10 Best Baldwin Door Locks with SmartKey Security

Baldwin door locks, a smart security lock, are designed to protect entryways from burglars’ tricky attack techniques. The locks also help to restrict unauthorized entry to certain areas of your house or office.

Baldwin entry locks are a good choice over traditional cylinders if you want to protect your home and business. However, you will need to take additional security measures to protect door locks.

It can be difficult to find the right Baldwin door lock for you. Of course, that’s usually a challenge when you’re looking to make a purchase, especially for a product you have little or no knowledge. But fortunately for you, we’ve done all the checks, which means you can scan through our picks to find the one that meets your needs.

If you’re ready to have a look, here is a quick list of the the top Baldwin entry locks.

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Our Top Picks



Baldwin Spyglass Keyed Garage Door Lever

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Baldwin Prestige 380 Round Single Cylinder Deadbolt

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Baldwin Spyglass Single Cylinder Front Handleset with SmartKey Security

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Baldwin Prestige Madrina Entry Lever

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Baldwin Torrey Pines Single Cylinder Front Door Handleset

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Baldwin Prestige Alcott Entry Knob

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Baldwin Prestige Carnaby Entry Knob

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Baldwin Medina Single Cylinder Front Door Handleset

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Baldwin Nautica Single Cylinder Front Door Handleset

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Baldwin Torrey Pines Single Cylinder Square Deadbolt For Garage Door and Front Door

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Reviews of the Best Baldwin Door Locks With SmartKey Security

1. Baldwin Spyglass Keyed Garage Door Lever

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It is not a good idea to have a lock that can easily be picked or bumped. This lock is sturdy enough to secure your exterior or interior door. This Baldwin lever is perfect for garage and office doors. This unique design can be used with most door designs.

This lock is also easy to install, which means you won’t necessarily need a locksmith to fit it to your compatible door. Baldwin SmartKey security is included in the lock, which allows you to quickly re-key it. You can feel confident knowing that your home is protected with this Baldwin door lock model.

It fits perfectly on standard doors of 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″ thick.

2. Baldwin Prestige 380 Round Single Cylinder Deadbolt

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Baldwin Prestige 380 round single cylinder deadbolt remains the best in quality, design, value, and price.

The lock parts are neatly packed in a box. Installation is easy and simple. The hardware is also beautiful once it’s installed and functions properly. 

The round-cylinder deadbolt includes a steel roll pin made of extra tough steel that makes it more secure and durable. The locking bar technology included with this model provides advanced protection against lock bumping. This is a common attack method that can compromise pin or tumbler locks.

This lock is quite affordable, and it fits standards doors of 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″ thick.

3. Baldwin Spyglass Single Cylinder Front Handleset with SmartKey Security

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This solid handle set is a modern effort on a full-escutcheon in an elegant Satin Nickel. It is one of the handy man’s favorite. This Contemporary Slim Handleset includes detailed instructions and hardware options for different door thicknesses.

The lock is a single-cylinder deadbolt. The deadbolt can either be opened by turning a lock on its inner side or opening it with a key from the outside. It is perfect  a modern front door.

Additionally, the handleset includes Prestige keys that can be used on other Prestige or SmartKey products. They are not compatible with Baldwin Reserve or Estate products.

SmartKey Security technology, which provides multifaceted protection on multiple fronts, such as preventing bumping or lock picking, is also available.

4. Baldwin Prestige Madrina Entry Lever

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This Baldwin Prestige Madrina Entry Lever is a solid front lock with a unique finish, as well as other Baldwin interior privacy and passage door locks.

It is sawproof and can withstand high-tech brute entrance techniques such as cutting tools like a saw. What happens if a vandal brings in a drill to make a hole in the door lock? SmartKey Security is also available to protect against such attacks.

And that’s not all, the Baldwin Prestige Madrina Entry Lever like other Baldwin door locks is pick resistant unlike other traditional locks on the market.

Advanced SmartKey Security blocks unnoticeable entry methods such as lock picking. It is also bump proof—the BumpGuard feature defends against lock bumping tricks.

5. Baldwin Torrey Pines Single Cylinder Front Door Handleset

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This doorknob is modern and elegant. It has a square shape and clean lines. It also features a beautiful satin nickel finish. This hardware is extremely durable and of high quality.

The pack contains everything you need to ensure a smooth installation. The keys can be re-keyed in a matter of minutes. SmartKey Technology features.

The lever-style knobs are elegant, and chances are they may fit with your door or overall home décor.  The lock is easy to use and does not cause any wrist pain like traditional knobs.

This lock will fit on any standard door and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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6. Baldwin Prestige Alcott Entry Knob

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Baldwin Prestige Alcott Entry Knobs, like all Baldwin door locks, are of superior quality. The doorknobs look great and have a smooth feel.

