The 8 Best Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

Bathroom vanity light fixtures provide the best lighting for bathrooms. They provide consistent and wide illumination around the mirror and other areas of the bathroom.

Modern bath vanity lights come with additional accessories like towel rings, towel bars, or toilet paper holders. The lights are also quite decorative and thus add more colors to your bathroom décor.

Whether you’re looking to get the best of these lights or for bathroom lighting ideas and how to make a perfect selection, this article contains valuable information for you.

Let’s start with a quick overview of our choices.

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Hykolity 3-Light BathroomVanity Light Fixture

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Westinghouse Lighting Three-Light Vanity Lamp Fixture

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All-in-one 3-light bathroom vanity light set

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PRESDE 4-Lights Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture

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Kira Home 3-Light Modern Farmhouse Bath Vanity Light

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Design House Transitional Indoor Vanity Light Light Fixture

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IC Instant Coach Two Light Bathroom Wall Lighting

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Globe Electric 51272 Bayfield 3-Light Vanity Light

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Best Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures — Reviews

1. Hykolity 3-Light BathroomVanity Light Fixture

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This stylish vanity light by Hykolity comes with a towel rings, toilet paper holder and towel bar. It also has robe hooks and other unique features.

While the light gives up warm lighting effects to provide a cozy atmosphere in your bathroom, the decorative features of the light fixture also add to your bathroom décor. So regardless of whether it’s lit, the fixture makes a bold statement.

It can also be used in your bathroom. The fixture uses three E26 Edison bulbs of 60W maximum—included in the pack. In case you need to replace the bulbs, you might still need to buy them.

This light has another notable feature: it is compatible with LED bulbs. This means that it consumes very little energy. LED lights They are also low in heat and generally more environmentally friendly. You won’t face problems associated with incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

You can also dim the light, so you can control how much lighting you want in the bathroom.

The light fixture comes with all mounting hardware and is easy to assemble.

2. Westinghouse Lighting Three-Light Vanity Lamp Fixture

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Are you looking to buy a vintage bathroom vanity lighting? This is a great option. It’s a three-light vanity light with a vintage design that fits modern and traditional bathroom designs.

The light fixture can be used with medium-base 60-watt light bulbs. The light fixture uses LED bulbs so that you can enjoy the many benefits of LEDs such as low heat and energy consumption.

This light is available in a standard size, and takes up very little space. It measures 7.75 in height and 29 inches wide. It extends 9.63 inches from wall to wall.

More so, the fixture comes with the installation accessories and a user’s manual to help you mount it easily.

3. All-in-one 3-light bathroom vanity light set

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If you’re looking for a bathroom vanity light fixture with other accessories such as a towel bar, towel ring, toilet paper holder, and robe, here’s one of those that ticks all the boxes.

The light fixture has a vintage design and comes with other accessories to make your time in the bath worthwhile. Regardless of whether the light is lit, the vintage design adds to your bathroom décor, which translates to a cozy atmosphere.

Though made for the bathroom, it’s also ideal for kitchens and bedrooms. This fixture can be used to light up with LED bulbs. This reduces energy consumption. The required bulb type is an E26 medium base bulb—60 watts max. The light fixture has three light sockets so you will need three compatible bulbs.

The vanity measures 24.63 in wide by 11.7 in high. The shade measures 6.5in wide by 5.32in.

For other accessories, the bar is 20.87 inches wide x 2.72 inches’ diameter; Towel Ring: 6.1 inches wide x 88 inches’ tall x 2.72 inches’ diameter; Robe hook: 2.2 inches wide at the base, x 2.2 inches in diameter; toilet paper holder: 6.69 inches wide x 2.77 inches’ diameter. The entire fixture is standard-sized and takes up little space.

The fixture also comes with all mounting hardware, making it easy to install.

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4. PRESDE 4-Lights Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture

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This bathroom vanity light has all the features you need. It features a stainless steel mirror chrome crystal glass lampshade that stands out regardless of whether it’s illuminated.

And that’s not all, the fixture is also quite durable and won’t wear off even when exposed to moisture. Of course, it’s waterproof and rustproof, so no worries about the after-effect of water splashes.

The light can be taken with you anywhere. It measures 26.8 in length by 5.1 in height. The distance to the wall is 5.1inches. For illumination, you will need a G9 bulb (dimmable or non-dimmable). You will need four G9 bulbs to illuminate this fixture.

This light fixture is also easy to install. You can either do it yourself or hire an electrician to do it. It will work with your existing junction box. The fixture comes with all mounting hardware so you can get it up and running in just a few minutes.

5. Kira Home 3-Light Modern Farmhouse Bath Vanity Light

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This versatile vanity light fixture can be installed in the bathroom, over mirrors, vanities, or in a kitchen sink, as well as in a half-bath.

It can be used almost anywhere you need a vanity lighting fixture. If you’re looking to have a bathroom vanity light fixture with a polished nickel finish, this is one option to consider.

Furthermore, the light is made of a strong gooseneck-metal construction which provides durability. The light fixture has been tested by UL and is safe. It’s also UL listed for wet locations.

The fixture uses three bulbs: CFL, LED, and medium base incandescent bulbs of 60-watt maximum.

You may want to consider the size before you opt for it, which is; 9.5 inches in height x 25.5 inches in length x 5.5 inches’ diameter. The dimensions of the funnel shades is 3.74 inches in height and 8.5 inches in width.

