The Best Number Pad Door Locks

Number pad locks for doors are crucial for many reasons. Perhaps you’re tired of losing physical keys and spending money on rekeying or replacing your locks.

Keypad locks can be used to replace any lock. Apart from the above, smart locks with keypad control also accounts for convenience—most of the locks are programmed to lock automatically when you forget to lock them. You can also remotely control some of them.

That sounds good, right?! It’s worth it, locks! Whether you’re looking for a number pad smart lock that also features a key entry or one that allows you to set numerous access codes, this article contains the right information you need.

Ready to take a look at it? Here you go!

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Kwikset 99770-103 Powerbolt 2 Electronic Keyless Entry Deadbolt

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Schlage FE575 CAM 619 Acc Camelot Keypad Entry

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Tacklife Electronic Keypad Lock Keyset

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SCYANX3SN Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock

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Schlage FE575 PLY 716 FLA Plymouth Keypad Entry

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Keypad Entry Lever Door Lock With LED Backlit

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SoHoMiLL Electronic doorknob with Backup Mechanical Key

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Kwikset 99170-001SmartCode 917 Keypad Keyless Entrance

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Kwikset 99050-004 Model 905 Value Lock Keyless Entry

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Best Number Pad Door Locks: Reviews

1. Kwikset 99770-103 Powerbolt 2 Electronic Keyless Entry Deadbolt

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This lock allows you to lock and unlock your doors without the need for physical keys. You can create up to six unique user codes for you and your family members. This lock can also be used as a key entry. It comes with key locking and unlocking. The key can be used outdoors while you can use it inside by pressing the turn button.

As you can see, you have the option to use keys or number pads with this lock. You can quickly change to the other option if one of these methods fails. This is especially important if you lose keys or the battery is low.

Furthermore, the smart lock is ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 certified. This means that it is 100% secure and can resist any forced entry. Moreover, you can customize it to lock after 30 seconds automatically–this helps prevent unauthorized entry.

2. Schlage FE575 CAM 619 Acc Camelot Keypad Lock

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You will need a number pad lock for your front doors. Schlage The FE575 CAM 619 could be a great fit. It can be used on garage entry doors, side and back doors, as well as front doors. It is ANSI/BHMA certified grade 2, so it protects against intruders trying to force entry into your house.

This door lock can be set up with 19 user codes for extra security. They are only 6 digits in length, making them easy to remember. You can also use this door lock immediately after it arrives in the box.

You can also fit it on your existing doorknobs and handles. It takes only a screwdriver to set it up and approximately 30 minutes. The door lock also comes equipped with a 9 volt battery that lasts over 3 years.

3. Tacklife Electronic Keypad Lock Keyset

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Tacklife Electronic Keypads are ANSI/BHMA Level 3 certified, which means that you will have maximum security. You can use number pads to lock or unlock your doors. However, this lock can also be set to lock automatically after 10 to 99 seconds. This feature is vital for those who forget their doors are locked. So you won’t have to worry about whether your door was locked or not, this smart lock does the job for you.

For additional security, you can set up to 6 different access codes that are 4 – 10 digits long. You can also create unique user codes for visitors.

This number pad door lock is waterproof. It will work in temperatures ranging from -20°C/-4°F to 70°C/158°F. You can use it to secure your doors in snow, rain, or salty air.

This door lock features DC6V, 4 AA (1.5v, LR6) alkaline batteries that last for more than a year, so you won’t have to worry about changing the batteries frequently. Low battery indicators will notify you when the battery is low. Without a battery, this door lock has an ambient temperature of -20°C -70°C and ambient humidity of 30%-90% (RH)

4. SCYAN X3SN Touchscreen Door Lock Lock

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SCYAN X3SN Touchscreen door locks have a double shell heavy-duty construction design that makes them secure and can withstand forced entry.

To share your pin codes with friends and family, you can set up to 89 unique codes. These pin codes are between 4-8 digits. Visitors can also get up to 10 one-time codes. If you don’t want to use the user codes for any reason, there is a keyed entry.

You can activate the passage mode to allow everyone access to your social events. This program programs the lock to remain unlocked.

