3D Printing Business Ideas: Definitive Guide For Beginners

3D printing was a new concept that was not well-known to the masses until a decade ago.

It has now been made possible by readily available 3D printers. Globally accessible ecommerce platforms like Amazon AliExpress and Amazon have made it possible by shipping the devices to nearly any location.

This has led to entrepreneurs from all over the world coming up with new ideas for using this technology to launch their startup.

Join them by incorporating 3D printers into your next venture. Here are some 3D printing business concepts for your next venture.

The Real Situation of 3D Printing Business Industry

3D printing is still a relatively young industry but there are many opportunities for businesses that rely on it in the coming years. The technology is also rapidly evolving and pushing the boundaries.

How far can you take it to become the backbone for your new venture?

We are happy to share with you that the number and growth rate of business entities using this technology has exceeded 500% over the last five year!

It has had a significant impact on the US economy, creating more than 1.5 million jobs, and generating approximately $3 billion in economic value.

It has contributed more than $2.5 billion in total. 11 billion dollars into the US economy As of 2019, This sector employs over 2 million people, 97% of whom are from their home. It is a thriving sector. very promising industry Only hard work, masterful strategy and a little bit capital can make you shine in any industry.

Picture- North America 3D Printing MarketCourtesy- https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/3d-printing-industry-analysis

Industries that are 3D printed today

Now that we’re positive that 3D printing can be a viable business, the next question is, which sectors can you extend your services to? Here’s a list of them.

1. Manufacturing Prototypes

3D printing is currently the most popular method of manufacturing prototypes. This is not surprising considering that 3D printing has been used since the inception of the technology. inception in 1983. Companies can use your expertise to mass-produce popular models or test new models at affordable prices.

2. Manufacture at a Low Volume

3D printing allows clients to quickly prototype new products and can also be used for low-volume production. These services can be provided to small business owners as they are able to keep costs low and still ensure high efficiency.

3. Automotive Parts

Producing parts for automobiles is another area where 3D printing has excelled and will continue to do so for a long period. GE Aviation is a prime example of this as they have already produced 30,000 3D printed fuel nozzles over the past three years. You can have individuals, mechanics, or larger entities as your clients. This nozzle size post This site contains additional information for 3D printing enthusiasts.

4. Healthcare

3D printing revolutionized the biomedical sector by creating personalized prosthetics and artificial food, as well as substitute organs. 3D printing is now a major part of the global healthcare market. $973 million in 2018 It is expected to grow by four times by 2026. You have many options to start your next adventure.

Picture- Global 3D Printing Sectors Analysis

3D printing business ideas you can implement right now!

Before you dive into the specifics 3D printed products for your venture, let’s explore the broader categories of 3D printing business. These brief descriptions will help you understand the different ways 3D printing can be integrated into your venture.

A. Based on Concept and Workflow

1. Subcontracting

Subcontracting general terms It is the outsourcing of a portion of a larger project. Subcontractor is the person or entity to whom this part is being assigned. For third parties who need a particular 3D model, your company can be this entity.

In such cases, you don’t need to draw up any ideas or bring up concepts of your own. The client usually provides a 3D model as a file in CAD format. After that, you can print it out using your 3D printer. Subcontracting allows you to make maximum profits by catering to niche clients such as artists, mechanics, and jewelry-makers.

2.  Reverse Engineering with CAD

Many people wonder how a visually stunning piece of art drawn in 2D would look if it had an extra dimension. Transforming people’s ideas on paper into a tangible 3D structure could be your brand new venture! Simply tell your experts to convert the 2D design to a 3D model using CAD.

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This strategy is known as reverse engineering. The reverse engineering process involves taking the 2D model of an object from the client, modifying it as needed, and then feeding the file to your 3D printer. The resultant profit would include the cost of conversion, modification, execution.

3. Creative Outlet

You can add a new twist to the most popular items by combining your knowledge and skills with 3D printing. What would people think if you created a 3D model of a famous painting?

It could also be educational like the periodic tables of chemistry or catering to customers’ emotional side like a 3Dvalentine card!

You can make any of these concepts into samples, get feedback from your friends, modify it, and then print them in bulk for sale.

4. Designing Service Center

If you don’t want to take the burden of coming up with concepts all by yourself, let the clients take it!

Set up a service centre where clients can meet with you and discuss their needs. You can create a model based on the client’s visualizations and other relevant parameters.

After they agree to a printed sample, it is possible to make as many copies as you need for the deal.

By doing so, you can keep an eye on the whole process – from the designing to the delivery.

If you are someone who enjoys overseeing all aspects of a business, this is the job for you.

5. Online Store

If you prefer to keep your money safe, opening an online store that sells mainstream products would be a great idea.