The doorknobs can be fitted to any standard door. Installation is simple. It requires you to use the Allen screw to fit the knob—by screwing the knob base into the door. You can do this without the need for an offset screwdriver, which is often required for other knobs.

The lock package includes an entry knob and 2 Prestige keys. It also includes strike plate, strike plates, jamb plates, trim and an Allen wrench. You also get a Lifetime mechanical or finish warranty.

7. Baldwin Prestige Carnaby Entry Knob

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The Baldwin Prestige Carnaby Entryknob is heavy and feels great in your hands. This sends a strong message about quality and strength. This Baldwin door lock is known for its outstanding operational toughness.

The Carnaby keyed entrance knob is the ideal choice for exterior doors such as side doors and garage doors. 

It is easy-to-install and provides a satisfying feeling when the door opens and closes. It is designed to fit on any standard door and will provide years of service.

Baldwin Prestige is a brand that exudes style and beauty, which makes it a lasting impression every time you see it. You can’t go wrong with the SmartKey Re-Key technology BumpGuard protection system.

8. Baldwin Torrey Pines Single Cylinder Square Deadbolt For Garage Door and Front Door

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It can be frustrating to install a lock and then have it fail. This is why a strong candidate like the Baldwin Torrey Pines Single Cylinder Square Mortice for Garage Door and Front Door stands out from the rest.

Baldwin’s door lock is so slim and sleek that it fits on any standard door without making a big protrusion. This feature makes it fondly called ‘low profile’.

This lock comes with all mounting hardware, two custom Prestige keys and instructions manual. The box also contains the SmartKey Rekey Tool and the drilling template to make a new door.

9. Baldwin Medina Single Cylinder Front Door Handleset

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Baldina Medina Single Cylinder front door handleset is a clear winner. It fulfills every essential function, making it a great option. Baldwin door locks are more durable and robust than comparable hardware made of aluminum or steel because they are densely constructed.

It includes BumpGuard protection to protect against bumping, an illegal entry technique into facilities. 

The door jam brings extra strength and security because of the 6″ long mounting screws. The product has a Venetian style that appeals to the eye.

Baldwin door locks are easy to install and work well on standard doors. They also come with a conversion kit for extra-thick doors.

10. Baldwin Nautica Single Cylinder Front Door Handleset

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Baldwin door locks are heavy-feeling and have a positive, smooth operation. It is a winner in terms of quality, usability, style, and design.

The handle and the levers are constructed of solid metal. Both levers can either be unlocked or locked using a key or a turn button on their inside. The key inserts easily and works very smoothly.

SmartKey re-key functionality makes this a winner. With the SmartKey Re-Key Technology, you don’t need to incur a further cost by getting the handyman. It takes only a few minutes. This product also features the BumpGuard function, which protects against lock bumping

If you are someone with a great style, the Nautica’s neat flowing lines and smooth, windswept curves convey the right touch and seaside charm.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baldwin Door Locks?

Baldwin locks can withstand lock bumping

Baldwin locks are resistant to bumping because they have the BumpGuard Technology, which protects against lock bumping. More so, they don’t use the pin-tumbler setup common to traditional locks.

Can Baldwin locks Be Rekeyed?

Baldwin locks can be rekeyed. This could be due to lost, unreturned or stolen keys. You could also be looking for a new key if you have recently moved or just want to make a change. The rekeying process is quick and easy.

How do you unlock a Baldwin privacy lock?

The door can be opened from the inside by turning the lever. To open the door from outside, you will need a privacy tool. This tool is inserted into a small hole.

Is Baldwin better than Schlage?

This is one of the most interesting questions that customers who have had to deal with both brands have to answer.

The Baldwin door locks are made of solid brass, while the Schlage locks work in a similar way. Baldwin locks are thought to have a better finish that Schlage locks. The Baldwins are beautiful in aesthetics. We also have many elegant alternatives. Schlage locks

Baldwin has a great warranty. They honor their warranty no matter what happens to a home’s new owner. 

These brands are both unique in their own ways. Your choices will depend on what you need and your door type. 

Are Baldwin Door Locks Worth Your Money?

Baldwin has a reputation for being a trusted brand in door locks, when compared to other brands. They are more expensive, but buyers often feel they are worth the extra money for years of use. They come with a lengthy warranty.

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Wrapping up

Baldwin Door Locks are made with the highest quality design and technology. They provide high levels of protection to prevent unauthorized entry to facilities. To help you find the most reliable ones, we have recommended the top Baldwin safety door locks in this piece after thorough research—based on customer ratings, durability, withstanding break-in attempts, etc.

Baldwin Door Locks offer unbeatable hardware, including a beautiful exterior and sawproof and bump proof design. Smartkey Rekey technology makes it impossible to pick the locks and makes it easy to re-key.

Baldwin’s brand is distinguished by its lifetime warranty. 

Baldwin Door Locks can be purchased with confidence. You will enjoy the superior quality, elegance and value for your money.  

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