5 Best Gorilla Pod Reviews in 2022

In the beginning, video and photography were a profession. In 2022, things are very different.

People take it up as a hobby, vlogging for fun, occasional money-making, freelancing… the list goes on!

This field is experiencing rapid technological advances. GorillaPods seem to be one of the latest innovations.

The best thing about it is that it has flexible and bendable legs which allow you to attach it to/on any surface.

There are many GorillaPods on the market. Each one has its own characteristics and uses. The problem is that there is no test-and-error method to buying one.

The whole experience can seem overwhelming, especially considering that there should not be any room for error. That’s where we come in!

We conducted extensive market research and came up with the best GorillaPods for you to buy in 2022. We have listed the best parts of each product and how they might fit your needs.

Rest assured that if you are buying from this list, you won’t be disappointed. This list will help pinpoint the model you need and explain why.



Editor’s rating


Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3-K Kit


5 out 5

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Joby JB01503 GorillaPod 1K Set


5 out 5

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JOBY GorillaPod 325


4.5 out of 5.

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JOBY GorillaPod Action Video Tripod


4 out 5

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JOBY GripTight GrillaPod Stand PRO Tablet


4.5 out of 5.

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Our 5 Best Reviews of GorillaPods in 2022

1. Best Joby Grillapod| Best Joby Gorillapod

This pod provides extreme flexibility for the user. You need to be able operate pods completely. You need the utmost flexibility.

This pod allows you twist, turn, wrap, and stand the pod’s legs in every possible way. Extreme flexibility can bring professionalism to your project, which will take it to the next level.

We chose this product because of its precision. Do you have difficulty taking a shot. No worries. It features a 360-degree panning bed and a 90-degree super tilt.

Plus, it has bubble level installed, ensuring preciseness in your shots. This makes sure you don’t hold back from capturing anything you want.

But, wait, there’re more!

This model comes with the ability to withhold an incredible amount of weight. The pod can withstand a lot of weight so you don’t have to worry if your camera falls on it. You can mount your compact DSLR and mirrorless camera on it.

It can also be equipped with flashes and lights that will aid you in your video. Anything less than 3kg (6.6lbs) will work. You can mount any device that weighs less than 3kg (6.6 lbs.) on it without worrying. Neat, huh?

Joby JB01507 is a remarkable pod that offers incredible flexibility, precise shots, and can withstand greater than average weight. It ranks highly in our list of the top 2022 best gorilla tripods.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can wrap, grip, twist and twist your legs with total freedom.
  • Extremely precise angles that capture the impossible.
  • Bubble level included so you can take level shots everywhere.
  • It can hold up to 3kg of items.

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2. Joby JB01503 Compact GorillaPod w/ 1K Kit

Vloggers and photographers are known for their high-dose travel. It doesn’t matter if you do it as a hobby, or a profession, you must always have your camera with you when you travel.

When you have to travel long distances for the perfect shot, heavy devices can prove difficult.

If you can relate, then we have the perfect tripod. Joby JB01503 can save you a lot of trouble.

The best thing about this product is the incredible lightness it comes with. It is lightweight at 6.88 ounces. This makes traveling easy, comfortable, and relaxing.

Being relatively light itself reduces baggage, makes vlogging more effortless, and keeps you more focused on what’s around you and less on what is with you.

Additionally, it is also very straightforward to carry. It is extremely portable and can be carried in your pocket, handbag, or backpack.

It offers greater stability than other pod brands. It also has a rubberized ring that is placed on the legs’ feet.

This unique anatomy leads to extragrip than that of other brands. It means more firmness for you while you capture your shots.

This product will make your life much easier if you plan to work in rough terrains and uneven surfaces. Besides, this pod is very durable. This is because the pods are made of plastics that were selected after many tests.

These pods were made from over 100 different types of plastics. If you work in harsh environments, this pod is a good choice.

This tripod is extremely lightweight and stable, made from the highest quality plastic. The ideal pod for those who work in an uncertain, challenging and rough environment.

Highlighted Features:

  • The weight of this model is lower than the other models, making it easy for you to carry around long distances.
  • It is extremely portable and can be carried in handbags, pockets, or bag packs.
  • It has a rubberized ring and feet grips that increase stability when you shoot.
  • It is made from the highest quality plastic to ensure durability.
  • Mounting items up to 1 kg, such as speakers, flashes, or cameras, is possible.

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3. JOBY 325 – Flexible Tripod for Compact Cameras| Flexible Tripod for Compact Cameras

If Joby JB01503 has impressed you enough to convince you to buy that one then hold on, because it gets even better.

Our list is the definitive source for purchasing the best gorilla pods of 2022. We meant it. JOBY 325 is an upgrade to the original. Hear us!