When the lock’s battery is low, the low battery alert puts you in the know. A 9V battery is also included as an extra power source. The primary power sources are four AA alkaline cells.

5. Schlage FE575 PLY 716 FLA Plymouth Keypad Lock

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Schlage FE575 LY 716 FLA Plymouth Keypad Entry has been specifically designed for front, side, and garage door entry doors. Accessible via a number pad, the key can also be used to open it.

This lock is also very easy to use and provides excellent security. It is ANSI/BHMA 2 certified, which means it is very durable and can resist forced entry. It also comes with an extra 9V battery that can last for 3 years.

This smart lock lets you create 19 user codes, and each one is a six-digit code—which you can easily remember. You can delete the codes at any time. This Schlage door lock locks automatically after 5 seconds of unlocking. This lock can be used with existing door knobs and handles by using a screwdriver. If you follow the installation guide carefully, it will take very little time to install the lock on your door.

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6. Keypad Entry Lever Door Lock

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This lock features dual entry access—passwords and key. With this varied mode of entry, you won’t get stuck when you lose your physical key or when the battery is low to power the access codes entry.

You can also create a master code to manage 6 sets of user keys ranging from 4-10 digits. You can also set a one-time or delete a user key, especially for visitors. Also, there is an auto-lock feature you can set to lock your door from 10 to 99s—and this enhances your security.

More so, this lock comes with a reliable battery, so you won’t worry about having a low battery to use the keypads. It comes with a 4-x AA Alkaline Alkaline Battery. The battery can be changed if necessary. You can change the battery by simply turning on the low battery indicator and the alarm. This will allow your door lock to function without the use of a key.

Overall, the lock is sturdy and secure. You want to give it a try if you’re considering a number pad door lock with excellent battery life.

7. SoHoMiLL Electronic Doors Lock with Back-up Mechanical Key

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This SoHoMill keypad lock has the right security features to protect your front doors. If you are able to follow the installation guide, this lock will not require a locksmith.

The lock has a master code that allows you to create up to 8 different master codes passcodes. The master code controls the codes. This provides double-layered security for your doors. It also features a mechanical key—this works a backup.

As a security measure, this lock automatically locks when you’re outside. It alerts you if anyone attempts to gain illegal access.

8. Kwikset 99170-001SmartCode 917 Keypad Lock

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With the Kwikset 99170-001 SmartCode 917 allows you to program up to 30 access codes that can be shared among family members and friends. You can also set up one-time user codes to prevent someone from accessing your house after a visit.

There are three entry modes, the “auto-lock”, “passage”, and “disable passage”. Each of these entry modes allows you to modify the door lock for either secured access or free access. This door lock is BHMA certified to provide excellent security for residential properties.

The lock is powered by a 9V lithium battery and can last up 3 years.

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9. Kwikset 99050-004 Keyless Smartlock

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This Kwikset numberpad door lock is suitable for use in the garage or side door. It meets the safety requirements of Grade 3 locks. Furthermore, it can store up to four unique codes—which you can share with those you trust. This door lock can be operated at any time using the keypads. It also comes with a 9V battery that acts as a backup to the 4 AA batteries.

It is motorized for one touch locking and is very easy to install. You will also need a screwdriver to install this door lock.

This lock is perfect for front doors and will fit most standard doors. Before you buy this lock, make sure it is compatible with your door type.

Similar Questions

Are Number Pad Door Locks Safe?

Depending on the manufacturer, Number Pad door locks can be safe. All locks recommended here are strong and resistant to forceful entry. However, that doesn’t mean keypad locks can’t be attacked, sharing your access codes with untrusted people may result in a break-in. Secure access codes are also recommended to prevent untrusted people from guessing your password.

How do you unlock the number pad door locks?

The locks allow you to set unique access codes that you can use for unlocking your doors. To unlock your doors, you only need to enter the code that you have set via the keypad.

Wrapping up

Are you still searching for the best keypad lock? To enjoy the convenience of not having to carry keys around, you can choose from one of our top picks. These locks also come with key entry so you can access them from any location.

For installation, you can install most of these locks yourself, but you want to get a locksmith to help you if you’re not sure of doing it correctly.

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