Air Fryer vs Convection Oven

Air fryer vs convection oven It is not less than batman against superman. Both kitchen appliances are marvellous and can be used to make delicious, healthy meals. Both have their own unique features and similarities.

You are here to find out which one is best. We are here to give an impartial comparison of the kitchen appliances. It is your job to make a decision about their performance. It’s a fair deal, right?

Convection Oven

It’s a portable countertop, kitchen appliance with a wider surface area. It works by using a heating coil or radiating element inside or outside the cooking area. To ensure perfect cooking, a fan circulates the hot air around food.

A convection oven has a heating coil that is placed at the top or bottom of the oven. Later, the fan removes steam from food to create crispy exterior.

Why is it called a convection cooker? It’s because the air movement inside is responsible for the convection effect that results in faster cooking. This allows it to transfer a higher temperature to food than a standard oven.

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Air Fryer

COSORI Air Fryer

An air fryer, as the name implies, has a fan that circulates hot air to make healthy fried meals. It provides a perfect substitute for deep frying since it doesn’t require oil. It makes delicious fried chicken that has a crispy exterior and tender inside.

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An air fryer is a portable convection oven that is smaller and lighter than a traditional oven. It looks like a coffeemaker but has a handle to hold the removable frying pan.

Since it’s smaller, it concentrates a large amount of heat onto a smaller cooking area, thus cooking food quickly than a convection oven.

Different Functionalities

Before selecting any of the two kitchen appliances, it’s better to analyze their features and operations.

Cooking methods

An air fryer has the edge over a convection oven because it lowers the additional fats and calories since it doesn’t require any extra oil as in deep frying.

By the way, the heating element is usually on the top in an air fryer’ while a radiating coil is present at the bottom of a convection oven.

It’s better to cook some specific food items in an air fryer than a convection oven, such as chicken nuggets, fries, and other frozen items. It doesn’t mean that you can’t cook them in a convection oven; instead, an air fryer ensures gentle cooking.

Air fryers can also reduce cooking time by up to 20 percent.

A convection oven is preferable if you want to bake bread, cakes, and other food items which don’t require a crispy exterior.


Convection ovens are well-known for their ability to evenly distribute heat and provide consistent cooking. It allows you to set the temperature to suit your cooking needs.

Similar to an air fryer but faster heating and less time to preheat. It’s because it facilitates better heat circulation in its compact cooking space.

Both appliances optimize the internal temperature to ensure consistency throughout the cooking process. You don’t need to worry about your food not properly cooked from the inside since the hot air seeps through the food.

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An air fryer has a greater temperature range than a convection cooker, making it an ideal choice for baking healthy desserts.


A convection oven is larger than an air fryer in terms of size. It can cook large quantities of food like pizza, rotisserie or casseroles. You don’t need to chop bigger food chunks to fit them in a convection oven.

On Contrary to popular belief, an air fryer is a smaller appliance that can cook more food. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t cook two or three pounds of french fries simultaneously. Nonetheless, you can’t roast lamb legs or other larger food items in an air fryer.

A convection oven is rectangular in shape and has a front door that can be used to heat the ovens. An air fryer has a round basket that can hold different food items.

Convection ovens have many advantages

  • Spacious cooking capacity – You can cook larger food items, portions, or multiple meals simultaneously.
  • Versatile – A convection oven offers various cooking options, including roasting, baking, broiling, and dehydrating.
  • Convenient Cleaning – You can clean the oven’s interior with a clean damp cloth.

A Convection Oven’s Disadvantages

  • Larger Footprint – Occupies a lot of kitchen countertops, which can be a problem if you have a smaller kitchen.

The advantages of an air fryer

  • Even Cooking – Since an air fryer is relatively compact, that’s why the fan rapidly circulates the air to ensure fast and consistent cooking.
  • Compact – Doesn’t occupy much of your counter space. An air fryer is lighter than convection ovens.
  • Cooks Frozen Food – You can cook your favorite frozen food in an air fryer, courtesy of its fan to remove the moisture from the food.
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Air Fryer Disadvantages

  • Lesser Capacity – Fits smaller portions of food in its basket.
  • Difficult to Clean – You can conveniently wash the basket with soapy water. However, it’s relatively difficult to clean the moisture or grease drippings from the compact interior.


It all boils down to personal preference. Air fryer or convection oven.

An air fryer will reduce the time it takes to cook, while a convection cooker will allow you to book more. An air fryer uses very little oil to cook your frozen food and a convection oven can bake delicious breads.

We recommend an air fryer if you want to lower your daily calorie count and cook more often. A convection oven is a good option if you have a large family or want to cook larger meals.

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