The ultimate lightweight pod is now available. This pod weighs only 1.76 ounces. It is the perfect stress reliever for long distance travel. 

It’s so lightweight that it can be carried around in a stroller. This is all the more reason to purchase it!

Don’t worry about getting the right angles, as it is immensely flexible. It allows you to achieve almost any angle. Get virtually unlimited angles in your project like never before.

Also, rubberize the ring at the feet of the legs. This unique anatomy gives extra grip and adds to the stability of your project.

How about the body? Get ready to be amazed by the industry’s best-built products. This pod is made up of stainless steel made up balls, ensures the ultimate durability so that nothing can damage its body.

It can also mount point and shoot cameras. It can also be used to attach lights, microphones, speakers, and other devices. However, we must tell you that it can only take devices weighing up to 325 grams.

The pod is extremely light so it has a limited weight. The pod is also less expensive than the previous one, but offers the same benefits.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from stainless steel, this pod is the most durable you can buy.
  • The lightest pod allows for easy portability and hassle-free transport.
  • You will also receive rubberized ring & foot grips to help you get more stability while shooting.
  • It can be equipped with accessories up to 325 grams.

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4. JOBY GorillaPod for Phone – Action Video Tripod

The type of camera you use will also play a significant role in the pod you choose. You can use action video cameras like the GoPro HERO series (5/6/Session).

You might prefer tripods that are more fluid for Sony Action or Contour. This tripod will give you greater control. Why?

These models were designed for integration of action cameras. This tripod is perfect for action cameras that require maximum flexibility and a frictionless mechanism.

This model will make it easier for your GoPro to work. This model was designed specifically for vlogging. It is the ideal pod to use with your GoPro.

It also includes a strong ballhead. The ballhead makes sure your action camera stays firm and stable.

You can also attach your iPhone/smartphones to this mount. You will need the GripTight Mount, which can be purchased separately.

It also has two quick-release clips- Mount for your action camera. These clips hold the camera tight and give a sense of rigidity to your shot.

 We recommend these if you are working in harsh conditions and your tripod needs to be strong.

It offers natural adaptability for your action camera, a strong ballhead, and a set of clips that enhance your shot’s stability.

Imagine that you are trying to capture curves and swerves, and want to maintain a calm and composed image. This is why you need a tripod.

It complements your action camera and works well with it. This is the best vlogging Gorillapod currently on the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quick-release clips allow you to attach/detach your device in a matter of seconds.
  • Ballhead control integrated gives accuracy in your shoots.
  • Gives you the freedom to work with 90°/ 360° orientation smoothly and efficiently.
  • Mount devices up to 1kg in combined weight

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5. JOBY GripTight GrillaPod Stand PRO Tablet

We have so far compiled a list of the best GorillaPods for DSLRs, and similar devices. We also have something for those who don’t care as much about video and photography but still need a tripod to hold their tablets.

This tripod has a subtle versatility that is the best thing about it. This device can be used with almost all types of tablets.

You can fit 7 – 10″ tablets in it. The tablets’ likes include tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 9, iPad mini, iPad Air Pro 9.7. The list also includes the Kindle series.

Attach your tablet securely and hold it in place. It’s perfect for home use, where you can listen to music while doing other things around the house. It can be carried to work with you.

It allows rotation almost immediately. You can switch from watching your favorite show to FaceTime in seconds.

You can quickly change vertically from horizontally to horizontally. It is very fast, reliable, and adaptable for all applications on your tablet.

It is also well-built to hold tablets. It is made from durable plastics and TPE grip pads. These materials give it strength and a long life expectancy.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can fit a wide range of tabs (7 – 10″) in it.
  • Allows you to quickly adjust for any type activity.
  • Durable ABS plastic, TPE grip plates, and stainless steel plates ensure long-lasting product life.
  • This product is ideal for simplifying your life at home and at work.

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Comparison Table of Top GorillaTripods



Maximum Height(in centimeter)

Weighing of the item(in ounces)

Weight Limit(in Pounds)

Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3-K Kit





Joby JB01503 GorillaPod 1K Set





JOBY GorillaPod 325




0.72/325 grams

JOBY GorillaPod Action Video Tripod




2.2/1 kg

JOBY GripTight GrillaPod Stand PRO Tablet




Can lift and hold most tabs in the market

Gorilla Pod Buying Guide

As a customer, it’s essential to know about the product you are going to buy. It’s 2022, and there are a ton of products out there in the market.

It’s never been easier to purchase a product. Here’s a detailed buying guide to help you buy a Gorillapod for 2022. 

It provides some valuable insights into what to look out for when buying a Gorillapod. It is worth reading. It will help you decide which one best suits your needs.

