9 Best Glacier Glasses for High Altitudes

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  • Julbo explorer 2.0
  • Julbo Sherpa
  • Revo Traverse
  • A mountain of snow is the perfect reflector of the sun’s harmful rays. High altitudes are where the sun shines brightest. So whether you’re skiing, mountaineering or climbing the alps, you have to wear the best glacier glasses.

    The cold temperature isn’t an excuse to go easy on eye protection. On the contrary, you should wear your best eye protection when you’re around snow. Eye protection is essential if you don’t want your eyes to get sunburnt.

    We’re going to review 9 of the best glacier glasses that you have to wear before you climb the alps. 

    Here is the list of 9 best glacier glasses:

  • Julbo explorer 2.0
  • Julbo Sherpa
  • Revo Traverse
  • OSSAT Glacier glasses
  • Julbo Monterosa
  • Bertoni glacier glasses
  • Julbo Vermont 
  • Tifosi dolomite 2.0
  • Serengeti Leandro Glacier
  • Top 9 Best Glacier Glasses (Reviews and Buying Guide 2020).

    1. Julbo explorer 2.0 

    Julbo Explorer 2.0 reactive provides a crisp panoramic view. Enjoy this beautiful imagery while also enjoying a stylish lens.

    Amazing anti-glare lenses that offer a panoramic view. This is not a feature that all glacier glasses provide. 

    The Julpo Explorer is a hot product on the market. It has polarized photochromic lens that provide a crisp view. Its ultra-stylish design is modern and trendy. The frames are made out of nylon.  

    And there’s no steaming on the lenses. It’s not uncommon for some brands to do that. It could be annoying or even worse. It can also block your view.

    And lastly, it’s one of the most ergonomic glasses on our list. It fits perfectly to your face, making it extremely comfortable. It has a shock-absorbing nasal bridge that gives you extra protection, without looking bulky. In short, it has almost all the safety features we’re looking for in one stylish piece. 


    • Side shields that can be removed
    • Comfortable, snug fit
    • Doesn’t create steam
    • Polarized lenses
    • Highly ergonomic
    • Wide lenses
    • Looks fashionable


    • No nose shield

    These are the reasons to buy them glacier glasses

    We love the panoramic view that the lenses offer of the mountains. And another thing that made it stand out from the rest is that it’s highly ergonomic. It tracks your movements and provides full coverage. It’s also one of the best mountaineering sunglasses in the market. 

    2. Julbo Sherpa

    It’s one of the most durable yet inexpensive glacier glasses on our list. 

    Glacier glasses of the highest quality are very durable. They should be since they aren’t cheap. Sometimes the lenses can be a deceiver. You might see a scratch or two, especially if you’ve been somewhere with a lot of sand bursting through the wind. 

    Julbo Sherpa excels in this area. It’s one of the most inexpensive, scratch-resistant glacier glasses in the market today. It also has many advantages.

    It’s extremely durable, you can accidentally sit on it a couple of times but it’s still intact. If you’re out on an adventure, that’s very likely to happen. They are also very comfortable and fit snugly. They can effectively block the glare from bright lights. 

    Side shields can be taken off. The glasses can be used elsewhere. It also features perforations. So it’s quite breathable and won’t fog your lenses


    • Durable
    • Comfortable, snug fit
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Inexpensive
    • Lightweight
    • Breathable, removable side shields
    • 360 degree adjustable temples


    • Side shields are very thin
    • Don’t have category 4 lens option

    These glasses are why you should buy them

    Julbo glacier sunglasses are among the best for mountaineering. It’s no surprise that this is our second choice. The lenses are made of polycarbonate lenses. But it’s different to torment other polycarbonate lense that we have tried. This one is more durable and doesn’t bend. So it’s real value for your money.

    3. Revo Traverse

    These glacier glasses are a departure from the norm in terms of design. The same protection from the sun without feeling bulky.