6. Design House Transitional Indoor Vanity Light Light Fixture

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If you’re looking for a bathroom vanity light fixture that works with dimmer bulbs and switches, this is one excellent option for you.

And that’s not the only feature that makes this vanity light one of the best; it features a satin nickel finish that fits with most home decors. Not to mention its cylinder frosted glass that makes a bold statement anywhere it’s used. It is both impressive when lit and unlit.

The light fixture can also be used in hallways, bedrooms, and other spaces. So if you decide not to use it in your bathroom, it’s still useful for other indoor spaces.

Three 60-watt medium base bulbs are used to light the fixture. Of course, it’s compatible with LED, meaning you won’t have a high energy consumption rate.

You can use this light in damp areas without worries, as it’s been tested and approved by UL for damp areas.

It measures 20.75ins in height, 21.6ins in length, and 6.75ins wide.

7. IC Instant Coach Two Light Bathroom Wall Lighting

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This bathroom vanity light is finished in oil rubbed, black. It will look great in your bathroom and any other place you use it.

Yes, it’s designed for bathroom vanity but also suitable for kitchens, bars, coffee shops, dining rooms, etc. This vintage modern light fixture sure creates a rustic atmosphere anywhere it’s used.

The fixture is compatible LED, CFL and incandescent bulbs. Two E26 sockets are provided, so E26 base bulbs are required. Maximum 60W. The bulbs can be purchased separately.

The light fixture is pre-wired and preassembled. You only need to mount the lampshade onto the junction boxes. This means that it is easy to install.

8. Globe Electric 51272 Bayfield 3-Light Vanity Light

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Here’s another bathroom vanity light fixture with polish chrome finish. If you’re looking for a vanity light with a chrome finish and other impressive features, you may want to give this Gobe 3-light vanity light a try.

Apart from the chrome finish, it also features ribbed, seeded glass shades which create a warm ambiance and illuminate your bathroom, bedroom or other areas in style.

Moreover, the light is fully dimmable, which gives you control over its brightness—you can adjust the brightness to fit your mood. The dimmable feature can also help save energy.

Easy installation is possible for this bath wall light fixture. This kit includes all necessary hardware to make installation easy.

It’s a three-light fixture, so you need three bulbs and the compatible ones are E26 medium base—60W bulbs. It’s compatible with LED bulbs and preferably vintage Edison bulbs.

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The Factors That Make a Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture Perfect:

The Mirror’s Size and Position

Your vanity lights should provide even lighting around your mirror. To ensure the best fit, you must consider the size and location of your mirror.

For wider mirrors—more than 4ft., you may need to have three lights above the mirror and by the sides. Thankfully, modern vanity light fixtures are available in 3-lights options, so you won’t have to mount separate fixtures but one with three lights.

Depending on how bright the mirror is, you might want to add lights below and by each side. This is for large mirrors. For smaller mirrors, you may only need one or two lights. You can even use three-light designs for more brightness.

For better illumination, you should aim for a light fixture that is the same length as your mirror.

Color and design

Aside from aiming at getting a proper illumination for your mirror, you want your bathroom to have beautiful décor. You should use light fixtures as home decorations. Make sure they blend in with other elements of your bathroom design, such as countertops and shower faucets.

You should also consider your bathroom’s paint to avoid using contrasting colors. Light fixtures with nickel or chrome finishes blend well with different colors.

Safety Ratings/Waterproof

There’s usually an increased risk anywhere you have electricity and water. Before you buy, make sure the light fixture is safe for wet areas.

More so, water may quickly damage the light if it’s not waterproof, so ensure you only use waterproof lights in your bathroom.

These are the essential things to remember when choosing a vanity light fixture for your bathroom.

You might also consider replacing your glass light shades if they become damaged or worn out. This means that you need light fixtures with standard glass shades which can be easily replaced.

Frequently Asked Question about Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

What type of lighting is best suited for bathroom vanity lighting?

Wall mount lights are the best choice for bathroom vanities. There are also wall sconces specifically designed for bathroom vanities. These are commonly called bathroom vanity light fixtures. The size of your bathroom vanity is a major factor in choosing the right sconce.

The light fixtures can be ordered in single, two-light, or four-light versions. One light may be sufficient to illuminate smaller vanities. However, larger vanities and larger mirrors may require three, three, or more lights.

The fixtures can be used with either Incandescent or LED bulbs and provide excellent illumination.

Should vanity lights be turned up or down?

Down facing lights may offer great illumination for task lighting, but this may create a stark shadow, which you don’t want. But this is not the case with up facing lights—they offer excellent ambient lighting free of stark shadows. You can face your lights up or downward depending on what you need.

Are LED lights good to use in a bathroom vanity?

Yes, most bathroom vanity light fixtures have LED lights. They provide excellent lighting effects and can brighten your bathroom, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Furthermore, some LED lights can be dimmable which allows you to adjust the brightness levels.

Should vanity lights be placed above the mirror

Mounting your vanity lights above the mirror is a good idea to ensure even illumination. Mount the lights about 40 inches above your vanity. You may also need lights at the sides to illuminate larger mirrors.

Wrapping Up

Bathroom vanity light fixtures can serve many purposes. The light fixtures are great options for decorating, warm lighting, or adding ons such as towel bars and rings.

The lights can also be used to provide uniform lighting around the mirror, which makes it easier to apply makeup.

You need to make the most of these lights in order to fully enjoy their features. If you’re looking for the best, you can browse our top picks and find the one that meets your needs.

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