Top 10 Best Glue Stick for 3D Printing in 2022

You probably already know that 3D printing is efficient when you use print bed adhesion.

A print that fails to stick to the build plate properly will wobble, and the final product will not be as good as you had anticipated – we have all being victims, at least most of us. If this happens, the final product may not be worth another look.

But is there a way to stop this from happening? What can you do to stop this from happening?

Manufacturers have developed a variety of ways to ensure that paint sticks to the build plate. Among them include the use of painters’ tape, proprietary build surfaces, glass, and Kapton tape.

The main objective is usually to prevent curling and warping, not to mention the reduction of waste and print failure – a job for the best glue stick for 3d printing.

But, what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander. It is not every material that requires a bed adhesive to stay in place—some like the PLA function well on a heated plate. The following guide and reviews will be a great help.



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Magigoo Pen – An All-in-One Adhesive For 3D Printing


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Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks


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3D Printer Glue Sticks FYSETC


4.5 out 5

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AmazonBasics Purple Washable School glue Sticks


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Layerneer 3D Printer Adhesive Glue


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Our Best 3D Printing Glue Stick Reviews 2020

1. Magigoo Pen – an All-in-One Adhesive for 3D Printing

Magigoo is undoubtedly the best choice when it comes effortless application on a variety surface. Using it is almost like a child’s play, and that is an understatement. You only need to shake the stick glue, give it a gentle press and apply it on the active area – nothing complicated about this.

You don’t have to apply the whole print bed; only the active area because it is quite effective. The result is that the 3D printer glue stick It is economical and a small amount of squirt will help to keep the print job sufficient.

This glue for 3D printing can be easily released once the print bed has cooled down. It doesn’t give you headaches after you finish printing, unlike some of the less expensive brands. It is also easy to clean up after printing, or to apply a new layer.

The adhesive is very economical and is a good choice for anyone who uses 3D printing on a regular basis. One unit can be used for up to 100 prints. That is quite a lot. Safety is another important consideration when choosing an adhesive for 3D printing. Magigoo is safe and comfortable to use.

It doesn’t have an unpleasant or toxic odor and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is safe for children to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy application
  • You can only use the active area for economic reasons.
  • Easy release
  • It is easy to remove the adhesive.
  • It’s safe and comfortable to use.

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2. Elmer’s All-Purpose School Glue Sticks

Elmer’s is one of the brands that need no introduction. You can trust the all-purpose glue stick, which is one of their most popular products, as it is a trusted brand. It’s multi-functional and can be used for a variety projects or settings.

Usually, the glue stick bonds well on plasticAmong other surfaces, it can be used on paper, foam board, cardboard, and many others. This means that your children can use it at home or school to complete projects. You can also use it for 3D printing and other office work.

The glue stick is safe and simple to use. It is non-toxic, and it does not contain any acids that could have any adverse effect on your project. It is non-toxic and can be used by children with confidence. You have often used glue sticks with clamping and unfavorable results – most probably – and it is no fun to use.

However, that is not the case with Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks. It’s like going for a stroll in a park.

And after you’re done 3D printing, the adhesive is washable, and that makes it a great bed adhesive for 3D printing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multifunctional, it can be used in many settings.
  • The glue is simple to use.
  • It is safe to use because it does not contain any toxic chemicals or acids.
  • It can be washed.

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3. 3D Printer Glue Sticks Starting at FYSETC

This product is the best 3D printer glue stick. It is one the most highly-rated 3D printing adhesives you will ever find. But what makes it so special?

The unique characteristic of the printer glue is that it works pretty well in hot beds – the main reason we call it a specialized 3D printer glue. It does not demonstrate unusual chemical behavior such as producing toxic fumes or residue when in contact with hot surfaces, and that’s fantastic – makes the work environment more favorable.