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    Glacier glasses are known for being heavy and too large. Glacier glasses look great on large faces. But it’s not the same when you have a slim and narrow face. Made of both plastic lens and frame, it’s as light as it can be and weighs only 3 ounces. The leather side accents add a stylish touch.

    This is what makes Revo Traverse different from all the rest. It provides the best sun protection in alpine areas with a bulky feel. These features are also available:

    Anti-slip pads under the nose bridge 

    -polarized lenses

    -Rubberized temples

    Protective coating with UV protection of 100 %

    -Protection from blue light

    -ultimate glare protection


    • Streamlined design
    • Not bulky
    • Lenses that are shatterproof and impact-resistant
    • 6 base lens technology
    • Ideal for all light conditions
    • Make images clearer


    • The leather accents on the sides are not for everyone.

    These are the reasons to buy them glacier glasses

    The sleek design is a departure from bulky glacier glasses. Even the best glacier sunglasses have a reputation for making people look silly. It fits perfectly even for those with slimmer faces. We love Italian fashion, what can we say?

    4. OSSAT Glacier glasses

    OSSAT polarized glasses are one of our most affordable, yet functional, selections

    Glacier glasses can be expensive. You will also pay more for the superior features, lens technology, and comfort.

    That’s what we love about OSSAT glasses. The price is very affordable but you won’t be disappointed with it. Here are some reasons why:

    • The frame is made of durable titanium alloy
    • The polarized lens blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays
    • Comfortable side covers
    • Can be used for outdoor sports and other activities


    • Offers of a 15-day refund
    • Versatile
    • Lightweight 
    • Bright lights are effectively deficient
    • Cheap


    • Glasses may come out during cleaning

    These are the reasons you should get these glacier glasses

    The lenses feature 7 layers of polarization. So even at its inexpensive price, you’re guaranteed a high-quality polarized lens that can give you optimum protection from UVA, UVB, and glare.

    5. Julbo Monterosa

    Julbo Monterosa’s curved template offers a snug, comfortable fit.

    Glacier glasses falling off your face can be really irritating. Glacier glasses should be snugly fitted.

    Julbo Monterosa is made from nylon material and has an angled template that wraps around your face. It provides complete coverage. The glasses are held in place by the thick arms that provide support and ensure they stay on your face.

    You can attach straps to the insets at the arms for extra support. This is a great feature, especially in windy conditions. What we love most about this glass is that the material hugs your face but it’s not irritating on your skin. It won’t even snag your hair. 

    It’s one of the best glacier glasses for those with smaller faces too. And in case you’re looking for an alternative to polarized lenses, this is perfect too.


    • Comfortable, snug fit
    • Side shields that can be removed
    • Soft material
    • Attachment for straps
    • Very light


    • It might be too tight for some

    These are the reasons you should get these glacier glasses

    If you have a slim face, it’s hard to come by glacier glass that won’t fall off your face. This is the perfect solution. It can provide full coverage and block UVA and UVB radiations. 

    6. Bertoni glacier glasses

    The Bertoni glacier glasses provide maximum protection against the sun and wind, in addition to the snow. it’s snugly fitted and curved around the ears.

    Even with rubberized temples or noses, strong winds can occasionally knock your glacier glasses off. Bertoni glacier excels in this area. It is secured by a unique round earpiece. Sudden gushes of wind won’t even knock it down.

    It also boasts some great features that make it one the most popular glass glaciers on the market. The rubber side shields have air holes. So your lenses won’t fog in any situation. It also has polarized lens that effectively blocks glare and bright lights.


    • Fits snuggly
    • Available in two lens color
    • It provides ultimate protection against sun, wind and snow
    • Looks fashionable
    • Earpiece with flexible curves
    • Respect FDA and CE regulations
    • Available with accessories


    • Some may find the plastic material too fragile.

    These glasses are why you should buy them

    Bertoni glacier glasses from Italy are another brand that made it onto our list. Well if it’s Italian you can expect a classy and stylish design. And we love how snug it fits so we don’t worry about sudden gusts of wind blowing into our faces. 

