Recommended Antique Glass Lamp Shades

This post is just what the title implies. It features a selection of our top-rated antique glass lamp shades. These shades are the best available!

Our picks may be a good choice if you have an antique lamp shade that is broken or old.

We hand-picked lamp shades that have notable features such as stained glasses, standard sizes and elegance.

What’s more, you probably know why you need antique glass light shade, so let’s head over to our top picks.

Our Top Picks




Student Glass Shade with Diamond Quilted Pattern Cranberry Color

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B&P Lamp Green Over Opal Cased Glass Shade

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Tiffany Style Vintage Antique Wall Lamp Shade Made of Stained Glass

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7 Inches Antique Lamp Student Shade—Crimp Top

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Satco 10 inch diameter replacement shade for reflector-type Shade

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Arncmiv Green Glass Bankers Lamp Shade Replacement Cover

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Best Antique Glass Lamp Shades: Reviews

1. Student Glass Shade with Diamond Quilted Pattern Cranberry Color

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This replacement glass shade may be the right choice for you if your antique lamp shade is beginning to fade. It’s colorful and has that natural feel you want from antique lamps.

It’s best suited to student style antique lamps and comes in a standard shape that may likely fit your current lamp. It’s handmade by craftsmen; if that makes sense to you. Handmade glass shades are very artistic and are often used to decorate old fashion items.

This shade can be used as a replacement for your antique glass lamp shades. The fitter is 7 inches in size. The overall lamp size is 5 3/4 inches tall and 7 7/8 inches’ bulge. It’s durable and lasts quite long based on usage.

2. B&P Lamp Green Over Opal Cased Glass Shade

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This shade is an antique student style lamp shade that can be customized in a variety of colors. It features a green-colored cased glass and an opal coloured glass. This unique combination of colors will create a warm atmosphere in your home.

This lampshade is also handmade, which means it’s durable and stylish enough to complement your room design. It adds warmth to the bedroom, dining area, and other spaces.

It’s ideal for student style antique lamps, so you want to note that before you buy it. Here is the dimension—7 inches’ fitter size and 5 5/8 inches in height.

The shade should be the same size as your existing antique lamp, and it should be student-style.

3. Tiffany Style Vintage Antique Wall Lamp Shade Made of Stained Glass

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Are you looking to replace or upgrade your existing shades for open wall lamps? This Tiffany-style wall lamp shade is a great choice. It features a stained glass that can transform your room’s lighting to something more unique; the warm ambiance and natural feel. To see if this Tiffany-style antique lamp shade can be used on your existing lamp, you will need to confirm its dimensions.

It fits. wall lamps Shades are 10 inches wide by 13.5 inches high When installed, the shade measures 4. The shade is installed at a distance of 25 inches from the wall.

The shade is stylish and durable. It can be used in living areas, bedrooms, hallways, or anywhere else that you require a warm ambiance.

4. 7 Inches Antique Lamp Student Shade—Crimp Top

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This is the third top-rated antique lamp shade in our top three picks. It has many of the same features as others, but it comes in a different colour, which means a different lighting experience. As you might know, light colors can transform your mood.

This shade is also available in an opal-white milk glass. It filters light to create a calm environment.

You might also like the embossed Hobnail Pattern Glass. This light shade is perfect for your bedroom, living area, and many other places. It has a 7 inches’ fitter size, 6 inches tall, and 8 1/7 inches’ bulge.

It is very easy to install the shade. You will need to remove your old shades and replace them with this.

It’s manufactured in the USA by B&P lighting. It is a trusted name in light fixture production.

5. Satco 10 inch diameter replacement shade for reflector-type Shade

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Is your overall lamp fixture getting old? Maybe you’re not ready to get a new light fixture yet, replacing the shade can completely transform your lamp to something more attractive. This shade is made from antique glass and creates a warm atmosphere in your home.

It features a waffle pattern design, which adds texture and depth to the room. This shade is great for adding a unique color to any room, no matter if the lamp is on.

It also features a high-quality translucent glass opal that diffuses light for greater brightness. This shade is quite durable and won’t fall off easily once it’s installed. The shade is strong thanks to the lips. Ensure that the shade is properly secured to the lips during installation.