The glue stick is very easy to use and clean, as you’d expect. The glue stick can be used in school projects by lower grade students. You can then use it in the office. It doesn’t take a lot of time to handle it, whether using or cleaning. It can be easily washed with water.

We would like to add that the high-quality adhesive is very durable. It can usually be used for more than 100 prints. It is quite efficient on the heated plate, and you may only need one layer – it doesn’t hurt to have a glue stick that takes longer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works well with 3D printer hotbeds
  • When heated, does not emit noxious fumes
  • The glue stick is easy-to-use and clean.
  • This durable print can last for over 100 prints.
  • It is effective on the heated plate.

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4. AmazonBasics Purple Washable School glue Sticks

60-packs of high quality 3D printing adhesive are great because they can last a long time. You will forget for a long time to go to the shops for a new batch of 3D printing glue because you have enough to last you a while.

You can still buy a 30-pack of the product or a 4-pack, depending upon your budget and needs.

The AmazonBasics glue sticks are a distinctive purple color and easy to use because of their small size. It fits comfortably between the fingers, making application as simple as a stroll in the park.

The glue is clear and leaves no residue or marks, making it ideal for 3D printing.

Its versatility is another benefit. It adheres to a variety of surfaces including plastic, paper, glass and fabric. It is non-toxic, and does not release any unpleasant odors when heated. It is suitable for schools, homes, art and crafts, especially those who are involved in DIY projects.

Its ease of cleaning makes it a popular choice for DIYers. It can be easily washed off of clothes, glass, and cardboard.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long-lasting 60 pack 3D printing glue.
  • Easy to use and small in size
  • Dries are clear and effective.
  • Adheres to many surfaces
  • Safe for everyone and non-toxic formula
  • Simple cleanup

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5. Layerneer 3D Printer Adhesive Glue

Ask anyone who has ever done 3D printing projects. Finding the right adhesive is difficult. It’s not always easy to find the right adhesive for your 3D printing project with Layerneer.

The 3D printer adhesive works as magic by holding heat and then releasing once it cools. It dries quickly, and does not leave any residue that could block the nozzle.

Another advantage is that the adhesive glue lasts for a long time and only one coat is required. You can recharge the adhesive layer with a damp sponge, and you don’t need to reapply – not many stick types of glue on the market have this quality. Therefore, the 3D printer adhesive can be called cost-friendly.

The adhesive is water-soluble, so it does not emit any odor. It is easy to use and clean. It won’t give you headaches like other 3D adhesives that are cheaper.

You will find that using the printer adhesive is quite effortless, thanks to the well-designed foam applicator that does not spill any glue where you don’t want it to.

Highlighted Features:

  • It holds fast when heated and is released when cooled.
  • It will not block the nozzle.
  • One coating can last a very long time.
  • Water-soluble, without any odor.
  • This product will not cause you to feel dizzy or have any other side effects.

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6. Avery 3D Printer Glue Stick

A good adhesive is essential for 3D printing projects. It must not shrink or clump. With that in mind, you can agree that the number of glue sticks to choose from goes down significantly – they’re just not many of them in the market with the right qualities for 3D printing.

Avery is easy to apply, as it is smooth. It sticks to the surface and does not move, making it ideal for 3D printing.

We can also state that the glue stick works well on a variety surface such as cardboard, photos and plastic.

You can use the glue stick in a variety of ways, including at work, for DIY projects, or for your children’s projects. It is strong and durable, but it is also washable.

It is water-soluble, so you can quickly clean it off to make another layer or get rid of it completely. It can be easily removed from clothes and other fabrics. Unbelievably, the adhesive is cost-friendly – something that puts a smile to everyone.

Highlighted Features:

  • The adhesive doesn’t shrink or clump.
  • Prints well on photos, cardboard, paper, and plastic.
  • It is easy to use, especially for various projects.
  • Permanent and strong.
  • It is easy to wash.
  • Cost-friendly adhesive.
  • Safe for use even for children.

