-grade PVC, is better than synthetic materials. Which material is best suited for a wood table will depend on its make and quality.

Design and color

Placemats can bring life to a dull dining room with their textures and patterns. You can find a variety of designs to match your style and decor, including fun and geometric designs as well as sophisticated designs.

For formal events and festivals, choose muted colors and natural hues.


Placemats will be your companion for everyday dining. Food stains are almost inevitable. Placemats should be easy to clean and fold.

Protective Level

The primary purpose of a placemat is to protect the table against heat marks, spills, scratches, and other damage. A cheap, synthetic material won’t protect your table from heat or burn stains. Some placemats are made of permeable material that allows liquid spills to pass through.

Placemats should be chosen based on the material of the dining table. You can clean spills from glass surfaces and heat marks will not be visible on glass tables. However, it is a requirement when purchasing mats for wooden tables.

Shape and size

You should also consider the shape and size. Placemats are most commonly available in square and rectangle shapes.

Rectangular placemats cannot be used with a round table. Oval and round placemats can be used instead of boring shapes. How to set up a round table using the right placemats

The overall appearance of your dining room table will also be affected by its size. A small table will not allow you to store your cutlery, dinnerware, and glasses. A table that is too large will appear crowded. You can also check out how to choose the placemat size that best suits your table’s dimensions.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best placemats to use for a wood dining table?

1. UArtlines – The Best to Protect Your Table
2. Home Brilliant – The Best Cleanest
3. SHACOS Ivory – Best for Round Table
4. SD SENDAY Best Heat Resistant
5. JTX Leather – Best Waterproof
6. DII Cotton – Best Machine Washable
7. PEKING – The Best Slip and Stain Resistant
8. Trivetrunner – Best to Protect Your Table From Heat
9. DOLOPL – Best Spill-Resistant
10. YANGQIHOME Seagrass – Best Heatproof Placemat
11. Marscool – Best Bamboo Kitchen Table Mats
12. Beteam – The Best for All Table Sizes

What material is best for placemats

Placemat material has many benefits. It all depends on how frequently you plan to use them and what level of protection they provide to your table.

Plastics and PVC are suitable for everyday care with easy cleaning and protection against spills. Placemats made of fabric are durable and suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Cork is strong and resistant to heat; jute (natural material), reminds us of nature but can be difficult to clean. Leather is another material that offers protection from spills and can be used with modern interiors.

Are placemats tacky?

Placemats are not tacky. They can be adorned in a variety of patterns and styles that will complement any interior. Placemats can be used to cover the wood finish of the dining room table.

You can also dress up your table with accessories and runners depending on the occasion. You only need to buy a few different sets of placemats that don’t look too flashy or are made from cheap materials.

Are cotton placemats resistant to heat?

Placemats made from cotton are resistant to heat. It is also important to consider the insulation power of these cotton placemats. Thicker woven or ribbed placemats are more resistant to heat because they use thicker cotton strands (4-5 ply).

Double-layered cotton placemats can also be made. To check the heat resistance of cotton placemats, you should measure their thickness. The more resistant it is to heat, the thicker the placemat.

Placemats: What’s the point?

Placards are the base of dining tables, counters, and flat surfaces. Their primary function is to protect the table against spills, heat marks, and scratches from cutlery, as well as messy eaters. It adds visual appeal to the table by using attractive colors and motifs. It can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in offices, meetings, and DIY crafts. You can also use it to store your decorative items.

How big should placemats be?

Placemat size should be determined based on the dimensions and shapes of the table. The standard rectangular placemat size is between 12-14 inches in width, and 16-20 inches long. The most popular size is 12 x 18.

If you use larger plates, you will need round placemats that are 15 inches in diameter. Placemats with regular size plates can be 12 to 13 inches in diameter.

Placemats on a Wood Table: Benefits

Wooden dining tables need more protection than any other type of table. The timeless wooden material is irresistible, but it is also more susceptible to damage. The following benefits can be derived from using placemats at a wooden table:

Protects against Heat and Burn Marks

You can ruin the wood finish of your table by using heated pots and plates. These marks can be prevented by using thick placemats that have an insulating function.

Protects against Weather and Dust

The shine of dining tables can be affected by weather and sunlight. Placards can be used to protect the finish of wood tables from the sun and dust.

Protects from Spills & Scratches

Scratches on the table can be caused by the careless use of spoons, forks, and plates. Wine and water spillages can also cause scratches on the wood surface. Placemats are the best option to avoid these problems.

Wooden Beauty:

Placemats can also be used to protect the table’s wooden finish. These mats will protect the table and show off the chocolatey table finish to guests.

The Botton Line

We need to be careful when choosing the right placemats for a wood table. Heat marks and scratches can attract wood like a magnet due to its natural beauty. Your dining tables will be safe if you use thick, heat-resistant placemats. You can’t put a plain, boring placemat on your dining table. The right texture and pattern can make a wood table look great for any occasion. We have compiled a list of the top ten placemats to make your life easier.

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