The 6 Best BBQ Temperature Controller for 2022 Reviews

You know how difficult it can be to grill delicious meat if you’re passionate about throwing barbecue parties. It’s a time-consuming task and it can be difficult to maintain a consistent temperature.

Barbecuing, despite its exceptional results, is a tedious job. This is why Automatic barbecue temperature controls They are here. They regulate your internal temperature smoker grill Smoke your turkey slowly and low while you do this. This allows you to relax and not have to worry about your dinner.

We have reviewed six of these products to help you make an informed decision. best BBQ temperature controllers The following article will provide more information.

Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker Controller (Ceramic/Kamado kit + Steel smoker kit)

Our Top 6 BBQ Temperature Controller for 2022 Reviews

There are many smoker temperature controllers on the market. It can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Before making a final decision, take a look at our top six product reviews.

1. FireBoard’s FBX11 Thermometer + Blower

FIREBOARD THEMOMETER (Currently unavailable.

Fireboard was founded in 2016 to create the best BBQ thermometers. Their FBX11 thermometer/blower combination provides one of the best BBQ temperature controls.

Although you will need to purchase the blower, thermometer, and drive fan cable separately from the other automatic controller units on the market, the total cost is still much lower than the majority of them. The thermometer can be used for different purposes and you can use it independently.

The FBX11 thermometer uses a cloud connection to update the temperature data every five second. This feature allows you remotely monitor the temperature using your tablet or mobile phone.

Even if you don’t have an internet connection, the thermometer You can connect to your device via Bluetooth. This allows you to keep track of the temperature changes at any time.

Smart alerts can be sent to you via SMS or email to notify you of your temperature. It is easy to install and set up. It can also support up to six thermometer probes for accurate results in all seasons.

The Fireboard Snap on BlowerOn the other hand,. is compatible with multiple smoker models. It can flow up to 20 CFM and doesn’t need an adapter. It has an integrated shutter that blocks drafts from the blower after it has been switched off.

These components together allow you to program complex cooks, control temperature accurately, save your cooking history on Cloud, and more.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection
  • Compatible with different blowers or fans
  • Durable meat probes
  • Can support up to six probes simultaneously
  • Displays all information remotely from your phone


  • The main unit doesn’t display much data
  • No pre-set settings


2. Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker Controller (Steel Smoker Kit & Ceramic/Kamado Kit)

Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

View at Amazon

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Flame Boss is a well-known name in the BBQ industry. The brand was founded in 2013 and offers the best tools to become a BBQ guru. Their Flame Boss 500 WiFI Smoker Controller It is one of the most popular heat regulators on market.

The device combines all the best features into a small device that is affordable. The device measures 7.8 x 47 x 11.4 inches and has the latest technology in terms speed blower and patented software to regulate the temperature as well as the air intake. The device allows you to control the temperature of your smoker precisely.

The device is also compatible with Google Home. Amazon Alexa allows you to voice-control your device from anywhere.

Flame Boss 500 was designed to make cooking easy. Comparable to high-end controllers this device has a simple configuration and connects via WiFi to the Flame Boss mobile application. You can set the temperature and monitor your food with your phone.

This device also includes meat probes and pit probes to monitor the heat. The unit can simultaneously monitor three probes.

If all this was not enough, the unit comes armed with features like timer and text message alerts to update you on the grill’s temperature. An online dashboard displays your cooking charts, allows you set alarms, and alerts when your food is ready.

Flame Boss 500 steel smoker kits You can fit multiple models of drums, cabinets and barrels. If you own a ceramic pot, Kamado-style smokerChoose the Flame Boss 500 Ceramic/ Kamado kit You can adjust the temperature of your smoker.


  • Simple configuration
  • Text alert and timers
  • Variable fan speed
  • Use three probes simultaneously
  • Sturdy construction
  • Supports Wi Fi, manual, and voice control
  • Open lid detection


  • Unreliable mobile app
  • It does not support all types of smokers


3. ThermoWorks Signals + Billows

Signals™ 4-Channel BBQ Alarm Thermometer with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Wireless Technology (Currently unavailable.)

ThermoWorks is a US-based company that has decades of experience in the manufacturing of high quality thermometers. Their products are unique and feature patented software. Signals Billow Combining these two makes for an extraordinary automatic temperature controller.

The thermometer has both Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) and Bluetooth connections. This allows you to switch between them seamlessly without losing any data. You can monitor four dishes simultaneously on four channels.

This device can be used on both your smartphone and the actual unit. The larger screen displays all the necessary data and has physical buttons.

Signal also provides real-time alerts so you are kept informed about the temperature in your smoker. The unit features a large backlit display and a weather-resistant, splashproof sealed body.

The durable device allows you to program each channel with an individual name and delineate each probe with different colored silicone bands. Signal also included Pro-Series commercial-grade temperature probes to measure temperature accurately and precisely.

The combination of ThermoWorks’ thermometer and ThermoWorks Billows allows for precise temperature control. The Billows has a maximum airflow rating of 46CFM with only a 10°F temperature variation.

It is compatible with most smokers and does not require an adapter. It maintains the temperature quickly and without overshooting. As such, it maintains the smoker’s heat at a set level quickly.