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing internet-based industries. It might be a smart idea to invest your money in it.

Print out the most popular items from online shoppers.

This category includes jewelry, toys, showpieces, and certain articles of clothes. In the next section, we will be discussing them in greater detail.

6. Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping allows you to produce many parts or a 3D model in a short amount of time using CAD. This allows both small and large businesses to increase their efficiency without sacrificing quality.

By offering rapid prototyping via your 3D printing company, you can be a valuable component of their manufacturing process.

It is a cost-effective alternative to expensive prototypes. You can make clients happy by reducing cost and timeframes while maintaining quality.

7. 3D Selfie Studio

This idea is for those who want to attract younger customers. This approach is also more interesting and unique than the others.

Many of the millennials, and others of similar ages, would love to see 3D versions of their digital photographs.

It could serve as an interior decoration piece or reminder of their beautiful selves. You can also use it to celebrate a special occasion with your friends.

8. Electronics Assembly

You can also join forces with a friend or colleague who works in the assembly of computers, laptops, or similar electronic devices.

You can use your 3D printing charms here if they are printed out in the required parts, cases, or other printable items.

B. Based on Products

Now that you have some idea about the most profitable approaches for a 3D printing business, let’s explore what kind of items you can make with this technology to attract the masses!

1. Interior Decoration

3D printing allows you to design endless decorative items that will enhance your interior aesthetics. Because the 3D printer is compatible with many different materials, different filaments These projects allow you to explore all of your creative potential, regardless of what color you choose. You can see our 3D printing filaments here:

Let your customers design new interior pieces for your brand by letting them bring in new ideas! These designs can be developed quickly using 3D printing, which will also allow you to mass produce your most popular products. This will allow you to have complete creative freedom and also ensure a stable income stream.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry will always appeal to us, no matter what era. Because of their timeless beauty, ornaments in traditional designs are very popular. But, not everyone is looking for the latest in jewelry.

This area can be helped by your unique jewelry designs. The best part is that you don’t have to depend on a third-party for materializing those designs. You can make the 3D printer yourself. You can also hire freelance jewelry designers to create patterns and then print them in bulk.

3. Toys

Children already have a creative mind. By creating innovative and engaging toys for children, you can expand its imagination. 3D printers are capable of creating almost any shape or structure you can imagine. This allows you to put your wildest ideas to good use and make them into 3D toys.

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This business idea has the best part: it may never go out-of-demand. Because children will always value tangible toys more than digital ones, this is why it may never go out of demand. You can expect a high turnout at each fiscal period’s end.

4. Custom Pet Collars

Every pet owner wants to make their beloved furry friend look amazing. A unique collar can make your pet’s appearance more special. These products can be created using your 3D printing skills and artistic ideas. They can be vibrant or pastel, patterned or monotone – anything the client wants!

The good thing about these collars is whatever design they follow; they are always the same shape – a flat thread flexible enough to encircle the pet’s neck easily. As a result, you don’t have to worry about printing out complex shapes or structures. It would only require the appropriate colors and the best filaments.

5. Earbuds

Music-lovers love new gadget designs. They love earphones because they can use them anywhere, anytime and can listen to their favorite songs with ease. You can create your own creative designs for earbuds that aren’t just black or white.

You can also order custom earbuds, where the client can choose the design they want, because 3D printing can transform almost every vision into reality. You will quickly gain a loyal following by allowing them to wear their own creations every day.

6. Apparel

3D printing is now a part of the ever-evolving fashion industry! Famous designers from all over the globe have started to 3D print their designs for bikinis, dresses, and shoes. For example: Nike has developed the Vapor Laser Talon boots 2012 professional football players

You can also get involved by creating wearable pieces with your own clothing line. Talented fashion designers are available to hire. Easy adjustments to the fitting parameters make 3D printing easier.

7. Figurines for Character

All of us have dreamed of a tangible, realistic version our favorite characters from anime, comics, movies, and video games. We now have the option of getting something similar through figurines based upon those characters.

3D printing is a common method of manufacturing products. To create a line together of figurines, you can also print the favorite items of your clients.

8. Spare Parts

Many vehicles may not have kept up with the rapid advancements in automotive technology. Many vehicles are now discontinued after a while, and the owners of these cars struggle to find a replacement part.

You can make their failure a learning opportunity by offering to produce spares for vehicles not manufactured by their respective companies. It is possible to create a new version of such parts using 3D printing. It should be easy to use 3D printers with metals, polymers, and other similar materials.

9. Implants and Prosthetics

3D printing is used extensively for the development of prosthetics and implants. These replacements can make it possible for people who have suffered severe injuries or fatal attacks to live a comfortable new life. Because of these, they don’t have to work with one limb or live on only liquid food.