These are the things you should consider when purchasing a Gorillapod:

Maximum weight that can fit on the pod

This is a crucial one. This is the best way to base your decision. In simple words, you need to determine the GorillaPod’s weight combined. Each pod has a weight carrying capacity.

Now, it is essential to understand the concept of “combined”. Combining means the total weight for the camera body, lens, as well as any additional equipment, such lighting, mics, etc.

Once you have determined how much weight you may need to carry, you can choose the GorillaPod that can take your total weight.

If you aren’t sure what your ideal weight is, then choose one slightly heavier than your maximum.

Attachment methodology

Next, you should consider how you want to attach your device with the tripod.

There are several options available at this point.


This system attaches your device to the pod using screws. The tripod’s hole is where the head screws in.

This is safer and provides more stability. To remove the camera, simply unscrew all of the GorillaPods.


This is quite simple. The Gorillapod has a quick-release plate for tripods. This plate then attaches directly to your device. The advantage is that the GorillaPod can be removed quickly from the camera.

P.S.: This is the first thing to remember. It depends on whether you need speed or not. If you need to attach/detach your camera quickly, then choose the one with the removal.

If you don’t know how much weight your camera needs, then choose the right model based on its weight

People also asked

Q1. Q1.

Ans: Yes, you can. Simply bend your legs in the same way. It should take only a little twist to do the trick.

Q2. Q2. Are feet magnetic?

Ans: The feet are not magnetic. Rubberized rings ensure stability and flexibility in the legs.

There are foot grips that enhance the grip. No, it does not have magnetic feet, but you don’t need to be concerned with the extent of grip on it.

Q3. Q3. How do you identify the right GorillaPod model?

Ans: JOBY products are unique in that they have their weight capacity included in the name. This should make things much easier.

GorillaPod 325 can be purchased for small point and shoot cameras. GorillaPod 1K is required for equipment that weighs more than 1 kg. If your project equipment is heavier, you should get one with a greater capacity. 

Q4. Q4. What is the tradeoff when purchasing a GorillaPod

Ans: Keep in mind the tradeoffs involved. A pod that is lighter will have a lower weight.

The same goes for heavier pods. They will have a higher capacity. You will find lighter pods more comfortable to carry than those that are heavier.

It all comes down to you and your equipment.

GorillaPod Vs Tripod

Any time you want to buy a GorillaPod, you might stop yourself and ask, “Wait, why don’t just buy a tripod?” 

It is a common question, and we are confident that you will agree. It makes perfect sense, we mean. Both seem to work in the same way, so why not invest in a tripod instead?

Today we will discuss the difference between a GorillaPod tripod and a GorillaPod.


The GorillaPod is a more bizarre, wild and wacky innovation in photography. It is a small, flexible holder with a twistable leg. These legs can be used to attach the pod on any surface.

It gives your camera a spider-man appearance. It allows your camera attach to any surface. A GorillaPod can change the way you see photography.

GorillaPod is loved by its cool angles. It can also be used to carry cameras and other devices, giving users a large portfolio of tools.

GorillaPod’s Pros

  • Unimaginable angles that offer new perspectives and exciting possibilities.
  • Very lightweight, so you don’t have a sore hand or back from carrying it.
  • It is extremely portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

GorillaPod Cons

  • Inconvenience when there is nothing to stick or wrap.
  • It may wear out over time.


Tripods are the most common tool for photography. A set of elegant legs that adds weight to professionalism. However, it does have its fair share of cons and pros.

Tripods add stability to your work. Tripods provide stability that allows you to take well-structured shots and also allow you to experiment with different techniques.

You can also extend the body parts. This means that you can work with very low or very high levels. Tripods can be a necessity for professional video shootings.

Tripod pros

  • Stability enhancement for your work.
  • Adds a sense of calm to your work.
  • Ideal for HDR or long exposure shots.
  • Essential for video production.
  • Extendable parts.

Tripod Cons

  • This will slow down your work.
  • Tripods are not allowed in certain areas.
  • It’s difficult to carry around.
  • You might get a knockout from someone or something and your equipment could be damaged.

Final words

We hope you found this article helpful and insightful. GorillaPods have a long product life so it is not a waste of money to buy the wrong one. So, be careful not to buy the one that doesn’t fit your agenda.

For the best performance, we recommend purchasing 1K and 3K. These two options will suffice for any professional or amateur.

The best Gorilla Pod gives you flexibility and adds fun to your projects in a way that other tripods don’t. It makes it possible to place cameras in almost impossible places and take shots from impossible angles.

If you have been following us this far, you now know everything there is about GorillaPods.

What are you waiting to do? Take a look at our selection of products to get the best experience.

You will have the edge you have never had in your projects. Rest assured, your money won’t go in vain!

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