The 5 Best Cast Iron Griddles for 2022 Reviews

Cast iron griddles can be used in a variety of ways. Cast iron griddles can be used to cook, steam, bake, saute, or bake your food. best cast iron griddle It will be of great help in any situation.

Even if you have an existing item stainless steel cookware sets Or a smokeless indoor grillThis all-purpose utensil for home chefs is a must-have. It can be difficult to choose the right one. best cast iron griddle You can choose from a variety of brands.

Cast iron griddles will need to be maintained after repeated use. copper cookware Or ceramic cookware. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to properly clean a cast iron griddle after you have purchased the right one.

So let’s get started.

The Best Cast Iron Griddles Reviewed – Five Options for 2022

Comparable to induction cookware And non-stick cookware They have their limitations, but they are the best. best cast iron griddle pan You can use it for any recipe you want. Simply enough, you can’t call yourself a cooking enthusiast without investing in one.

However, not all cast iron griddles you find online will be able to meet your needs. You have to make specific considerations regarding the product’s size, shape, and brand reputation before clicking the buy button.

For the best cast-iron griddle on the market, make sure you review these options.

1. Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle – Preseasoned Cast Iron

Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle, 16.75 in, Black

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Lodge Cast Iron is an American company that pioneered durable cast iron kitchen tools. It offers a product line that is reliable, versatile and affordable, which can be used in commercial kitchens.

Lodge’s 16-inch 2-in-1 cast-iron griddle/grill is a great choice. This is the perfect product for you, whether your family loves bacon and eggs for breakfast or you enjoy grilling delicious meats for entertaining guests.

It can withstand high oven temperatures due to its high maximum temperature. This makes it an ideal choice for baking. You can also use the griddle to create your own recipes.

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The smooth side is great for toasting sandwiches and frying eggs. You can grill steaks and hamburgers by flipping it to the ribbed side. This will give you the perfect sear and delicious grill marks.

The best thing about this cast iron pan is that it comes at an affordable price, making it ideal for people who are looking for budget options.


2. Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle – Preseasoned Cast Iron

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle With Handles, 20 Inch x 10.5 Inch – One tray

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Lodge Cast Iron offers another versatile option, the best cast iron grill griddle for campfire cooking and grilling. Pre-seasoned griddles are similar to the ones mentioned above, but they differ in size.

This one, unlike its sister product, gives you a 20-inch cooking area. This product is ideal if you are a frequent host or need to feed a large number of guests at once.

It can be used with a variety of cooking surfaces, including an electric coil, smooth-induction top, or a gas grill. All you have to do is pair it with the best toaster oven Get breakfast ready in just minutes

It is more expensive than the 16-inch griddle, but it has better compatibility.


3. Lodge Seasoned Castiron

Lodge Seasoned Cast iron, 10.5 Inch (Pack Of 1), Black

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Lodge Cast Iron’s third product that made it to our top five is the best cast-iron griddle for gas grill. It’s the best budget buy for home chefs. The foundry-seasoned circular griddle is ready to use straight out of the package.

It also features low sidewalls, which allow for a larger cooking surface and help to distribute heat evenly. It can be used to sear, broil and braise your food.

Its versatile design and shape makes it compatible with multiple cooking options, including the gas grill, campfire, gas grill, and oven.

Its circular 10-inch cooking area makes it ideal for small family breakfasts without taking up too much space on the stovetop. This is the best product to add to your kitchen if you cook for a large family of three or four.


4. Victoria Rectangular Cast Iron Double Burner Griddle

Victoria Rectangular Cast Iron Double-Burner Griddle Seasoned in 100% Kosher Certified Flaxseed Oil, 20×14 Inch, Black

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The next product on the list is a functional, double-burner seasoned griddle from Victoria. The brand has been a leader in sustainable and healthy cooking products for many decades.

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It is seasoned with organic flaxseed oils, which release beneficial natural minerals during cooking to make your food healthier. You can also multitask in the kitchen with its large cooking surface, so you can make quick meals for your loved ones.

It can also be used to broil your food slow-cooked ribsYou can fry bacon and eggs for breakfast or grill hamburgers and steaks to serve guests. It has easy-grip handles that make it easy to prevent any mishaps or accidents while cooking.

It also has large handles and loops to hang it, so it can be stored anywhere in your kitchen. Although it’s a bit on the expensive side, it is a good investment if you regularly cook for a lot of people.


5. Camp Chef Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Camp Chef Reversible Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Griddle, Cooking Surface 16″ x 24″

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Camp Chef’s small reversible cast steel griddle is our final product. This griddle can be used to cook a variety of dishes, from breakfast to dinner.

It has an ergonomic molded handle which makes it easier to move during cooking. It has excellent heat retention, making it ideal for all cooking surfaces.

It comes with a natural seasoning so it is ready to go straight out of the box. The griddle has a 24-inch cooking surface, making it ideal to cater to large outdoor and indoor parties.


How to clean a cast iron griddle?

Believe it or not rice cookers And deep fryers aren’t the only kitchen utensils that require regular cleaning and maintenance. Cast iron pans and griddles, for example, need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use to ensure their productivity and prevent disintegration.

Don’t worry; the cleaning process takes no time if you know what you’re doing. Below is a guide on how to clean. cast iron griddle It is important to maintain its functionality over time.

To get started, you will require:

  • Running water
  • A scraper and sponge with non-abrasive properties
  • A dishcloth
  • Dishwashing liquid/detergent
  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper towels

Step 1 – Wash Your Griddle

Start by washing the griddle in warm water. To remove food and other residue, use a non-abrasive sponge.

Rubber gloves are a good way to protect your hands from the heat metal while you’re working on the project. If you have griddle stains that are stubborn, you can apply a paste made of water and kosher Salt to scrub the pan.

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Step 2 – Dry it Out

After washing your griddle well, wipe it dry with an absorbent dishcloth. Then, if you’re in a hurry, you can place it on a warm stove so that the water evaporates quickly.

Step 3 – Season Your Griddle

Season your griddle by ensuring that there are no traces or moisture. Don’t forget to let your pan cool completely if it was dried on a stove before you begin the seasoning process.

Use a paper towel to spread the vegetable oil of your choice on the pan’s surface. You can then coat the pan evenly with a paper towel. That’s it, your griddle is ready to be stored for later use.

Seasoning your Griddle

All of the cast-iron griddle options mentioned above are pre-seasoned right from the box. However, that’s not the case with every product available in the market.

Season a new unseasoned griddle before you use it in your kitchen. Follow the same steps as we have described in how to clean cast iron grils and season them accordingly.

Then bake the pan for approximately an hour in the oven. Once it is cool, you can use it.

Tips to Maintain Your Cast Iron Pan

These tips will help you to maintain your cast iron pan’s longevity and productivity.

  • Avoid soaking your pan in water for too long as it can cause rust.
  • To reduce warping, avoid washing a hot pan in cold water.
  • It is important to keep the lid off your pan, as it can trap moisture and cause rusting.


If you’re looking for the Cast iron griddles best for kitchenThere are many choices. You need to ensure that the product you choose is the best for you.

Whatever you do, don’t jump directly for the most expensive product coming from a highly popular brand. Instead, take your time to review the features of your shortlisted products based upon your cooking needs and expertise.

Also, be sure to maintain your cast iron griddle so it lasts for a long time.

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