This means that you have many options to mass-produce prosthetics and implants using your 3D printer. You can enroll in an educational course to learn more about these products and their effects on your health. Then, plan your business and launch your dream business!

10. Firearms

This idea is perfect for people with experience in military services or law enforcement. With the help of 3D printing technology, you can put what you know about firearms to use!

This first instance was when a Japanese citizen 3D printed his guns in 2014. Although this was the beginning of firearm development in this way, it was still a very exciting time. a little controversialBy following the proper channels, you can be sure to stay on the right track. To start a 3D printing company, you will need authorizations and legal documents.

11. Bio-printing

Many biological researchers began to include artificial components in their experiments and observations at the start of the new millennium. It can be external or inner parts of the human body that are built with inkjet. Or, it can be 3D layers of living cell cells to study tissue engineering.

3D printing can help speed up this process by creating artificial pieces with greater efficiency. This would have the greatest benefit: the designing software’s capability to build complex structures with accurate measurements. These structures can be produced in large quantities for biological institutes and firms.

12. Specialty

Some products thrive primarily on 3D printing technology.

This includes products that are not made out of wood but mimic its texture and patterns.

They could also include printing objects that require both the strength and flexibility of carbon fiber. You can still make regular profits by focusing on these projects.

How to Start 3D Printing: A Beginners Guide

You should be knowledgeable about the product or service that you plan to offer before you launch any business. If you want your new business focused on 3D printing, then you should learn as much as you can about it.

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Try out different types of 3D printing, and work with the most current filaments. Once you have a good understanding of the topic, follow these steps to get started with your 3D printing business.

1. Brainstorming Ideas

First, you need to decide what kind of work or venture you are interested. Next, list all ideas that you and your potential business partners have. This will help to identify the target industry, and keep you on the right track during the next two steps.

2. Market Research

You should thoroughly research the market for your ideas. Look deep to discover informative researches done by similar business entities. You can then identify the most important trends in this field. To guide the later stages, you can draft effective surveys or assess the feedback from focus group members.

3. Forecast

Based on your extensive market research, you can forecast the future of 3D printing companies based upon the data.

Use them to create feasible projections for the venture you are interested in.

Estimate expenses, total duration and other factors pertaining to the whole endeavor or its individual products.

4. Planning

Once you have the research data and the estimates, create a plan for how to achieve your goals the most effectively.

This will require detailed information such as your target customers, investment ability, 3D printing technologies required, startup costs, end goals, etc.

5. Business Entity

Get ready to register your company. You will need to identify the entity’s category before you can register it. This will affect your taxation and personal liability in the future.

The most risky option of the three options is sole proprietorship. You will find it less stressful to choose one of the above two options.

The majority of the successful 3D printing companies This matter has been handled by DBAs or LLCs.

6. Tax Registration

Next, you will need to file tax registration at both the state and federal levels. The tax amount will vary depending on the geographical areas your business operates in, its size, niche, or other pertinent details.

This is an important step as ignorance can lead to penalties and fees in the future. Simply apply an EIN or get one through IRS digitally.

7. Bank

You can open a bank account and issue a creditcard for it. This will allow you to keep track and encourage investments, as well as facilitate smooth digital transactions.

Avoiding this step and combining corporate finances with personal ones could put your personal assets at risk, including your home and cars.

8. Business Accounting

You must ensure that you have the right people and processes in order to monitor the income flow and expenses for your company.

A solid financial record will allow you to accurately analyze where your company is headed next. It also makes it easier to calculate your annual tax filings.

9. Permits and licenses

Market research should have revealed which licenses and permits you will need to launch your business. Now it’s time to get your hands on them!

These documents can be applied for and you must obtain them all. Otherwise, your company could be shut down at any time.

10. Business Insurance

No matter their size or industry, every company needs insurance to protect them in the event of an emergency.

If you plan to hire employees for the new 3D printing company, you may also need to apply for workers’ compensation insurance to meet the legal requirements of the state.

11. Brand Identity

Each brand must establish its own identity early in the game.

This will enable you to make a lasting impression on your target customer groups, and motivate them to engage with you brand.

Use catchy slogans to make your goals clear and organize promotions on the right channels.

12. Web Presence

Internet is making web presence essential. Every business must have a website.

This will allow you to attract investors, customers, and partners that will help your business thrive. It will also help to ensure that your 3D printed products are known worldwide.


You can see that there are many 3D printing business ideas you can explore for your new venture.

This sector can be combined with your previous work experience in any of these areas.

This will make your franchise or company a force in the 3D printing market.

Get started today with new ideas and approaches to make this technology a viable option for your business.

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