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  • Sturdy splash-proof design
  • Both wirelessly or manually
  • Four temperature channels
  • Both Bluetooth and Wi Fi connections
  • Large backlit display
  • High-quality probes
  • The fan has a high airflow capacity
  • Attach to all smokers


  • There are fewer features than others
  • Signal is compatible only with Billows
  • Blower doesn’t have variable speed


4. CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller

CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller & Digital Meat Thermometer for Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Weber, and Ceramic Grills

View at Amazon

BBQ Guru is an American company that manufactures barbecue. It is based in Pennsylvania. high-quality grills Accessories to make your barbecue a master. The CyberQ BBQ Temperature Control regulates the heat in the smoker.

CyberQ Cloud is a smart innovation that connects your smartphone to the grill via Wi-Fi. Thus, you don’t have to be tied to your grill to always keep an eye on your dishes.

You can easily adjust the temperature by using real-time updates. The CyberQ Cloud is also able to cook perfectly juicy meat every time you grill.

The device can be used with smokers such as Weber Smokey Mountain, Big Green Egg and many other ceramics. charcoal grills. Its extraordinary fan system is located over the air vents. It regulates temperature by feeding oxygen to charcoal and adjusts its oscillation to provide precise temperature control.

The device can be used to simultaneously monitor three temperatures. You can also track your cooking data and compare it with other graphs on ShareMyCook.

This device is compatible with many other devices. Amazon Alexa allows you to control your kitchen with just your voice. It has an exclusive ramp mode that adjusts the temperature to prevent food from drying out.


  • Voice, manual and wireless control
  • Easy to install, and easy to use
  • Perfect for slow and low cooking
  • Compact and sturdy construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Three temperatures can be monitored at once
  • With a robust probe
  • Track data in real time


  • Incompatible With Many Grill Brands
  • An adapter is required


5. DigiQ DX3 BBQ Controller

DigiQ DX3 Digital Meat Thermometer and Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe and Ceramic Grills

View at Amazon

The DigiQ DX3 BBQ Controller Another excellent temperature controller from BBQ Guru. This technology is one of the most affordable options on the market and monitors the temperature of your smoker. You can also control it like an oven.

The device regulates the flow oxygen to the burning charcoal and helps to minimize temperature swings. It is also easy to install and use. It includes physical buttons and an LED display of temperature.

The temperature controller can be used with virtually all types of smokers including Weber, Big Green Egg and DragonFire. BBQ Guru offers a wide variety of adapters to fit these grills.

DigiQ is equipped with robust food platinum probes, which measure the internal temperature quickly and accurately.

DigiQ DX3’s fan adjusts heat to provide the perfect low and slow cooking. The fan with 10 CFM adjusts the airflow and heat to produce tender, juicy meat every time.

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On On the other hand, the exclusive ramp mode lowers heat when the food is less than 30 degrees from being cooked. This feature ensures that your meat doesn’t get overcooked in the high heat.

Finally, the unit will start beeping when the food is ready and will send an alert to your device to inform you immediately.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Alert sounds
  • Temperature control is provided by Ramp mode and an exceptional fan
  • Open lid sensor
  • Compatible with a wide range smokers
  • RTD probes made of durable, robust platinum
  • It is simple to use
  • Reasonable price


  • Fewer features than the other
  • Only two probes supported
  • Wireless control is not possible


6. IQ120 Temperature Controller

IQ120 BBQ Temperature Controller Kit with Standard Pit Adapter Weber Smokey Mountain and Weber Kettle.

View at Amazon

PitmasterIQ is an American brand that makes useful BBQ tools that make cooking easier for customers. Their IQ120 Temperature Controller This is ideal for use in conjunction with Weber Smokey Mountain, Weber Kettle, or other smokers.

Although it lacks the features of other controllers, IQ120 still offers excellent temperature control at a very affordable price. This allows for precise control as the basic device can regulate the temperature to within a one-degree range.

The best part is that the device can be programmed. It can adjust the temperature of the smoker to match the set temperature. You can even set alarms that will alert you to changes in your cooking status.

The settable parameters come with a cheatsheet to help you understand them. The digital display on the unit shows the temperature of the food clearly. Instead of a keypad the unit features a rotating knob to allow you to program your cooks and set parameter settings.

A virtual blower is also visible on the left side of the display. This indicates that the blower is in use. It also alerts you when fuel is low and when the lid is closed. The unit comes with two robust temperature probes measuring six inches in length for better temperature accuracy.


  • Clear LED display
  • User-friendly
  • Compatible with many smokers
  • Virtual blower
  • Easy to install
  • Precise temperature control


  • Plastic hose sometimes melt
  • No Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Only two probes can be supported
  • Design of low-quality



It can be difficult for beginners to control the temperature in a smoker since even BBQ experts are concerned about this. Automatic BBQ temperature controllers can make all the difference.

Among the top six controllers are Flame Boss 500 Controller (Steel Smoker Kit & Ceramic/Kamado Kit)The, without a doubt, has the best features and precise control of the smoker. It comes with a variable blower and can support three probes simultaneously. Voice control is also available.

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