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7. Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue

Disappearing purple glue is an interesting name. However, it also tells you the essence of the adhesive. The school glue doesn’t leave marks on surfaces that will make you proud.

The long-lasting disappearing school glue has no mess bonding. The 60-pack will last you a long time and is very affordable. It also dries quickly, so you can clearly see the surface that you are working on.

It is also easy to use, making it fun. It is easy to use and the children can concentrate on the project. It’s easier for children to think and be creative with their projects.

The adhesive is both photo-safe (and acid-free), so it can be used in a variety projects. It will not cause any unwanted staining or the like.

The product is safe for children because it is non-toxic. You can leave them working on their project to focus on something else – you can never be too careful with children.

Highlighted Features:

  • The glue is non-staining.
  • It is a durable adhesive.
  • Clear and quick drying.
  • It is simple and fun to apply
  • Photo safe and acid-free
  • Non-toxic adhesive.
  • The 60-pack will go a long distance.

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8. UHU Stic Permanent Clear Acid Free Glue Stick

Every 3D printing expert wants the best equipment, which includes the best 3D printing adhesive.

We are not sure why we believe this glue stick to be the best in its class.

It is very easy to use and works well on many surfaces. It is also non-acidic, so it won’t harm your photos or other projects. It can cause staining or other adverse effects on surfaces, which is a concern for many people, especially those who use glue sticks.

It is strong and requires only one layer to achieve the best results. It is reliable and can be used for 3D printing. It is easy to use and does not wrinkle.

The glue is washable, and you don’t have to struggle with some kind of mess on the 3D printing bed. Most stick glue users have to deal with a dried-out cap. This stick glue cap, however, has an innovative design to prevent this from happening.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is easy to use and works well across different surfaces.
  • It is used as an application glue stick.
  • Strong and reliable glue stick
  • It is free from wrinkles and dries clean.
  • The glue can be removed easily.
  • Innovative cap design to prevent drying.

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9. Aceirmc 3D Printer Glue Stick

A 3D printer glue stick must have special properties such as non-bending and warping on hard surfaces. Aceirmc is a leader in 3D printing. Of course, there may be others that are better, but you have to give credit where it’s due – don’t you think?

The glue stick will not bend or warp even when heated. This means that you can reuse it multiple times and save money. It can also be 3D printed with the exact results you desire.

It is easy to use and release, making it a great purchase for everyone. It is easy to use for anyone.

The adhesive on the 3D printer build plates is easy to clean. The adhesive can be cleaned with water. Once dry, you can apply a second layer. The adhesive is non-toxic, and it does not emit fumes when it comes in contact with hot surfaces.

This glue stick has qualities such as high viscosity and density that aren’t found in many glue sticks.

Highlighted Features:

  • When exposed to heat, it will not warp or bend.
  • Clean results.
  • It is simple to apply.
  • It is very easy to clean the 3D printer build plates.
  • High density and good viscosity

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10. PrintaStick 3D Printing Adhesive

It is not always easy to find a 3D printing adhesive that will work with PLA PET-G. This adhesive is compatible with a wide range of materials, including your favorite material for 3D printing. The sponge applicator makes the entire process simple and smooth. It ensures that the adhesive is applied exactly where you need it, which allows you to be extraordinary.

The adhesive is free from any odors or omissions during application or drying that could affect your concentration or health. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments without causing sneezing.

The adhesive is strong enough to hold the 3D printer bed in place, but it also releases quickly once it cools. This glue is the type that you should keep in your drawer.

Any residue that you notice and need to remove it can be easily cleaned up with water. We can state that adhesive is soluble with water. This makes it easy to clean the build plate. The application is quick and easy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses PLA PET-G.
  • It doesn’t produce any smells that can affect your concentration and health.
  • Comfortable to use in any environment
  • It is very easy to use.
  • The adhesive is water-soluble so it is easy to clean.
  • It takes only seconds to apply

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3D Printing Glue Stick Guide

It’s easy to use

The glue stick should be simple to use in all ways. It should be simple to apply and not leave behind a mess that could prove difficult to clean up.