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    7. Julbo Vermont 

    Julbo Vermont is a classic, glacier glass that offers full coverage. It comes with Spectron4 lenses, which offer the ultimate sun protection for your icy adventures.

    A full-coverage glacier glass that’s not that bulky is hard to find these days. And we’d be happy with this classic one. It can block up 95 percent of visible sunlight.

    It is classic and traditional, with its rubber cover, rubber arms, and glass lens. The lenses have an AR coating that’s efficient in blocking off glare. It protects against UVA and UVB rays. 

    So if you’re not into the color prism of a polarized lens but want the same protection, this is for you.


    • AR coated lenses
    • Classic design
    • Full coverage (top, middle, and periphery)
    • There are 34 lens options
    • Removable leather nosebridge
    • Genuine leather nose bridge and side shields
    • Shock-resistant lenses
    • For a snug fit, wrap around the ears
    • Adjustable temples


    • If you’re looking for the polarized lens, it’s not for you

    These are the reasons you should get these glacier glasses

    These glasses can protect your eyes and are very comfortable. We love the traditional design. And if you’re not a fan of the colorful polarized lenses, this is a great alternative

    8. Tifosi dolomite 2.0

    This is one of the best glacier glasses with a sleek design  that’s a different take from your traditional glacier glasses.

    There isn’t a single pair of glasses that can fit all face shapes. But if you have adjustable glasses, it’s like getting the most universal one. Tifoso can adapt to almost any face shape thanks to its adjustable features. 

    Tifoso 2.0 features an adjustable nose and earpiece. These are made from hydrophilic rubber that’s sweat resistant. And it also won’t irritate your skin but it protects and prevents the glasses from slipping off your face.

     Vents are also included in the lenses to prevent steam from building up. 


    • Rubber material that is non-slip
    • Adjustable nose and earpiece
    • Vented lenses
    • Can you use photochromic lenses
    • Has a sleek design
    • Doesn’t fog up even in humid weather


    • No polarized lenses

    These glasses are why you should buy them

    Tifosi 2.0’s rectangular, sleek lens is a breather of fresh air. Glacier glasses are stylish and unique, but still offer midrange coverage. It’s also available in 6 different lens colors and frames. 

    9. Serengeti Leandro Glacier

    Serengeti Leandro Glacier Is One of the Best Glacier Glasses That’s Perfect to Use All Year Round.

    It is nice to have a versatile glacier lens. It is rare to find a glacier lens that can be used in both summer and winter. It should provide the best protection from sun in both seasons.

    That’s what we love about Serengeti Leandro Glacier. The photochromic lenses are great for both winter and summer vision. It is also more durable thanks to the mineral lenses. Also, the side shields are removable so you can put it on where you’re going to the alps or remove it when you’re coursing through the desert.


    • Photochromic and polarized lenses
    • Magnetic eye shields that can be removed magnetically
    • Mineral lenses that last
    • Versatile


    • Some people may not like side covers

    These are the reasons to buy them glacier glasses

    It’s versatile, so it’s a real steal because you can use it all year round. These glasses are a great choice for clear images and sun protection.

    Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in the Best Glacier Glasses

    Since the best glacier glasses don’t come cheap, you have to be sure you’re getting the best deal. You can damage your eyes and face by buying a second-rate brand.

    These are the key features to look out for when looking for the best glacier glasses. These are non-negotiable features when you’re in high altitudes.

    1. Polarized

    As with water, ice or snow can produce more light than water. Well. It’s hardened water so both are great reflectors of bright light. Polar lenses block out glare and bright lights effectively. Protecting your vision is possible by using polar lenses.

    2. How much filtered light is there?

    Glacier glasses with the best lenses should block 100% of harmful rays. Spectron 4 lenses are required for alpine adventures. These lenses can filter upto 95 percent of glare, light, and other rays.