This glass lamphade is suitable to be used as a floor or table lamp depending on its dimensions. It’s 10 inches in diameter and has a height of 5 3/4 inches. The fitter size for this item is 2 1/4.

6. Arncmiv Green Glass Bankers Lamp Shade Replacement Cover

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This antique glass shade has a unique green glass color that makes it stand out when illuminated. The shade is perfect for bankers lamps, and may also fit with other lamps that have a similar shape.

This shade may look like plastic, but it’s glass and quite sturdy. It’s also shipped securely packaged. So when you eventually purchase it, you won’t have to worry about receiving a damaged glass.

Before you buy it, confirm its dimensions. To determine if this shade would be a good replacement, measure your existing lamp. This shade’s dimension is approximately 22.5 cm in height, 13.5 cm in width, and a depth of 6 cm.

It’s durable and may last longer than expected. It also comes with an installation guide.

Other Antique Lamp Shades (Fabrics)

These antique lampshades may also fit your lamp. These lampshades are not made from glass, but fabrics.

Royal Designs Shallow Drum Bell Billiotte Shade Lamp

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This shade is perfect for those who want a shallow drum bell lampshade. This shade can be used to replace light fixtures that are similar or identical in shape.

It is 11.25 inches in height, 13 inches’ top, and 19 inches’ bottom. So if your old shade is anywhere within these dimensions, you won’t have a hard time replacing it with this shade.

The design is both beautiful and durable. The fabric is handmade with premium off white lining. The overall shade may last longer than expected because it is durable.

This lampshade also produces the desired warm light.

Tootoo Star Brown Large-Drum Lampshade

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You have read the title correctly. It’s a large drum lampshade with a spider mode. This antique lamp shade emits a warm ambiance anywhere it’s used. It has a natural color to match your bedroom, living space, or any other room you wish to add an antique style decor.

The shade is handmade (made out of natural linen fabric). Perhaps you are familiar with what that means. When it comes down to artistic items, handmade designs are usually unique.

It is a great replacement for table lamp shades and can also be used on lamps without shades. The dimension is; 13 inches’ top diameter, 14 inches’ bottom diameter, 9 inches tall, and 0.4-inch screw thread diameter.

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How to choose the right antique glass lamp shape


You are correct. Size is the most important thing to consider. If you don’t know the size of the lamp that you want to use the shade with, you will not be able to find a shade that fits. Make sure you check the dimensions.

This involves measuring the dimensions of your lamp fixture, and then checking the size for the replacement shade. You may need a measuring tape, a string, or thread to measure your lamp.

For curved areas, the string is necessary. Wrap the string or thread around your light fixture’s fitter, and mark the spot where the string joins to the fitter. Next, measure the length using the measuring tape. The measurement is usually in inches.

To measure width or height, you can use the same procedure or the tape directly. If you already know the size and shape of your lamp, you can skip this step.

The dimensions of your lamp may be found in the manual. So if the measuring process seems difficult, check your manual or visit your manufacturer’s website to check your model. You might be able to find the dimensions.


Design is not the only important factor. Lighting is an essential part of your home decor. You want fixtures that match your home decor. Since you already have a lamp to use the shade on, you need a color that fits the lamp’s color.

You may be lucky to find the exact color with your lamp, but it doesn’t happen all the time. If you don’t find a specific color; you should choose neutral colors. White can sometimes be paired with many colors, but it all depends on what you like.

It is also important to consider the ease of installation. You can hire an electrician to replace glass shades if you are unable to do it yourself.

Final Words

You don’t have to ditch your antique lamps because the shades are old or perhaps broken. To put them back on, you’ll need the right shades for your antique glass lamps. You might find other shades that provide a more natural lighting and decoration.

No matter if your shades are vintage reproductions or authentic antiques, we have the perfect replacements. However, the main determinant is size.

You will need to confirm the sizes as well as the styles. You can use them on antique table lamps, table lamps, and chandeliers of student design, as well as other lamps.

Are you looking for other light colors? Take a look at our recommended pendant lights replacement shades Other glass light shades For table lamps, chandeliers and the like.

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