Sometimes, you may want to use multiple layers of adhesive for your prints. This should not be a problem if you have the right glue stick.

It is also a good idea to include instructions with the glue stick. The product should be simple and the requirements should be minimal.

It’s easy to clean

3D printing glue should not be water-soluble in order to make it easy to clean. The glue stick should be inactive once the bed plate has cooled. The goal is to keep the print in place until you finish what you are doing.


PVA glue sticks can be used on many surfaces, including plastic, glass, wood, and paper. The adhesive’s primary function is to keep the print in place and prevent it from moving, but it can also be used for other purposes. You will likely need the adhesive for other tasks, so it is a good idea if you have one gluestick for all your tasks.

A multifunctional glue stick can help you save money and time than you would spend to buy another adhesive.


The best quality glue sticks are economical, at the very least for the long term. It is common to only use a small amount of glue stick to make a big difference. You can save time by using a high-quality glue stick that provides the required adhesive to hold the job in place and prevent failure.

It is also possible to use something only once. You can use the same glue stick for 3D printing multiple times without having to scrape off or wash the previous layer.


Most of the time, the best product doesn’t come with a lot of money. This means that you might need to dig deeper in your pocket to find the right glue stick. The best glue stick does not have to be the most expensive. Check The brand, and ofcourse, what customers have to say about it.


It is well-known that in every market there will be many best brands, but not all of them are the same. You will see that certain brands are more successful in 3D printing glue sticks than others due to several factors.

One brand might invest a lot on market research. Their experience adds value to the business. They know something that gives them an advantage over their competitors. It is always better to stick with reputable brands, especially if you are buying a product for your first time.


1. What are the benefits of using glue stick for 3D printing?

Most glue sticks are water-soluble, which makes them easy to clean. You don’t get an ugly and stubborn residue like is the case with tape. A glue stick, unlike tape that requires alignment is simple to use.

After cooling, it is easy to remove the print. You don’t struggle so much like when dealing with permanent adhesion.

2. Why is 3D printing so difficult without bed adhesives?

Bed adhesives are sticky surfaces that allow the print to adhere to the surface. Even with a support structure, some hard materials like ABS and CPE can easily bend or wobble.

The smooth glass plate may not allow the print material to cool quickly enough, which can lead to it becoming weak. The glue acts as a layer of protection and adhesion to the glass.

The 3d printing glue stick This prevents print wobbling, which can lead to printing failure.


3. Even with the best glue stick, do you still require a heated bed for 3D printing?

It is crucial to use a heated bed and a glue stick when working with large or complex prints. This combination is especially important when you are using ABS or plastic. Another important consideration is how the 3D printer will look.

4. What are the alternatives to external adhesives?

You can quickly build a brim – a thin layer that provides adhesion and which you simply cut off later – using such platforms as Ultimaker’s software. This is true if the printer uses a filament instead of a buildplate. Even with a brim, a bed adhesive is still important.

5. Is there a need to keep applying the glue stick after each print?

One layer of glue stick should be able to hold between 1 and 5 prints. Some people suggest that it can be extended to 10 prints. For best results, make sure you apply it evenly on the bed.

If the surface is uneven, you will need to reapply. To avoid failure, it is sometimes necessary to clean the bed before applying again. Your preferences will also affect the number of prints that you can place on a single layer. If you’re only comfortable with two prints, you can choose to have more.


3D printing allows you to quickly and cheaply create certain products. We live in exciting times, you will agree. You deserve the best glue stick to 3D printing Magigoo Pen is one example.

They are long-lasting, easy to use and cleaning them is effortless – the qualities that you want in a glue stick. So, the next time you go shopping for a 3D printing adhesive, you have a better idea what to pick – don’t you think, folks?

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