The 5 Best Cold Smoke Generators for 2022 Reviews

Are you fed up with the standard cooking methods? Do you want to add a unique flavor to your cooking? It’s time to change your cooking style. best cold smoke generator.

What is a cold smoke generator? You may be wondering. You may be asking.

It is essential for smoking cheeses and sausages properly. You can only learn cold smoke cooking by practicing.

Once you have it down, there is no turning back. You will fall in a love with the flavor combinations that you can only get from hot smoking cooking. This unique cooking style requires that you have the following: Best cold smoke generator.

Review of the 5 Best Cold Smoke Generators in 2022

Here is a quick list with five Best cold smokers This will help you get started.

1. Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna Cold Smoke Generator

Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna Cold Smoke Generator

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The big Kahuna is an outdoor cooking accessory that generates passive cold smoke. The construction includes a small firebox and an air hose.

The hopper will produce a lot smoke once you have filled it with fuel. Adjust the settings to enjoy hot or cool smoke whenever you like.

The Big Kahuna at Smoke Daddy It will eat chunks and chips from any wood type. However, it will not eat sawdust and other fibrous materials. pellets It won’t work for you. Big Kahuna is an excellent option for woodworkers.

The Big Kahuna is less expensive than other brands and has a three-cup fuel capacity. The smaller fuel capacity reduces smoking time from one hour to 90 minutes.

This is a great device for short-term smoking, but you will need to have more fueling capacity if you plan to leave the generator after you have used it. The smaller fuel capacity makes it less useful for small-time use. Refueling is necessary later.

Mounting the Big Kahuna is the same as other electric smokers from Smoke Daddy. For this, you have to drill a 1-⅛ inch hole in the smoke container to feed the smoke directly to the box from the generator.

You can use a pipe or a wire to connect the generator to the container. This will allow you to directly provide the smoke. Most users are happy with this arrangement and consider it an efficient alternative to traditional ones.


  • Instant hot and cold smoking
  • Runs on all types of wood chunks or chips
  • Easy assembly and use


  • Shorter smoking time of less than 90 minutes per day before refueling
  • After mounting, drill a permanent hole in your container.


2. Smokehouse Products Smoke Chief Smoke Generator

Smokehouse Products 9500-0000000 Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator

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The Smoke Chief’s smoke generator is very efficient and versatile. It uses only one cup of wood pellets as fuel and produces cold smoke for up three hours.

The best part about this smoke generator is that it works on wood pellets rather than wood chips and chunks. Wood pellets are much easier to find and more affordable to invest in.

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This Smoke Chief Smoke Generator’s mounting includes drilling a ⅜ inch hole in the container or a grill. This hole is where the smoke generator’s pipe enters the box or grilling frame.

A narrower pipe will require a smaller hole to ensure tight fitting. However, it can lead to clogging and easily fall prey of blocking. You will need to be very careful when selecting the type and brand of wood pellets.

This cold smoke generator also supports both AC or DC input power. It can be connected to standard home outlets or to a 12-V DC power supply.

It can be taken along with you on camping trips or tailgating. You can also use the smoke generator to make hot smoke.

You can also use the smoke generator in your vehicle. This smoke generator can be attached to a 12-V DC car battery and used as a container. If you are a frequent camper, this portable is a must-have.


  • After one-time filling, the machine works for three to four hours.
  • Accepts wood pellets from all sources
  • Can be used with either 110-V AC supply or 12-V DC supply
  • Narrower pipes prevent drilling a hole into the container


  • Clogging can be easy for pipes that are narrower


3. Smokemiester Cold Pellet/Wood BBQ Griller

Smokemiester BBQ smokers Convert a covered grill to a hot or cold pellet/wood BBQ smoker, no power needed, takes no grill space, grill and/or smoke, all in one unit, 304 stainless steel/black

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The Smokemiester smoker does not require an air pump or power supply. This is how it works: best pellet tube smoker It can be placed on the covered grills to allow for exceptional BBQ smoking.

It creates dense smoke from the outside edges of covered grills. The heat created by burning the air is evaporated in the smoke, leaving behind cold smoke for later use.

The Smokemiester can be cleaned automatically without needing to be disassembled. The smoke circulation is controlled by the burn screen, which prevents clogging.

This cold or hot smoker is made from stainless steel and polished with fine painting for a striking appearance. No complicated components are required to be installed. Wood knobs are resistant to heating, so they can be used during hot smoking.

The mounting process requires drilling a 1⅛ inch hole below the burner for tubing. Once the Smokemiester has been mounted, lift the lids and slide the ashtray.

The outlet tube should be covered with stainless steel. You can feed the smoker one cup of wood pellets, or wood chips. You can use any combination of them. After you have ignited the torch’s fuel, slide it back into its original place.

For a few seconds, keep both lids shut and then bang! Now you are smoking. You can adjust the amount of smoking at any time.

With 4 cups of pellets ignition, it can produce smoke for up to 8 hours. To get rid of any residues in the tube or smoker, always remember to light it after installation.


