The Best Google Assistant-Enabled Door Locks

The introduction of voice assistant smart locks has made it easier to control your door locks and not have to leave your home. It’s quite thrilling locking and unlocking your door with your smartphone, keypad and other smart home devices.

And now, if you’re just too lazy to pick up that device, you want to switch to voice assistant-enabled locks for a more convenient way of operating your locks. There are smart locks that can be programmed to recognize your voice and open the door. locks that work with Alexa, IFTTT, etc. This article only covers Google Assistant-enabled doors locks.

If you’re new to smart locks or want to get a smart lock that works with Google assistant for the first time, it could be challenging to find the best. But we have simplified the process for you—spending quality time to research the best Google Assistant-enabled door locks that will surely meet your needs.

This article will give a brief overview of each product. You can start by reading the list below.

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Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

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Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt

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Kwikset 99380-01 Halo Wi-Fi Smartlock Keyless Entry

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August Smart Lock with Connect Wi Fi bridge

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Ultraloq’s UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Door Lock

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August Home AUGSLCON-G03 Dark gray August Smart Lock Pro

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Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

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Yale Assure Touchscreen Lock

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Sesame Smart Lock – Google Assistant and Alexa Enabled

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Best Smart Locks that Work with Google Assistant — Reviews

1. Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

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This smart lock can be connected to Google Assistant and is equipped with Z-Wave technology. This makes it easy to connect it to your home automation systems. It also means that you can control the lock from your smartphone or via the internet. If you’re not with your smartphone, you can still conveniently log on via any device you have—as long as you can connect to the internet and use a web browser.

It can be connected to the Google assistant via smart touchscreen lock. It also works with Alexa, Nexia and Wink. It sounds great, right? The lock will give you value for money.

This Schlage Connect This door is equipped with universal deadbolts/latches that fit 2/8 inches (60mil) or 2/3 inches (70mil) backsets. The door thickness ranges from 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 inches.

2. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt

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Yale has some of the best smart locks These smart locks can be used with voice assistants. This smart lock can be controlled via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and works with Google Assistant. It is a great choice for vacation rental owners because it can be integrated with HomeAway or Airbnb, making it easier access check-ins/check-outs.

You can also connect it with Simplisafe, Alexa and Apple Home Kit (Siri), etc. The lock is also designed to work with different home gadgets, so you won’t worry about its functionality when you change home or get new devices. It includes an August Connect Wi Fi Bridge, so that you don’t need additional hubs. It also has a door sensor, which alerts you when your doors are closed or open.

You can program your lock to open automatically as soon as you approach it. This works if you have the app installed on your smartphone. You can also enter a code to unlock or lock the lock.

3. Kwikset 99380-01 Halo Wi-Fi Smartlock Keyless Entry

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This is another excellent smart lock that works with voice command, and it’s  a Google door lock — compatible with Google voice assistant. Apart from pairing with Google Assistant, it can also connect directly to your home Wi Fi network or your smartphone, without the need for a third party smart home app, panel, hub, or subscription.

Kwikset 99380-001 Halo is BHMA Grade AAA certified—this assures you of its durability, security, forced entry resistance, and the likes.

To improve functionality, you can connect your smartphone to the Kwikset app to receive notifications about the lock status of the door. You can confirm if your doors have been successfully locked by doing this. The app allows you to check the lock history. Kwikset is only available in Canada and the United States.

4. August Smart Lock Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

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This August smart is a minimalist door lock that can be used with Google Assistant. It has an attractive look and may complement your home décor.

This lock is not only beautiful but also durable and secure. This lock offers you an alternative to voice assistants for controlling your doors. You can add a key code entry to your door lock via the August Smart Keypad, but it doesn’t come together with the lock package, you need to buy it separately. It also comes with an August Doorbell Camera that allows you to speak to and see people at your door before you let them in.

It is simple and easy to install this lock. It can be attached to your existing lock. This will allow you to use your existing keys for unlocking and locking your door.