    3. Coverage

    Glacier glass should provide complete coverage. To prevent harmful rays from entering, the lenses must be tall. Side shields should be included with your glacier glasses. These removable side lenses protect your peripheral vision. Higher altitudes can be dangerous for the sun’s harmful rays. This threat can even reach your peripheral vision.

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    4. The darkness of the lens

    The better, the darker the lenses. High altitudes have the highest sun intensity. And it’s at its most intense too. The darker the lenses are, the better it can block harmful rays from glare.

    5. Transition lense

    Transition lenses allow you to easily adapt to changing lighting conditions. It automatically adjusts the brightness of the lens to suit your needs. So it doesn’t get too dark nor too light.

    6. Fit and grip

    Glacier glasses are not for those who wear ill-fitting glasses. You don’t want your glasses to just slip off your face while you’re climbing. You should also be aware that UVA and UVB radiations can get into your eyes if your glasses slide off your face. Your glacier glasses will stay snugly in place thanks to the rubber nose and straps. 


    What are Glacier Glasses? What are Glacier Glasses? Why do You Need Them?

    Protective glasses are essential for all weather conditions, including the endless snow. And if you’re thinking about wearing your fashionable sunglasses or your sports glasses, think again.

    Your sports sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, but when you’re around glaciers, you need more than that. Your sports glasses may help you filter glare and improve your performance, but it’s a different game when you’re up in the alps. 

    Let’s look at some points:

    • Specialized eye protection is the best choice for glacier glasses. It provides more coverage than standard sunglasses. It wraps around your face, protecting it from UVA and UVB rays as well as the reflecting harmful rays.
    • Since it provides 100 percent coverage, the reflecting rays won’t have an opportunity to sneak into the sides of the glasses. But if you’re wearing sports sunglasses, there are a lot of loopholes where these harmful rays can sneak into.
    • The perfect UV rays reflector is snow. It can reflect as much as 90 percent of the UVA/UVB rays.
    • When you’re up in the mountains, you’re at a higher altitude. And the UV rays intensities at a higher altitude. This is because the atmosphere is thinner so it can’t block off most of the harmful sun’s rays

    So even if it’s frickin cold, the sun’s rays don’t retreat. Instead, it even intensifies. It can cause severe damage to your eyes and even blindness. 

    There is such a thing. snow blindness. It’s also called eye arc or photokeratitis. This happens when the sun burns your cornea. Yes, it’s not only the skin that can get toasted with the sun’s rays. Though most cases are treatable, we bet you don’t want to risk getting one.


    Are glacier glasses necessary?

    Yes, it will cost more than the sports glasses, but it will give you the prediction that your glasses won’t be able to. Without proper eye protection, skiing and mountaineering can result in serious eye injuries or even blindness.

    Polarization of glacier glasses?

    Yes, most of time. Polarized glasses reduce glare. The snow is very effective at reflecting the sun’s harmful rays and glare. It’s similar to water. So having a polarized will greatly benefit your vision when you’re up in the mountains

    Some of the best glacier glasses are made with non-polarized lenses.  These lenses can be used in lieu of AR coated polarized lenses.

    Why do people wear dark glasses when climbing mountains?

    Mountain glare can be quite intense. The more effective sunglasses are at diffusing glare, the darker they are. And of course, black is the darkest shade so that explains why it’s a preferred color for glacier glasses.

    Are polarized lenses suitable for skiing?

    Yes, because you have all that snow around you, the UV rays and glare will be stronger. Polarized lenses do a great job blocking out the bright light and glare. And you will need that to have a clear vision of where you’re skiing.


    This is it. Our recommendation includes brands that will suit your needs, tastes, and personal preferences. You don’t have to settle with traditional too bulky glacier lenses just to get the best protection. Glacier glasses with the best protection are available in trendy, modern designs. 

    You’ll surely find the perfect pair for your snowy adventure in the mountains.

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