  • Use with wood chips, chunks, and pellets
  • When the fuel tank is empty, provide 8 hours of smoking
  • No need to have a power source


  • Not rust resistant


4. Masterbuilt Slow Smoker Accessories are the Best Cold Smoke Generators for Masterbuilt Electric Smokers

Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Accessory, Black

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The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is the wisest choice when you are intended to cook food over 200* F cold smoke. To delight your tastebuds, you can add a pleasant aroma and subtle taste to your food using this smoke generator.

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Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is designed for people who love to create delicious meals that are rich in aroma and have a unique texture.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker can be fed on wood chips and produces cold smoke for up 6 hours. Enjoy continuous cold smoke for hours, and you can cook whatever you want.

Mounting the digital smoker with the pre-installed bracket is required. After the installation is completed, you can push on the power button.

The wood chips will start to burn once the unit has reached the desired temperature. It is easy to clean the smoker because the ashes are deposited on a separate tray. The smoker can be used with any type of wood chips.

If Masterbuilt Electric Smoker catches your interest, keep in mind that this smoker won’t cook your food. You should always cure your meat before putting it on a cold smoker.

There is a big difference between cooking food with hot smoke and cold smoke. The temperature of cold smoke doesn’t keep food hot enough. Hence, you can’t cook your food over the cold flame, but yes, you can spice up your food over cold smoke after cooking.


  • For six hours, produce cold smoke. Works on “set it or forget it” philosophy
  • Works well with all kinds of wood chips
  • Even after six hours of continuous power, there was no power-tripping.


  • This Masterbuilt electric smoker can only be used with digital smokers.
  • You will need two plug-ins to barbecue, one for cold and one digital smoker.


5. A-MAZEN AMNPS Maze Pellet Smoker Cold Smoking

A-MAZEN AMNPS Maze Smoker, Hot or Cool Smoking, 5×8 Inch

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This smoke generator is the most practical, rust-resistant and easy-to use cold smoke unit. This smoke generator, which is maze-shaped, creates a delicious smoky aroma and flavor while grilling.

You can choose whether you want to smoke hot or cold, depending on what you prefer. This A-MAZEN smoker is compact enough to be taken with you camping or sightings.

This smoker is made of premium quality stainless steel. It will not rust. It is tension-free so you can use it without any tension. The smoker is also best suitable for all those who don’t want to drill holes in their container and avoid time-taking tubing processes.

Mounting is easy and requires no cables or pipes. Due to its lightweight, it’s easy to carry, easy to wash, and relatively easy as handy.

For fueling, the previous models required sawdust. The upgraded model works just as well. wood pellets You can also use sawdust. Pick what suits you and fill the fuel tank with it. Then, ignite it. The smoker will perform the exact same regardless of whether you use pellets or sawdust.

This smoker was traditionally used to complement electric smokers. The upgraded design can now be used for grills and any type of smoker.

Its smoking time of approximately 12 hours is the most striking feature. You only need to fuel the smoker once and it will continue producing smoke for at least half a day. Remember that the quality and quantity of smoke you get will depend on the pellets or sawdust used.


  • It works for 12 hours after fueling
  • You can use pellets or sawdust for a great result
  • Rust-resistant and lightweight.
  • Provide hot or cool smoke depending on the need
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  • It is difficult to keep the pellets lit.

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What is cold smoking?

Cold smoking is not a new concept. Its history dates back hundreds of centuries, long before refrigerators were invented. But how did they do cold smoking? To preserve food. That’s right; cold smoking helps preserve food such as chicken, beef, fish, etc.

It can be kept for several months if properly preserved. This process involves heat but it is kept out of the food. Only smoke from low heat can reach the food and adds flavor.

This is a tricky process. You can protect your food from bacteria by controlling the temperature.

Cold Smoke vs. Warm Smoke

Simply put, hot smoking allows you to cook food and add flavor. The cold smoke adds flavor to the food but does not cook it. This allows you to preserve it for a long period of time.

The temperature should not exceed 80 degrees in cold smoke cooking. In hot smoke cooking, the temperature should be between 140 and 300 degrees.

Also, cold smoke cooking will require you to cure the food. This is in contrast to hot smoke cooking. The heat and smoke cannot be contained in the same space. Hot smoke cooking, however, is exempted from this restriction.

The cold smoke method can take several days to prepare food, while the hot smoke method can cook it in a matter of minutes.

How to Smoke Cold

The basic process of cold smoking works like this. First, you need to place the food into a box or chamber. Next, you can put the cold smoke in the chamber for approximately 12 to 24 hours.

Make sure to keep the temperature between 20 – 25 degrees Celsius. The smoke produced by the fire must not in any way reach the food.

Before cold smoking, make sure to cure or brine your food. This will help draw out moisture from the food, so it can absorb smoke better.

Curing or brining helps preserve food for a long period of time and keeps bacteria away.


Are you looking forward to making cold-smoked delicacies in your kitchen? It’s no doubt a unique way to add extra flavor to your food. All you have to do is get the right accessories, and you’re good to go. You can be the star at your next home party if you choose one of these best cold smokers.

All of these cold-smoke generators can do the job. If you aren’t sure which one to buy, we have a recommendation. Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna Cold Smoke Generator. It is budget-friendly and works in both modes. It also has almost all the features that you would need.

Happy cold smoking!

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