5. Ultraloq’s UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Door Lock

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Ultraloq’s UL3 smart lock is waterproof and dustproof, making it very durable. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It comes with 3 AAA batteries that can unlock and lock your doors up to 8,000 time without experiencing low battery problems.

The lock is Google Assistant-enabled, and also features an anti-peep touch screen. It takes less than 0.5 seconds for you to identify your fingerprint or access code. Even if your fingerprint lines are broken, it will still approve it.

This smart lock has an adjustable backset of 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″. It fits perfectly on doors with a thickness between 1-3/8″ and 1-3/4″. Before you buy, make sure that the lock fits perfectly on your door.

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6. August Home AUGSLCON-G03 Dark gray August Smart Lock Pro

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August Home AUGSL-CON-G03 can also be connected to Alexa or Siri These voice controls can only be used if the August Connect Wi Fi Bridge is set up.

You can monitor who is at your door 24/7, and even detect suspicious activity. You can connect it to ZWave or Wink, IFTTT and Nest to increase security and connect it with other smart devices in the home.

This door lock works with most single-cylinder deadbolts; however, you can’t use it with rim cylinder, mortise, or interconnected locks. The lock is also easy to install, and you won’t need a technician to handle the installation if you can follow the simple installation process.

7. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt 

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Schlage Encode Smart is designed with a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen, so intruders won’t be able to access your home through fingerprints left on the touchscreen. The touchscreen is quite effective—you can easily lock your door with one touch. This lock can also be used with passcodes. You can create up to 100 codes, and share them with trusted people who need access to your home.

It can connect with Google voice assistant and also works with Alexa. You can also check the status your lock via Alexa. Alexa will notify you if your battery is low. Set smart reorders to easily order a replacement battery. Amazon Dash Replenishment.

The lock also includes an alarm technology that detects suspicious activities. You don’t only depend on Alexa to notify you of the battery power, and it comes with a low battery indicator that draws your attention to battery replacement.  It is easy to install and requires only a screwdriver. Besides, it features Unique Snap ‘n Stay technology that supports the installation.

This lock is made to fit standard doors. It comes with three years’ electronic warranty.

8. Yale Assure Touchscreen Lever Lock

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This Yale Assure Lever is compatible with Simplisafe IFTTT, Honeywell, Honeywell, and HomeAway. This door lock can be used to integrate smart features into rental properties. You can also use it in conjunction with the August app to keep an eye on your door without having to purchase an additional hub. You can also unlock, lock, and give access to others.

This lock is Google Assistant enabled and very effective. The lock’s primary feature is its ability to be operated even when the battery is low. It has a 9V backup charging charger and two physical keys. You can choose to quickly charge the battery, or switch to key entry.

Installation is not a difficult process—it is easy to install. During installation, you can fit it on your existing knob or levers with a single hole that has a thickness of 1-3/8″ to 2-1/4″.

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9. Sesame Smart Lock – Google Assistant and Alexa Enabled

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The Sesame smartlock has new and improved features that were not available in previous models. It has a stronger motor which makes it capable of turning locks that are difficult. It also has a built-in adjustable gripper, so you don’t need to worry about fumbling with the detachable adjuster.

This lock works with Google Assistant as well as Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home. It offers multiple ways to control and connect your door from any location.

You can also share unlocking and locking access via this smart lock with your friends via their phones. This means you can add their phone and give them permission to unlock the smart lock. However, this permission can be revoked at any time. The Sesame API allows you to customize the smart lock to lock/unlock based on your preferences.

Installing this lock is simple. You don’t need tools or a technician—it can be installed over an existing deadbolt lock.

Wrap up

Have you ever used a smart lock with Voice Assistant? Perhaps you had a bad experience with the previous one you used or want to give voice assistant smart locks a try for the first time; you won’t be wrong choosing a smart lock that works with Google Assistant. Based on our findings, most locks listed here work with Alexa or Google Assistant.

If you’re ready to buy, ensure you confirm that the lock fits your door before you buy it. This will save you the hassle of returning it or losing your money. You can also install most locks yourself. However, if you’re not sure how to do it correctly, get a technician to get it installed properly. You can lock and unlock your door using voice assistants.

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